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Roleplay / Blue Valkyrie Adventure
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:11:34 PM »
BV RP System Version 1.1

Recent Addition: Added the skill system.

A light hearted tale of magic, technology, pirates, adventure and treasure!

BVA runs mostly like your typical RP here with players interacting to what ever situation arises however dungeons and combat will be mechanics based allowing for more tactics and hopefully a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Creating Characters

Creating classes is a simply affair requiring mostly a concept on the player's own part however before getting into that a player must select a class for their character.


Stats are a important part of the combat system and function as follows...

HP (Health Points): Function like any other RPG, HP hits zero your character is KO'd and cannot act until the battle ends or are revived in battle somehow.

SP (Surge Points): Surge Points are spendable points that as a minor action in battle allow a player to restore an amount of HP depending on the related "Surge Value" stat, Surge Points can only be restored by resting for several hours and the amount of points will differ per class.

AC (Armor Class): AC or armor class is the defense/dodge stat of a character, when any enemy or monster attempts to use a power they must roll a D20 dice and add the "Attack" bonus of the power to that roll, if the roll matches or exceeds the AC value of the target the attack is considered a hit while failing that will be considered a miss or blocked (depending on how the player wants to fluff that) AC is determined by class and for the most part will remain the same through the whole RP.

Speed: Speed is the stat that helps determine the action order of both the party and the monsters attacking them. When the DM calls for initiative the players and Monsters roll a D20 and add their speed score to the result. Higher the score the higher on the turn order you are.

Surge Value: Surge Value is the stat that determines how much HP you get from spending a Surge Point, the amount is determined by class and will remain consistent however some powers or items can add bonus HP to the total briefly.

Action Point" An action point is expendable point that can be used once per in game day (restored by an extended rest) to take another turn immediately in battle or re-roll if you don't like the result of a dice elsewhere. Players can only have one action point however monsters may have several.

Combat Classes

The class of a character is a base that determines their role in the party and what their starting stats as well as how many of each Power type they can equip at once is. While this does dictate the roll a character will fill the Power creation system will allow players to act outside this roll into another if they choose.


The tank is designed to protect their allies by drawing the ire of enemies off them and onto the tank themselves, tanks have high HP and AC, but are slower than the other classes and only have one One At-Will power although they have more options for Encounter and Daily powers.

The Tank class has a special built in mechanic called "Mark" when a tank class character uses any power that targets an enemy (regardless of effect) they will mark the target, a marked target will suffer a -3 to hit any target that is not the person who marked them.

An enemy can only have one Mark on them at a time and any new Mark effects will cancel out the old one. A tank can mark multiple enemies at once as long as the Mark effect is not canceled out.

Surge Value: 5
At-Will Powers: 1
Encounter Powers: 3
Daily Powers: 2


Strikers are the primarily damage dealers of the party, they have the most options with At-Will and Encounter Powers as well as high Speed but have low HP, AC and only a single Daily Power. All Strikers have the special ability "Second Chance" an affect that allows them to after making an attack roll they are unhappy with re-roll it once per battle for free.

Surge Value: 3
At-Will Powers: 3
Encounter Powers: 2
Daily Powers: 1


Support characters are well equipped to assist their allies through healing, buffs or even debuffs on their opponents through their large number of encounter and Daily power slots. They have balanced HP, AC and Speed and a higher surge value than the other classes.

Support Class characters have access to the special power "Aid" a minor action that allows the user to grant an ally the ability to spend one of their healing surges right away with a +1 bonus once per encounter/floor.

Surge Value: 6
At Will Powers: 1
Encounter Powers: 3
Daily Powers: 2

Once a character class is chosen a player may create their concept as normal and prepare to create powers.

Power Creation

Powers are split into three categories, At-Wills, Encounters, and Daily Powers, each class has a certain number of these powers that can be active at once; although a player can during their adventure gain new powers and swap out old ones if desired before entering a dungeon.

