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Rate and Discuss: Ground Crawler
« on: January 20, 2010, 09:11:26 PM »

Welcome to the 13th topic in the "Rate and Discuss" series!  This topic is about a weapon that's a real knockout, the Ground Crawler!

Crafted from a Bowling Ball and a Rusted Mine.  This weapon is actually one of the cheapest weapons in the game.  Upgrade costs stack up to a mere 69,500z, which is quite thrifty.  Considering how early you get this (right before Manda Ruins), you can fully upgrade it rather early in the game and do some pretty nice things with it.

The Ground Crawler fires a small, round, and rather spiky ball forward.  It also homes in on nearby enemies, and climbs walls as well.  The weapon is incapable of hitting grounded targets, however, and thus becomes useless in certain situations.  A good example of this would be when Glyde attacks Nino island.  The weapon performs pretty well on the 3rd segment, because all of the enemies are grounded.  When you get to the roof, it becomes more of a curse than a blessing.

However, in situations where it is viable, The Ground Crawler is pretty powerful, and will put a dent in most things that are open to it.  Heck, most normal reavers/enemies will fall to it (bowling for Birdbots, anyone?).  It performs nicely for a large portion of the game; everything on Saul Kada Island falls to this (sans Wojigairon) rather quickly, although you may not want to use it if you are trying to preserve the statue.  Fully upgraded, you can fire many rounds at once, and they cover quite a distance.  The energy stat is pretty nice as well, as you get a pretty nice amount of these, although the recharge rate is a bit slow.

The main weakness of this weapon is that it can't hit airborne targets.  You can jump to try to alleviate this, but it won't help too much.  Discernment plays a key part in knowing when to bring this along and when to swap it out for something more catered towards aerial targets.

Conclusively, the Ground Crawler is an awesome weapon.  It's a weapon that's pretty situational, but when it's used, it can be a real terror.  The Ground Crawler gets a 8/10 from me.  Strike!

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

P.S. If you want me to rate a specific weapon next, let me know!

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