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Mega Man Zero: The Fandub - Writing Room
« on: August 11, 2010, 05:30:23 AM »
Okay, after some work, I finally got the time to make a writing room so every fan can have a say in the making of the Mega Man Zero Fandub (even though it's too late for scoring a Mega Man Zero 1). Now, a few notes before we begin...

1) This will not be a by-the-book fandub. Instead of dealing with the game as-is and only covering up the typos, I am trying to make the story more entertaining by rewriting the dialogue to how English-speakers would. Think of this as Maverick Hunter X to Mega Man X, which was a GOOD retcon. Otherwise, I admit, what I would be doing now wouldn't be much more than a machinima.

2) Along with the focus on story, there will be "fan scenarios" included, expanding on the likes of the Four Guardians, the Resistance crew, and (if I can, and it goes well), Dr. Weil and the elf wars. (i.e., Fefnir giving a strategic meeting to the Pantheon before his appearance in MMZ1) Although this might be a bad move for the series to make, what isn't said could be explored, right?

3) When expanding characters, some character traits might be altered a bit to present a more dramatic tone. For example, the Pantheon can speak when they originally cannot, and Fefnir won't be solely a killing machine persona, shared by WAY too many characters in the series (Bass, Vile, Prometheus, etc.)

*When stating a rewrite typed by you, either leave the original section in a quote with the changed part underneath, or if a whole script rewrite, wrap in a spoiler.

That said, here are the scripts and ideas I have so far...

Character Ideas -

(Coming Soon)

Episode 1 - A New Hope (Will be remade, need input)
(click to show/hide)

Episode 2 - A Run-Down Lot

(click to show/hide)