All classes start with a full set of powers based on their class. Note that role does not dictate the type of powers you must use, classes merely act as a template for the type of character you want to play. (A tank can be focused on damage, while a Striker can also have healing powers for example)

*At-Wills MUST be single target attacks, however Encounter and dalies can target multiple foes.
*At-Wills must be standard actions.
*Encounters and Dailies can be Minor actions as long as they do no damage.
*Powers cannot directly heal HP but they can trigger healing surges.
*Healing cannot be caused by At-Will powers
*Certain Status Effects cannot be applied to At-Wills (Silence/Controlled/Cursed)
*Debuffs cannot stack but two different debuff powers doing the same thing can stack.
*Players can only have one summoned minion at once and they must function like a monster with a set of tactics they follow on their turn.
*Buffs and Debuffs cannot exceed +3 or -3
*Status healing powers cannot be At-Wills
*Powers cannot restore Action Points
*SP can be restored by Daily Powers ONLY.
*A power can only have one element (or none) and can only apply to powers that deal damage
*Elemental defenses can be remove by powers


Elements are added to all damaging attacks and depending on the target's weakness and strengths can add or reduce the total damage. A player can add one element to their attack
and this cannot be changed later unless the DM okays it.

Target's weak to an element take one extra point of damage than normal while enemies that resist and element take one less damage than normal. Enemies who are immune to an element nullify the attack completely.

Basic Attack - A power with no elemental modifier simply deals it's effect.

Status Effects

Status effects add detrimental effects onto the target often damaging or debilitating them in critical ways-at the end of the inflicted target's turn they can roll a D20 with a 15+ roll removing the effect.

Poison - takes one damage at the start of their turn
Blind - takes a -3 to their Attack rolls
Silence - Cannot use Encounter or Daily powers
Bind - Cannot make a Standard or Minor action
Prone - Is knocked over and cannot act until their next turn
Controlled - Target cannot act on their own and must follow the orders of the controller.
Cursed - Suffer a -3 to all dice rolls.

At-Will Powers

At-Will powers are basic attacks that have no limit to the number of times they can be used in combat, they tend to have weaker effects and lower damage however. When creating an At-Will power the Attack Roll can never exceed 4 and damage should never be higher than 4.

At-Wills can have basic effects as well such as marking or status effects, if the player wants something different to happen please run it by me when making your powers and we can hash it out.

"Encounter Power"
Encounter powers are stronger than At-Will powers possessing higher damage and more varied and useful effects however the also cannot be used indefinitely like At-Wills can and may only be used once per individual combat encounter (being refreshed once a battle ends).

Attack Rolls of Encounter Powers cannot exceed 5 and the Damage cannot exceed 6

Encounter Powers are where a player can really flex their character concept.

"Daily Power"
Daily powers are the ultimate abilities of your characters, they have greatest damage and most powerful effects allowing a character to turn the tide of battle, they can only be used once per in game day and require multiple hours of rest before one can be used again.

Daily Powers' attack roll cannot exceed 8 and the damage cannot exceed 10 points.

Power Cards

Powers are written like such...

"Pummel" - Name
"Inflicts basic damage to one foe." - Effect (include the element/status effect/number of targets)
At-Will Power - The type of power it is
Standard Action - The type of action it is
Attack+4 -Roll to Hit
Damage 3 -Damage inflicted

Example Character

Blue (Kid)
Gender: Female
Age: ??? (appears to be a child of twelve or so?)
Race: ??? (Appears human?)
Class: Striker
Bio: (for story and such)

Surge Value: 3
At-Will Powers: 3
Encounter Powers: 2
Daily Powers: 1

"Inflicts non-elemental damage to one foe."
At-Will Power
Standard Action

"Snap Punch"
"Inflicts minor damage to one foe and the snap punch debuff lowering the target's AC by 1"
At-Will Power
Standard Action

"Inflicts light elemental damage to one foe."
At-Will Power
Standard Action

"Allows an ally to spend a healing surge instantly."
Encounter Power
Standard Action

"Non-Elemental damage to one foe, less to a second of the player's choice if possible."
Encounter Power
Standard Action
Attack+5 (Roll separately for both targets if applicable)
Damage 4 to target 1
Damage 2 to target 2

"Generates a blade of light around Blue's right arm, adding the "Lumina" buff to her that raises all attack damage by +3 player must roll a D20 after every turn a roll less than 15 ends the effect"
Daily Power
Minor Action


Skills are abilities that are shared across all characters, they determine a person's ability to do various things, such as picking a lock, jumping a great gap or deciphering some puzzle. Each player can train their character in three skills and any skill that is "trained" gains a +3 to a roll requiring a check involving one of these skills. Untrained a skill roll is a straight D20 roll.

