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Comic Jam, The Graphical StoryTeller - Introduction
« on: November 09, 2008, 10:02:04 PM »
Alright here's the deal. Each poster/replier (every single one of us) on this section of the forum are gonna produce a huge comic. The plot itself can be ANYTHING, but we're focusing on a RPM theme that involves us members.

Short rules~

* The topic maker makes the first panel of the comic, then someone else has to be quick and say that they're gonna continue the story from the current spot. For example, if Protoman Blues posts a panel, then if either Sky Child or Borockman wanna post the next panel, they have to be quick and make a post and yell something like "My Turn" or "my spot" or something. The one who manages to make the post will now have to go on a Paint program or use their pen+paper to make the next panel of the current comic, then once its done, MODIFY their current post and post the link or attachment to their image, so the next replier can make the next panel without much delay.

* The actual panels you're making can be in ANY (you hear me!) form or shape you so desire. Either you want to draw the panel, or sprite it, its all up to you. If you don't have time to color the panel, then just post it as it is, but also make sure to give some clue so we know who the characters in the panel are so we don't get confused. As I said, the panel can be in any shape or form, either sprite or drawn style, doesn't matter. The important thing is that we need the entry fast and without any fuss. Heck, EVEN STICK FIGURES ARE ALLOWED (but preferably not). ^.^

  • NOTE: There have been liberties taken with this rule. If you wanna take your time and draw a great-looking page, then go for it. Just remember, you've set a standard for yourself and everyone will expect your pages to look like that.
  • If you need to draw more than one page to finish your idea, do so. Just let everyone know beforehand.

* And since its a comic, make sure the panels makes sense and have good plot, while also being funny and hilarious sometimes (or if you cant do that, you can still try with a serious approach). Example: In one panel, Sparky wonders where his Kirby game is, while in the next panel, we find out that Yoshi ate it. The plot can be as weird as you so please, but it should also make sense. We want a fun topic here, so make it as fun, wacky and hilarious as possible, while also making sense in plot somehow. Humor is always welcome. You can introduce new characters as well.

  • Feel free to collaborate with other members for ideas.
  • If writing a short script to work from makes drawing panels/pages easier, do so. Post the comic, though, not the script.

* Everyone is allowed to post in the topics, even those who haven't posted comics in months or those that have been absent for a long time and suddenly returned. Even Moderators and Admins can post in these topics so we can see their side of plots and/or wackiness. Of course, you aren't allowed to double post, but you can post multiple times on the same topic (when you get the chance to post that is).

* You are allowed to make a "Meanwhile" or a "Suddenly" moment that influences on another character on another place in the plot, but don't make too many plot-shifts like that. We need to keep the current scene as lengthy as possible before sidetracking to another character or plot event.

* If you wanna make a comic that STARTS differently, make a new Comic Jam topic. Also make sure to name your image file so we know which number it currently is, so we can keep track of the order of the story plot.


To easily know which topics are Comic Jams, they are marked like this:
[CJxxx] -the title of your story-

xxx is the number of the TOPIC in question.

Every panel you post MUST be posted as a image (drawn or sprite doesn't matter).
We do not allow text-only stories.

Just improvise in case you don't know what to do.

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In Progress:
* CJ011 - Resident PM
* CJ012 - The great RPM Crash of '08
* CJ013 - Shopping with RPM
* CJ014 - Board Games: With A Vengeance

If you want to show your character profile:
Hurry over to the Neo Secret Files & Origins topic and post it!

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Cami Sookanado design sketch.
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