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Hiryu's ROM Hack Reviews
« on: May 20, 2010, 11:06:35 PM »
I'd thought this would be something interesting to do. I will be focusing mainly on Megaman Hacks, but if anyone wants to make a request on other series, feel free to make a reply, or send me a PM.


With over 70 Mega/Rockman Hacks, how are you going to know which ones to play and which ones you wish would crawl back into programming purgatory?

Title: Robertman 2

Rom Hack of: Megaman 2

Creativity: With stages to choose from, such as Stupid Tower, Banana Land, and McDonald's, you can't go wrong here! The author also renamed the bosses, so it's no longer Metalman or Airman. You're fighting against Cruncho,Chef Eato, and Uposo.

Gameplay: Your buster now shoots all 3 shots at the same time. It may sound like a rapid fire, but it isn't. It would be like throwing 3 boomerangs at the same time. I think the author may have done this to make it look like Robertman was throwing a stream of snot at the enemy. Nothing else has changed.

Music: The only thing changed is the order or the music. For instance, Instead of hearing Quickman's music in Quickman's level, you hear Woodman's.

Difficulty: About the same as the original. Nothing new here.

Graphics: Some are good, some are bad. If you run while shooting, some small,weird graphic mutation will occur with Robertman. Overall, the author/spriter did a sloppy job.

Metalman, Airman, and Bubbleman look terrible, thank goodness those were the only ones with custom-sprites. The rest have not been altered, or with only minor alterations.

Here's Airman's Sprite. Try not to hurl, now.

Oh god, someone give me a - *HUUURRLL*

The energy bar has changed to those small weapon drops, which may confuse people at first, because it implies that you need to pick up weapons drops to refill your energy. However, this is not true.

Stage Layout/Design: The author did make some minor changes to the levels, like with Metalman's, it's a "Black and White" palette, with some green and blue for the conveyor belts. He did change some of the platforms, but you still go in the same direction as the original.

The most layout change he did was the boss room. You can now fall to your doom, it's no longer just a straight line, and there are a few platforms here and there, suspended in mid-air.

Story: Replace Megaman with Robertman, Dr. Light with Dr. Bugar, and Dr. Wily with Dr. Dragonite. I can barely see the similarities here.

Boss AI: N/A

Overall: 6.5/10

Replayable?: It's not terrible, but there are more quality hacks out there that are higher on the replayability list.

TL;DR: Some graphics suck, it's an "okay" game.

I'd rather be: Playing Boogerman.