Author Topic: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4  (Read 13166 times)

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Re: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4
« Reply #50 on: December 20, 2012, 01:47:56 AM »
The Resistance was only able to aid those that survived the initial attack. Also, my memory is shoddy; twenty million is the correct number. Allow me to post the translation to Vile's Incident I got, many might not have seen it:


 Two years have already passed since Neo Arcadia's destruction.

  December 16th. 3:31 in the afternoon. The beam fired from the fort-satellite Ragnarok pierced
the center of Neo Arcadia and destroyed its main pillar. There were more than twenty million victims,
and in a mere few seconds the capital's functions/faculties vanished. And in that day, Neo Arcadia's
"Dark Ages", dictated/ruled by the man called "Doctor Vile" came to an end.

  This unprecedented disaster, together with the political chaos that came before it, is today
generalized as Vile Incident. But, because of things like the mass-media chaos that followed,
the number of people who understand/grasp it as a whole is suprisingly low.

1)[Nowadays, instead of becoming more and more dependant on the ruins of Neo Arcadia - the
utopia that provided us water supply, energy and food and until now - the great majority of the
population is moving from the dome city to its periphery.] Many people are trying to establish
their lives on Area Zero, where nature has started regenerating itself.

  We, that have been protected by the hero, X, and received comfort and protection, have
learned many things from our strict daily life, been blown by the nature's wind and feeling
the passage of the seasons. 2)[How much have people ever thought about things like the fact that
mankind has the strength to survive in this planet?]

  3) [In a certain day, a girl that had seen the true sun for the first time after the destruction of
the dome city, entered my working place showing her pitch-black sun-tanned skin]. Then, she
innocently asked "Why do all grown-ups call the dome 'utopia'?"

  4)[We, that are turning our eyes from too great of a loss, now wonder about what we can do,
and as adults who survived December 16th, our chests tremble.] 5) [Having to tell them, our
children, about the truth, we succumb to an indescribable impatience.]

  This is the chance we have to publish te records of the Vile Incident. Everything we've been
piling up was stolen, a nightmare reduced to zero. 6) [But, when we talk about this incident, rather
than regretting that day of destruction, we have to wisely grasp the current situation from
the past.]

  I'd like to end this long preface thanking not only Neige, but also a lot of other people who
cooperated in collecting this/these precious data. Without their assistance, this book would
never come out to the world.
  And, above all things, I strongly wish that these memories don't get (covered) by our
personal weaknesses.



Regarding the Vile Incident, the one thing we can't deprehend is
the answer to the question "What kind of person/Who was Doctor Vile?".

  The picture on the next page was obtained from the ruins of a library of an old age, and is
a register of the/a great war of the past. There are still many hidden facts about this picture,
which shows something that was certainly atrocious.

But, even if we only have information that was clearly shown in official announcements,
it's enough to learn about the past. Doctor Vile was playing a role in the gruesome war of
more than 100 years ago, and for that reason he was banished from Neo Arcadia as a
criminal. But at that time, the pro-mankind, utopic nation buried "Human Vile"'s grave sin
into history's darkness without revealing it. Then, a very long time made even that Neo
Arcadia forget about Vile's riskiness.

  1)[If there is a reason that justifies the Vile Incident, it was surely is the deception that
respected its reputation.]

(under the picture) -> 002 - That instant.
005 - 2) [The giant repliroid that was released during the closing period of the great war.]
In the back, silhouettes that resemble Neo Arcadia's giant mechaniroids can be seen.


Doctor Vile was ingenious.

  April 23rd. The assassination of the hero, X, by the Resistance, was announced by Vile. He
immediately became Neo Arcadia's temporary leader by applying the rules' (/Constitution)
8th paragraph, and had the terrorists' subjugation approved by the Congress. This unusual
situation was quickly notified to the whole dome city, and he seized the real power in the
twinkling of an eye.

  Thus, Vile's dictatorial administration was established overnight.
  That was the first time that the Resistance and the legendary Repliroid named Zero were
taken as a threat by Neo Arcadia's citizens.

  Then, the Dark Ages under Vile's domain had started. Neo Arcadia wasn't a comfortable
cradle anymore, but a prison shivering with/in poverty and terror. 1) [Through an insistent warning
which only goal was to drive mad the natural course of justice (/justice's natural course), and
a publicity that incited hatred towards the Resistance, even the popultaion's spirits were being
changed into a inferior/coarse thing.]