During the Adventure or Encounter phases preforming checks is considered a "Minor Action".

"Acrobatics" - The ability to keep one's balance on treacherous surfaces, dodge traps, slip free from restraints or take less damage from a long fall.

"Athletics"- Any physically demanding action like running, pushing heavy objects, swimming or jumping.

"Arcana" - The knowledge one has regarding magical lore or the ability to sense magical things.

"Bluff" - You can make what’s false appear to be true, what’s outrageous seem plausible, and what’s suspicious seem ordinary. You make a Bluff check to fast-talk a guard, con a merchant, gamble, pass off a disguise or fake documentation, and otherwise tell lies.

"Diplomacy" - You can influence others with your tact, subtlety, and social grace. Diplomacy is used to change opinions, to inspire good will, to haggle with a patron, to demonstrate proper etiquette and decorum, or to negotiate a deal in good faith. 

"Dungeoneering" - The ability to navigate a dungeon, notice a trap or otherwise remember information about the current area.

"Endurance" - The ability to push yourself beyond your physical limits or fight off ill effects on the body such as poisons or injuries.

"Heal" - The medical knowledge of the character, such as basic first aid, set bones, treat illness or disease.

"History" - The ability of a character to remember historical facts or important information of people, places or things.

"Insight" - You can discern intent and decipher body language during social interactions. You make an Insight check to comprehend motives, to read between the lines, to get a sense of moods and attitudes, and to determine how truthful someone is being. You use Insight to counter a Bluff check

"Intimidate" - The ability of a person to influence the actions of others through threats, or hostile actions; in battle a player can also try and preform an intimidate a target.

"Nature" - The ability of the person to understand nature, the natural world, living off the land, natural hazards or creatures as well as navigating the outside world.

"Perception" - Make a Perception check to notice clues, detect secret doors, spot imminent dangers, find traps, follow tracks, listen for sounds behind a closed door, or locate hidden objects. This skill is a counter to stealth checks.

"Religion" - Your character is well versed in matters of religious lore, the gods and people of importance within theses religions.

"Stealth" - Make a Stealth check to conceal yourself from enemies, slink past guards, slip away without being noticed, and sneak up on people without being seen or heard. Stealth checks can be foiled by a perception check, anyone who is under stealth gains a a free action at the beginning of battle, if multiple players/enemies are under stealth follow turn order until all free turns are complete.

"Streetwise" - Allows someone to gain information within a social area like a town or city.

"Thievery" - This skill determines thieving abilities and can perform tasks that require nerves of steel and a steady hand: disabling traps, opening locks, picking pockets, and sleight of hand; stealth checks can assist on thievery checks.


Roleplay Phase

In this phase players can interact and do things in any order, with no need of rolls or turn order unless a player is doing something that requires effort where they will be required to roll a D20 based on the skill roll the DM wants the player to try for.

Example: Sakura wants to pick a lock but she's not trained in thievery. She rolls a D20 and gets a 10 but the roll requires a 15 or higher to succeed so it's a failed roll and she can't unlock the door. Mean while Quickie is trained at thievery and rolls a 14 but being trained in thievery gives Quickie a +3 to her roll so her total roll is 17 and as such is a success.

When the party leave to explore something like a dungeon we enter the "Adventure Phase"

Adventure Phase

Adventure Phase also doesn't require a turn order but does focus more on rolls, for the sake of simplicity when the players explore a location each encounter will be considered a "Floor" regardless of whether they go up or down while proceeding, so traveling through a forest is also considered "floors". HP lost during the adventure phase can be restored via powers, or resting. Resting can only be done on floors where making a campsite is possible.

