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Fan Creations / Metagal [Released!]
« on: October 31, 2015, 02:05:32 AM »
Hi again now just in different topic from Metaloid:Origin. :p

Not sure if it can consider to be Fan creation I'm also big fan of megaman games and quite disappoint to see no new coming from official company also sad to see fan of series slowly dry off..

Some time I like to make game mock up just for fun but still interest to make it become real game if people like it. :D [at least I still need to have some small game to help me fund for MO anyway]

Show some level pattern idea.

; Tileset test

Show some enemies and characters

Levels selection

Gaming / Metaloid:Origin [Move to GMS2 Engine]
« on: December 02, 2014, 09:23:00 AM »
**Update 30/06/2017**
Hi again!

It's been long time but just want to let's you know the game still alive. :D
We've change engine to Game maker studios 2 and rework most part of the game which make it technically become different game from the demo tileset and character animations also improved.

Here's some gif animation capture during test show character in action.

So many people say Erika Power and weapons too much situation and hard to use now she come back with new weapons and power!

Zeta Power from demo seem little bit too strong so we nerf it.... (but still need to balance some more) but atleast player can upgrade it back to OP version in late game and just like Erika he also got new stuff in his arsenal.

Third Character "Neva" She can glide in the air!

Also ... We experiment "Gear" Mechanic in Metagal but seem like people hate it... so we scrap it in Metaloid and working on different mechanic include emergency HP recovery, Compare to Metagal We intent to make level this game more free roam and give large space for player to move around.

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