  2) [The ones who opposed Doctor Vile, even humans, were labeled as Irregulars and eliminated.]
Ironically, the government of terror in which the dictator binded the humans was a lot like the
anti-Irregular policy in which Neo Arcadia once binded the Repliroids to (/that Neo Arcadia
once applied to the Repliroids).

  Then, unable to resist living in that changed utopia, the caravan formed by Ms. Neige started
mediating the humans' escape to Area Zero, the place where the gigantic colony, Eurasia, had
previously fallen, and nature had recovered itself. Again, the escape of the caravan that wished
for freedom strongly resembled the situation when the Repliroids were helped by Doctor Ciel,
and organized the Resistance.

  In times of crisis, when dignity is lost, the actions humans and Repliroids take is the same.

(under the picture) -> 007 - An image of the hero, X, and Doctor Vile, published
illegally by an old information bureau. The sound file was damaged.

Evil Intentions:

The Ragnarok Strategy -- a devilish act to transform every inhabitable (?)
area other than Neo Arcadia into wastelands, in order to push humanity forever into the
agony shell that was the Dome City. 1) [The aspects of our precious nature, exposed to that
crisis, that were transmitted in details inside the dome were new to us, who lived through
those times, and to our minds.]

  In the period of peace, the thing that the majority of us, humans, wasn't interested in our
truth-telling media was the stern truth. 2) [When Ms. Neige decided to go against the real
crisis that was Vile's administration, not choosing cameras, but building a caravan, the
media in Neo Arcadia was nothing more than a sweet decorating the tranquility.]

  3) [The dictatorship allowed the close observation of the media as a thin lifeline
for survival, and at the same time made the citizens scared (?).] The people were
continuously made fun of by the ingenious brainwash. Its representation was the destruction
caused by the eight warriors of the Einherjar, orderded by Commander Kraft, who wore a
green cape. When he, who was a senior soldier of Neo Arcadia, appeared as the leader of
Vile's private army, we trembled with fear because, through Ms. Neige's interview, he wasn't
a warden like the Four Guardians, but was known as a friendly Repliroid in town.

  When Doctor Vile made the 8 Judges, his close aides, work to establish his government, he
always took the decisions personally. This was originally his way to do things, as the dictator
he was. However, in the Ragnarok Strategy, he left the command to Kraft with a certain share
of freedom. On the contrary, the 8 warriors (of the Einherjar) and the Repliroids who weren't
built by Vile were greatly confused.

  The dictator wanted to make the Repliroids start a war once again. 4) [He wanted to
make a war in which there wouldn't be a winners or losers, justice or anything else;
only a bleak land of death, which would make all people despair upon seeing.] That's why
Kraft, who was close to the humans, was chosen as a commander.

  When I saw the article about the Ragnarok Strategy, I made an appointment and visited
the trailer, so I could get information for Ms. Neige. When I explained the meaning of this
text, she, who had seen the incident closely, calmly tilted her head, asking for an interview.
In exchange, she gave me a sweat-stained photograph, which appeared to be rottening (?).

  When I laid my eyes on it, I couldn't help asking "Is it really OK?". Certainly, we couldn't
forgive that Repliroid, who had pulled the trigger to ultimate destruction. But Neige, the
journalist, didn't want to hide the truth.

(under the picture) 009 -> 5) [The escape was being exposed to the Doctor Vile crisis because of the caravan groups. The one who often helped them was the one who was said to be from the Resistance Army. Photograph taken by Ms. Neige.]


This picture is from a time earlier than the Vile Incident;
a time when things were still going well. A memory from a time when the gentle hero, X's utopia was still a paradise, little by little starting being enclosed by the shadow that we, humans, were seeing, but pretending not to see.

  As a journalist, Ms. Neige was collecting data about the Repliroids who fought for the humans. She had been traveling for some time along with Kraft, the leader of the expedition.
  1) [It is obvious to me that I don't have what it takes to be able to criticize the vivid life of humans and Repliroids. However, I can re-think about the fact that happened after it.]

  The journalist, Ms. Neige, was commanding a caravan that guided people (in) escaping from Vile's administration. And Kraft, who was reported as the town's hero, was receiving orders from Vile and taking command of the Ragnarok Strategy.