When players reach a new floor the party must decide how they want to proceed, do they search the area to make sure there is no danger? Or do they simply look for treasure? Regardless a roll must be made with any party members who wish to take part all rolling individually. (the rolls are all counted separately and as long as one beats my difficulty it's considered a success)

Encounter Phase

The final phase is the encounter phase is the final phase where players need to battle monsters, this is where character sheets come into play and some stats exists. So Quickie, Sakura and Phi enter a new floor, they decide to carefully check the area for traps or other hazards but fail their checks, sudden a giant fuzzy spider drops from the ceiling on top of them, OH NO! This monster ambushed the party so it gets a free attack when combat starts!

Players will now roll initiative, Roll a D20 and add your speed stat to that result for your Initiative.

Quickie a tank rolls a 1d20 for a total of 14 and her tank's speed stat of 5 for a total of 19.
Sakura rolls a 1d20 for a total of 2 and adds her Striker class speed of 9 for a total of 11.
Phi rolls a 1d20 for a total of 16 plus her speed of 7 for a total of 23.
The giant fluffy spider rolls a 14 plus it's speed of 7 for a total of 21.

So the turn order is...   Phi, Fluffy Spider, Quickie, and then Sakura. however the spider gets a free turn because it took the party by surprise. Otherwise the order continues until the encounter ends (KO'd enemies or allies are skipped from the imitative)

The Monster bares it's sharp fangs and attacks Quickie! Rolling a 1d20 roll of 13+ the attack roll of 4 from it's bite attack for a total of 17. The roll is then compared to the target's AC or armor class in Quickie's case her AC as a tank is 16, if the roll equals or is greater than the target's AC the attack counts as a hit causing the damage of the attack and applying any other effects.

Quickie as such is unable to defend/dodge the attack and takes the Bites' 1 point of damage. The spider is also poisonous so it's bite also applies the status effect "Poison" Quickie will take one point of damage at the start of ever turn from this point on until she rolls higher than a 15 on a D20 roll at the end of every turn. If poison persists into the Adventure Phase after battle Quickie can try to roll once per floor and will take the damage for each floor they move to.

Now Phi is up, player turns are handled as followed.

A player can take one standard action and a minor action or two minor actions by not making a standard action.

A standard action is an attack or any action such as trying to solve a puzzle during combat or freeing a tied up ally from a rope for example. Most Powers (the attacks everything has in battle) are considered Standard Actions unless said otherwise.

Minor actions are simple things that don't require a full turn such as spending a Healing Surge or pulling an item from your bag or making a check to try and solve a situation during combat.

Phi decides to attack the spider back, as such she must select one of her "Powers" to strike at the target. Phi decides to use the At-Will power "Slash" she rolls a d20 dice and adds "Slash"'s Attack bonus of +4 to the roll for a total of 15, the spider's AC is 12 so that hits and she applies the power's damage of 2 to the spider as well as any effects slash might have had. This counts as a Standard action.

Phi also decides to pull an antidote from her pack to help Quickie and this counts as a Minor action. Quickie can then use a minor action to accept the antidote on her turn and a standard to use it, or Phi can wait until her next turn to spend a minor to give it to Quickie.

While on the topic of Minor actions, Healing Surges can be spent to restores HP to the user in emergency, each class has a different amount of SP or Surge Points and each class gets a different amount of HP back from a used Surge (Tanks get 5 HP back per surge, while Strikers only get 3 back). You can spend as many surges as you have minor actions and SP is restores after an extended rest like Daily powers.

Finally each player has once per in game day an "Action Point" and action points can be used to give the user a new turn right away, or allow that player to re-roll a failed check once.

Gaming / Dragonball Xenoverse 2
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:00:04 PM »

October 25th 2016 is the confirmed release date-so just four months to go.

Several big DBZ youtubers got a chance to have some time with a demo build recently finally giving us some hands on footage of the game.

