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Entertainment / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Mr. Haxwell on Today at 06:24:16 PM »
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Entertainment / Re: The RPM Boob Tube Thread (56k warning)
« Last post by Mr. Haxwell on Today at 07:03:12 AM »
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Entertainment / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Mr. Haxwell on Today at 06:35:02 AM »
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Give him lots of pets.
Dusk Lycanroc is actually really good. Step aside Zydog, there's a new good boy in town.
There is luckily significantly more Post Game content in this game luckily.
I'm not sure if I'll get this, the lack of more post game content(not counting online battles) in Sun/Moon kinda left me in a bad taste.
I'm not sure when I'll get the game but I have decided on what Pokemon I'll get for my team and luckily they seem very accessible.
For some reason, Pokemon Bank won't be updated for UltraSM until later in the month. You can still trade with regular SM though, which means my team is intact. I brought over a Mimikyu, a Jangmo-o, a Dewpider, and a Drillbur. My starter this time is Litten, and I'm using the special Rockruff.
Gaming / Re: Sonic Forces ~Join the Uprising~
« Last post by Hypershell on November 15, 2017, 08:22:03 AM »
Yeah, I laughed at that when I saw it.

Beat the game about two days ago.  I mean, I actually do find it enjoyable even if flawed.  It won't change your mind about modern Sonic games either way.  I think the disheartening part is that there's so much Sega COULD learn from it, but we all know they probably won't.

1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM PHYSICS CONSISTENT.  I think I was 20 stages in (hey, they ARE short stages) before I realized why I can't platform for [parasitic bomb] in the game: Modern Sonic and Rookie have very little ability to brake in midair, which isn't so bad once you realize the game has a stomp (that ALSO took quite a few stages...).  Classic Sonic, though?  Stops INSTANTLY.  Like, STH4 if not harder, except when you pull back on the stick rather than defaulting.  Causes me to short-change my jumps constantly.  And wonder why I didn't get that same response in 2D with the other characters.  It's like two completely different games just got mashed together because they happened to have similar abilities on paper.
2. Just...stop using Classic Sonic in 3D games.  2D may have been dignified for Sonic as a franchise, but most if not all of that was done by other developers.  It has been a LONG LONG TIME since it was Sonic Team's forte, and it's redundant with the 3D characters jumping into 2D segments anyway.  The literal only Classic Sonic stage I gave a damn about was Death Egg.  And he has no reason to exist in the story, either.  Yay, the Phantom Ruby, too bad Classic Sonic doesn't talk and so cannot communicate to the rest of the cast that he's seen it before.
3. Again, jump dash.  I hate being in mid-air with that useless excuse for a double jump.  You have so little control over your momentum, it's atrocious.
4. Wispon on the shoulder button, awkward.  I get why they did it, team-up stages, and I like the team-up stages, but they could have had the shoulder button change abilities or just use Y as a duplicate button in Rookie's solo levels.  I keep hitting Y to kill things, because it's how Sonic kills things, and hell how half the video game mascots in history kill things, yet for the Rookie it does nothing.
5. Wisp abilities being relegated to Rookie was a good idea.  Each weapon working with only one wisp ability was a bad idea.  If you're going to do that, at least let us change weapons mid-stage.  You should not have to restart a level and/or memorize what wisps to expect.
6.  Level design 101, first stage (and I mean EACH CHARACTER's first stage, including reinforcing shared actions) needs to teach the player what all you can do.  Quick Step and Stomp were glossed over until later on, and both are pretty well mandatory to maneuvering your character given the game's questionable sense of momentum.
7.  NEVER EVER LET SONIC RUN OFF THE SIDE OF A CORRIDOR.  Metropolis got pretty bad with this one.  "Follow the path" should not be a challenging action in the first place, and it's doubly offensive when combined with the game's boost mechanics.  Why the game is such a pain about getting Sonic to follow the curve of the course in the first place, I'll never know, but at least put some rails on your runways in the sky.

Overall, loved the music, loved the Rookie (can the next game just read our Forces save data?), loved Sonic's character (*sniff* "That's not fear.  I ran all the way here."), and while the levels ARE noticeably short, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  It makes the game easier to enjoy in small bursts (relevant to people who carry the Switch around as a handheld).

One other thing I'd like to see Sega do, though, is to take boost off of Sonic.  Not out of the game, mind you, but just to entertain boost and non-boost level design in a single title.  They could bring Blaze back and have her handle the boost levels (it IS from Sonic Rush, after all).
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