  When we think of Kraft as another protagonist of the tragedy, we humans can't help being bitter. That is because he was a symbol of the Repliroids' condition in Neo Arcadia.

  In the times of the hero, X, the utopia was controlled by the rule of "protecting the humans". 2)[Because of that, the Repliroids were worried about being under the principle of the "human supremacy", and the ones who were forced out of the "frames" (?) were subjugated as Irregulars.] 3)[_________.]

  Kraft, who may have had a precious something he wanted to protect, chose the way of obeying Vile, even if he was evil.

  We, that were living in Neo Arcadia for several months of darkness, knew that in spite of everything, most of the Repliroids wouldn't rebel against the "human" Vile.

  Maybe that was what distinguished them from Zero - the legendary Repliroid who had a strong spirit.
  If at least humans and Repliroids could have a good relationship, couldn't that heavy "frame" (?) have been destroyed? If there wasn't a deep despair, Neo Arcadia's centennial history could have been put to an end by Kraft, and maybe he could have become a hero.

(under the picture) 011 -> Ms. Neige and Kraft


3 hours and 31 minutes in the afternoon. The main cannon of the orbiting sattelite-fortress, Ragnarok, went through the central part of Neo Arcadia and destroyed it without leaving any traces. After that, the Congress was extinguished; the dictator, Vile's circumstances were unknown, and the capital's functions were completely destroyed.

  In the same day, there was the shooting of Ragnarok's sub-cannon.

  The residents of Neo Arcadia, weren't aware about the existence of the fort-satellite Ragnarok; 1)[the ones who lived within the sphere (?)], 2)[___] 3)[took the facility (?) and fate as one.] There were more than 20.000.000 victims, and even now we don't know exactly how many have died.

Preface -> 1) [Genzai, wareware wa energy ya suidou shokuryou plant wo imada risoukyou - Neo Arcadia atochi ni tayori tsutsumo, jinkou no daitasuu wa dome toshi kara shuuhen e to kyo wo utsushite iru.]
2)[Ningen ni kono chijou de ikinuku chikara ga aru nado to, katsute dore hodo no mono ga kangaeta darou.]
3)[Aru hi, dome toshi houkai igo ni hajimete honmono no taiyou wo mita hitori no shoujo ga, makkuro ni hiyake shita hada wo mise birakashi ni, watashi no shigotojou ni haitte kita.]
4)[Ooki sugiru soushitsu kara me wo sorashiteiru wareware ga, ima, dekiru koto wa nan nano
darou to, 12 gatsu 16 nichi wo ikita otona to shite mune ga furueta.]
5) [Kanojo tachi, wareware no kodomo tachi ni jijitsu wo tsutaenebaranai to, iishirenu aseri
ni karareta no da.]
6) [Daga, kono dekigoto wo kataru kiwa/sai, wareware wa hametsu no ichinichi wo uramu yori,
chie no yubi de kako kara ookiku jitai wo toraenakereba naranai.]

Suppression -> 1) [Bairu jihen ni gen'in ga aru to sureba, masashiku sono taimen wo omonjita
giman datta to iwazaru wo enai.]
2) [Taisen makki ni tounyuu sareta tooboshiki oogata repliroid.]

Coup -> 1) [Seigi no houkousei wo kuruwaseru dake ga mokuteki no youna shitsuyouna miseshime to, Resistance e no zouo wo karitateru senden ni yori, juumin tachi no seishin seikatsu made ga retsuaku na mono ni nurikaerarete itta.]
2) [Doctor Vile ni sakarau mono wa, ningen dearou to Irregular no rakuin wo osarete shobun sareru.]