Obviously more will be shown off as the weeks go by but I'm excited about the change to Sayian transformations.

It's no longer different abilities-but rather you start by going to Super Sayian-then if you have enough Ki you can go to Super Sayian 2 then finally Super Sayian 3-and while it's not confirmed if they added the CaC hair changing to fit the transformation we definitely get the SS3 long hair if a CaC managed to get to that level. No word on transformations for other races-but the dev team have been listening to feedback since Xenoverse 1 and I doubt they'll just have sayian transformations this time.

Oh and Super Sayian Ki Blast spam is gone-thank Kami.  8D

Game play looks so much smoother-the removal of a lot of invincibility frames will make combos way more natural than Xenoverse 1 especially online. Also the little added detail of rocks floating around you when you are at full Ki is really nice.  owo

Roleplay / The Mana-Verse
« on: December 25, 2014, 07:40:05 PM »
((Been feeling like doing re imagining of the Blue Valkyrie story and I've been kinda itching to do some RP so here is something new! ))

Rough Timeline can be found here!

It is said with every choice you make another world is created one where you made the choice another where you didn't. Some alternate worlds are so similar you could spend countless lifetimes trying to find differences between them while some are so different they defy logic.

Welcome to the "Mana-Verse" an alternate RPM where magic became the focus of the world and not technology. A world where one's imagination shapes and expands the land constantly, where anything is possible! This is another open world RP where alternate versions of our characters can go on adventures and weave new stories.

The "Mana-Verse" or Arcadia as it's called is the location of the Blue Valkyrie reboot/re-imagination project I'm currently working on, RPM Adventure was kinda a prototype to see if people were interested in a fantasy themed RP, that will still be updated as long as people are interested in continuing, this however is more open; so no DMing just interact and expand your stories as you want. Also a lot of this is elements of the Blue Valkyrie story re imagined, I'll try to avoid spoiling stuff for the main RP story line.

Magic is everything in this world pretty much everyone can use it even if they aren't really trained, there are exceptions of course and normal technology does exist here and there; however most use Magitech. Otherwise reinvent your characters however you want but remember this is meant to be an alternate reality so if you want to explore new ideas with your characters go nuts!

Legends say Arcadia was once an endless void of chaos with no shape or form, then a mysterious woman appeared from another realm and gave it shape with the help of the six elementals.

"The Queen" - Her identity is unknown, but she was said to be the one who created this world and united the elementals to help create Arcadia. She is typically identified by the sigil of a cat in the world's mythology.
Reva- The elemental of Darkness, known as the goddess of darkness
Reya- The elemental of Light, known as the goddess of light
Jin - The elemental of Fire, known as the god of fire
Mina - The elemental of Water, known as the goddess of water
Titan - The elemental of Earth, known as the god of earth
Slyph - The elemental of Wind, known as the goddess of wind

Together they created the Omni-Gem and used it's infinite elemental power to create a balance in the abyss forming the land of Arcadia, using her magic the mysterious woman drew the souls of adventurous people to the fledgling world and granted them the power to shape it with their imagination; for every person's hopes and dreams would expand the land of Arcadia always offering new adventure and experiences. Satisfied, this woman departed perhaps to new worlds to do the same, leaving the elementals to maintain Arcadia in her absence..

As time passed a mighty empire rose under the protection of the elementals; ruling the world from the floating city and building a civilization across Arcadia it seemed like there was nothing the precursors could not do. Yet, without warning the civilization was suddenly and violently cast down and now only questions remain as to what could have destroyed the precursors.

Remnants of their civilization still remain however and are desired due to the advanced nature of their magic and magi technology.

Character Name: Aya (Alternate Blue)
Race: Magic Construct (Human like in appearance)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Hair Style/Colour: Light blue, lower neck length and slightly spiky.
Eye Colour: Light blue, lightly glows.
Build: Slender but athletic.
Outfit: Her outfit resembles that of a genie's, with the classic pants (blue but slightly transparent, and blue top with gold trimming.)
Power: Can summon a magic curved sword, can cast various spells through magic rings acquired in her adventures.

Aya like her main counterpart is a curious and adventurous soul, she jumps into a fight without thinking preferring action rather than careful planning. Her naive and upbeat personality is infectious to others making it easy for her to befriend others. (So not to different from the prime universe Blue)

The floating city, known to all who inhabit the lands of Arcadia as the place where the world began, protected by whirling winds and other magical defenses according to legend. Many have sought to infiltrate the old city in hopes of claiming the omni-gem but none have ever succeeded and fewer have returned, Until now.

The pirate stepped off ramp of his drop ship, puffing from his pipe a wide grin on his face; years of effort and preparing had finally paid off and the ancient city was his to plunder. "Arrr! Alright crew grab anything of value but remember why we are here!" A buccaneer approaches his captain, saluting as the others all scatter in small groups entering the houses and taking anything thats not nailed to the floor. "Yes sir! Alright boys lets get to work!"

White Beard and another group of Buccaneers as well as some of his "Smiling Copter bots" move toward the center temple for White Beard knew deep down the cause of his quest was here. His troops struggled to open the large doors, despite being uninhabited since the dawn of the world the temple was surprisingly well preserved, not even any dust. White Beard grinned as the Omni-Gem appeared before him high above the steps at the center of the room. "Arrr, this is it mateys! We've finally found it! Grab it carefully who knows what the "queen" left here to defend the gem!"

As the smiley copters to latch onto the Omni-Gem as one of the Buccaneers tugs on White Beard's sleeve. "Uhh...captain what about that crystal?" White Beard groans annoyed by the interruption at his moment of triumph. "What are you on about...huh?" White Beard glances upward noticing the other crystal above them. He shrugs and motions for the last copter to grab it. As it's pincers try to get a hold of the crystal it begins to shine in reaction, the copter is quickly sent flying into the near by wall and explodes. "It's a trap!" White Beard yelps covering his eyes and light fills the room.

After a few moments the crystal's glow fades the crystal having vanished and in it's place a young woman in blue floating above the ground for a moment before descending to the ground near White Beard and his pirates. She yawns stretching her arms above her head as if she had just had a good night's sleep. "*Yawns* Common master just five more minutes...huh? Who are you?" Aya frowns when she notices the copters leaving with the Omni-Gem "HEY THAT does not belong to theives!"

Taking a combat stance and raising her hand above her head she summons a curved blade and charges at the Omni-Gem before she finds herself surrounded by the buccaneers all wielding cutlasses or arm cannon flintlock weapons. White Beard grumbles "So you are the guardian the Doctor warned us about? I'm not impressed; you'd think the queen would leave a more capable protector for her precious omni-gem! Alright boys, get rid of her and return to the ship; we have a scheduled to keep!"

White Beard waddles off with the Omni-Gem as Aya is surrounded by the Buccaneers all looking a little nervous perhaps not sure how strong this woman is. "Oh common! If I don't get that back my master will be rather annoyed with me!"

((Will continue next post, let some others get their own intros started too, so yeah fill this world with places and characters how you want; and hopefully we get some neat stories going. I'll be more active now that I'm basically past my crazy Christmas hours for this and the Wilypocolypse, RPAdventure too is people still want to continue.))

Roleplay / RPM-Adventure!
« on: August 12, 2014, 05:42:37 AM »
Plot - Stories tells of the lost kingdom of Zepter once prosperous but now lost in a deep fog, a legend of a king who in his quest for power led his people down the path of ruin. While the kingdom has fallen into the realm of legend many heroes brave the fog in hopes of finding fame and fortune yet none ever return, did they fall to the monsters and traps of the lost land or did the fog simply swallow them up?  Perhaps a new generation of heroes will brave the fog and unlock the secrets to the lost land and become legends.


The lost kingdom, in it's golden age the land was a place of great wealth and magical knowledge; however it's king greedy and decadent sought even greater fortune and was said to have unleashed ruin on his kingdom. While the details of this fall are unknown a deep fog acts as a barrier around it's borders slowly expanding over the generations. Many heroes and adventurers have breached the fog to stop the expansion of the unnatural fog or pillage the land of it's treasures yet none have ever returned.