Evil Intentions -> 1) [Kichou na shizen ga kiki ni sarasareru yousu ga chikuichi, dome nai de houdou sarete ita koto wa, ano jidai wo keiken shita wareware no kioku ni atarashii.]
2) [Neige shi ga Vile seiken to iu honmono no kiki ni tachimukaou to shita toki, camera dewa naku caravan wo eranda you ni, Neo Arcadia ni okeru media wa anraku wo irodoru amai okashi de shika nakatta.]
3) [Dokusai seiken wa houdou wo, ikinobiru tame no hosoi inochizuna to shite chuushi sase, douji ni kyoufu wo juumin ni surikonda.]
4) [Shousha mo haisha mo nai, kouryou to shita shi ni daichi wo mae ni subete no mono ga zetsubou suru you na, seigi mo nanimo nai sensou wo sasetakatta no da.]
5) [Caravan tai ni yoru dasshutsu gyou wa Doctor Vile kara no kiki ni sarasarete ita. Sore wo tabitabi sukutta no wa, ano Resistance gun datta to tsutaerarete iru. Neige shi ni yoru satsuei.]

Fate -> 1) [Watashi nado ni mochiron, hito to Repliroid no senretsu na iki (?) wo ronpyou dekiru shikaku nado ari wa shinai. Tada, sono ato ni okotta jijitsu wo omoikaesu koto ga dekiru no mi da.]
2) [Soshite Repliroid tachi wa, nayami nagaramo ningen shijou shugi no moto, waku kara hamidashita mono wo Irregular to shite toubatsu shiteita.]
3) [Wareware ga karera ni, ningen wo mekura mokuteki ni itadaku koto wo shite kita kara da.]

Collapse -> 1~3)[kennai no kyojuusha wa, nasu sube mo naku shisetsu to unmei wo tomo ni shita.]

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Re: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4
« Reply #51 on: December 20, 2012, 05:38:30 PM »
Like the Sky Lagoon falling, the magnitude of the tragedy seems so ... distant. Like an inserted afterthought.

It's like the X and Zero series want to be serious, but also for kids? I dunno.

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Re: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4
« Reply #52 on: December 20, 2012, 08:56:34 PM »
Like the Sky Lagoon falling, the magnitude of the tragedy seems so ... distant. Like an inserted afterthought.

It's like the X and Zero series want to be serious, but also for kids? I dunno.

That's my biggest issue with these two series. Their stories are better suited for a more mature audience. The Classic, Legends, BN, and SF series are all more appropriate for children. (Maybe ZX too. Verdict's still out on that one.) Someone, I think it might have been Sakura Leic, said that Capcom should start "maturing" at least SOME of the Mega Man series. I agree.

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Re: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4
« Reply #53 on: December 20, 2012, 09:48:56 PM »
the problem is they never really give us a glimpse of humans. They dont show crowded city streets or anything, so we cant really get a scale of the kind od carnage that the drop of Sky Lagoon caused. Or Eurasia.
...When Larry the reploid accountant goes maverick of his own accord, he's certainly formidable during tax season, but he isn't going to provide X the challenge needed to make him grow as a warrior and reach his potential.

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Re: I had no clue that lot of fans hated MMZ4
« Reply #54 on: December 20, 2012, 10:35:56 PM »
There's just very little perceivable gravity to stuff that happens in these worlds, because the characters being focused on have little connection to it themselves. The drama is focused instead on what directly happens to them or, as the player, to you. The latter is where and why I think Mega Man X succeeded in telling a story: it was about you through the character, or vice versa. The games after that tried to get you to care about the overarching plot, which focused more on Zero and Sigma and less on X, i.e. you. Once X4 split "you" up, this culminated the shift of focus begun by X2. So, the plot involved both of them, but was more focused on Zero's importance to the plot; X became more an optional vehicle driving towards the unfolding of Zero's importance, in that he was the progenitor of the virus and Wily's last attempt to crush Dr. Light's creation(s). Take Zero out, and it's just X (you) and Sigma (or any other 'enemy'). The rest of the world remains a distant group of spectators.

With Mega Man Zero, you have more connections to the world in the form of Ciel and the resistance base, but even there I don't think the games do a good enough job of deepening those connections and making them meaningful. How much did you actually care about Ciel and the resistance base? You might like them, sure, but did you care whether or not they lived or died? Some of them were cute, like Allouette and old Andrew, while only a few (or one) actually helped you, like Cerveau and Ciel, but I never had a moment where I felt like my actions determined whether they lived or died. I never felt tense. The only exception I can think of is the boss fight with Aztec Falcon, but not only was that a pretty easy fight, but chances are you died before the garbage disposal shredded the Resistance members. While I can say Mega Man Zero is the darkest Mega Man has ever been, it's still more of an action game to me--and a hard one--than a dramatic experience.