A small village on the border of the encroaching fog, modest but friendly. Contains an Inn/Tavern, a weapon, armor and item shop and several houses. The goldwood forest is the source of the town's name.

Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Age: 25
Weapon: Silver Sword and Buckler
Magic: None

A young adventurer traveling across the world searching for adventure and riches, Reva is confident and brave although somewhat overconfident and stubborn. Wielding her families' silver sword a once enchanted blade that has lost most of it's magical power over the centuries she hopes to find the fabled "Crown of the Beast King" said to belong to the lord of Zepter before it's fall.


Reva sighed as she passed the wooden gates of Goldwood, it had been a long if not dull journey; the town looked peaceful enough and if her information was right should have everything she needs to stock up for her journey into Zepter. It was getting dark and her tired legs made their point that it was time to find lodging for the night, taking a moment she manages to track down the inn the largest building in the town.

"Goldwood Inn, huh not a very creative name...oh well." Reva shrugs pushing open the door entering the homely inn. A middle aged man sits at the counter near the far wall while a young woman moves between tables seeing to orders from the patrons, it would appear the inn also doubles as a tavern too. It's oddly busy for a town so close to the fog, Reva was almost sure the town would have been abandoned by now like the others consumed by the fog.

"Greeting stranger, looking for a room?" The middle aged man beckons her over with a smile as Reva closes the door behind her.

"A meal and a bed would be lovely." Reva leaned on the counter sighing

"Well we have a few rooms available still, it's ten gold a night plus dinner and breakfast." The innkeeper reaches below the counter laying a sign in book in front of him.

"Alright I'll take it...seems kinda busy tonight." Reva noted as she placed her coins on the table.

"Lately all sorts of adventurers have come to Goldwood, I guess they all hope to brave the fog and explore the ruins of Zepter. Oh whats your name miss?" The Innkeeper begins scribbling in the book and reaches back for a silver key to Reva's room.

"Reva, guess I'm not the only one then." Reva takes the key and looks back to find a free table.

"Go find yourself a table and I'll have dinner brought out, stew tonight." The innkeeper nods writing in her name before turning back to his work.

Reva moved out into the eating area, the light glow of the fireplace created a homely ambiance although she might have to share with another patron as all the tables seemed filled.

((Okay I think goldwood inn is a good meeting place for everyone, when you post give a brief description of your character and perhaps their motivations for wanting to travel to Zepter.))

Gaming / Project Beast; possible sequel to Demons Souls?
« on: May 05, 2014, 02:11:47 AM »

Not long ago screenshots popped up of a possible new project being developed by FROM Software tentatively called "Project Beast", this should all be taken with a gain of salt at this point but if these are real it certain does look like FROM' excellent dark phantasy style present in King's Field,Shadow Tower/ABYSS, Demons Souls and the Dark Souls series.

Myazaki has gone on record saying he was working on a new project and was only consulting on Dark Souls II so perhaps this is it? Also shotguns; well Shadow Tower Abyss had firearms so not like this is a new thing FROM is doing. Either way I hope this is true, will give me a reason to save up for a PS4.

Guess we'll find out come E3?

Fan Creations / Blue Valkyrie's Stuff
« on: December 03, 2013, 04:18:33 PM »
Just my "attempts" at doing sprites, mostly edits of Extreme X, minus the row under the head. I scratched that row since I hated X's standing pose.

Blue lacks a charge shot but can rapid fire her buster as well as aim in multiple directions. Equipped with a dash system, she can also hover for a short time during a jump, she begins to descend immediately however.

Story is...ah a work in progress.

Possible design for a nemesis. A robot space pirate of sorts, not a fighter but pilots large mech suits and machines. Not sure what inspired him honestly, kinda like how he turned out though.

Last one, possible minions of said villain. I'm terrible with doing names and I kinda made these as I brainstormed.

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