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« on: June 05, 2014, 07:17:48 AM »

Welcome to my thread hijack, party people of RPM!

I am McKenzie, servant to the ever-divine and all-seeing Slurm Queen.
I come with a "proposition" for you all... one I am sure, you shall not refuse.

You see, after careful considerations I have come to a conclusion.


As such, I think you humans could use a new and better beverage to worship at your next social gathering. Which is exactly why I am here.

I present to you MEGA SLURM! The most magnificent, energizing and tongue-titillating drink you Grunka-Lunkas...- You  humans could ever hope for.

I can offer you free lifetime supply of Mega Slurm, which might or might not be, reused in design.

All that I require of you, is that you search this forum in some far off archaic thread to find the image of...


Oh, and we are kinda expecting of you to post some... things which might be considered crazy by the ignorant masses. Something like "Ow, my sperm! Gimme some of that sweet-ass Slurm!"
Do not worry about the details of that, It will come to you naturally.

In any case, give me your name and link proof in this thread, if you think you have found THE GOLDEN SLURMS IMAGE.

Feel free to ask questions too, but I urge you to keep it simple and PARTY on!

Sorry this took me like 2 weeks to wrap up. Just didn't have a ton of time, due to work, to get all the html done in a timely manner. Not that I've been consistent or really kept up the website every year, but hey, I try. I do need to fix broken links from previous years, now that Imageshack officially is not free and kicked some of my old uploads out. So ignore anything before 2012, if you're looking to relive old entries. Hopefully not too many typos or errors on these, and the links/images should all be correct.

For full judge commentary and a look at who we each chose as our top 3 images, please head here:

Remember, I did not require judges to comment on every pic, but I made sure at least to add something for everyone myself. Just wanted to make sure you got some sort of feedback or commentary on your submissions. I also decided not to list everyone by overall position this year, only the top 3. So for those who didn't win, if you're really interested in where you placed overall, feel free to ask.

I blame Gumshoe. He probably was the one to knock out the forum, too, while I had to recover the results.

Apologies for not adding this here faster, but I think most involved have seen everything already. Winners have all been contacted, and some prizes have already been given out, most are already ordered. For those who haven't seen, though, here is the results post:

Due to being crammed for time, I am not going to have anything uploaded to my usual V-Day contest website for the time being, and it might not be as in depth with commentary as I usually am. Promise I will work on that this weekend, though.

I will start out with the news of the big prize, the Category 3 raffle for the X Sound Box. We had 4 entries, so everyone had a 25% chance of winning. Here are the pics that were entered:

Fenril-Huayra ->

Tacticalpigeon ->

Eriarbil ->

TJW ->

And the person randomly chosen was...


However, Fenril has chosen a cash prize option, and I'm willing to accommodate that. But I'm sure that would also depress people expecting me to give away an X Sound Box set. So, thanks to the wonders of tax rebatestm, I'll be extra generous and still give out the Sound Box to one other lucky entrant. And the real winner of the X Sound Box is...


You may have thought you had "no hope" of winning with your drawing, but today is your lucky day.

Thank you to my other two entrants in this category, Eriarbil and TJW for submitting. I appreciate the time you put into your art, even if this category was all the luck of the draw. Sorry I can't give you all something for your effort. It was an experiment, and one I'm not sure I'll do the same way next time.

Moving on to the categories that were properly judged, I had help from the RPM judging crew as we graded and critiqued these pics. Putting together our overall results, here are the entries and the top placements:

<b>Category 1 ~ Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls </b>

<b>(Warning: sex appeal hiding behind these thumbnails! And some possible strategically-covered nudity):</b>

1.) Okamikai ->

*Okamikai has chosen a cash prize of $75 to possibly go towards a D-Arts Ver. 2 Zero.

2.) Borockman ->

*Borockman has chosen a dA year-long sub, along with an added $20 cash prize.

3.) Kaitlin.EXE ->

*Kaitlin has chosen the OCR For Everlasting Peace Album.

Places 4-12 in no particular order:

HiyashiX2 -> 

Revolver-Wing Studios ->

Tabby ->

Rootay ->

Blackhook ->

General-RADIX ->

RedNeo117 ->

Tacticalpigeon -> 

Owl-Bound ->

<b>Category 2 ~ Never Gonna Give You Up:</b>

X.) Fenril-Huayra ->

*WARNING - Massive image. Please enlarge twice for full view. Direct linking this to full-size is not working properly on Photobucket.

Due to winning the Category 3 raffle, Fenril is eliminated from his placement in this category. Therefore, everyone else in this category gets bumped up a spot, and Mirby will now get a prize.

1.) Mudwire ->

*Mudwire has chosen the Freezeman.EXE Mattel Prototype figure

2.) Dark-Dullahan ->

*Dark-Dullahan will receive the Shademan.EXE Mattel Prototype figure

3.) Mirby ->

*Mirby's getting the OCR For Everlasting Peace album.

4-6 in no particular order:

EruPii ->

Revolver-Wing Studios ->

(Un)BalNz'D (aka SparkChaser92) ->

Thank you again to my judges, Protoman Blues, Dr. Wily II, Quickman, and Phi for helping out this year, and for getting me the results so  quickly. And most of all, thank you all for participating in the way you did. The results were phenomenal, and it was a really fun contest this year, with plenty of hard choices. You are all deserving, even if you didn't come away with something. You can all post your pics for comments anywhere you want to now.

Again, I will put together the judges commentary on a webpage later this weekend, and I'll likely note that in an edit to this post once I am done. Winners, you will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks all!!  owob

As an added bonus for RPM and a thanks to the judges, since I haven't seen these images float around yet, here are scans of the commemorative art done by Ariga and Iwamoto from the X Sound Box booklet. Unfortunately the only new pretty things to look at in it:

Just wanted to make a quick post to let people know the results have been tabulated and are currently sealed and held by our attorneys at Wright Anything Agency.  o~O

I really wanted to post it all tonight, but I'm still working out a few minor things that I don't think will be wrapped up before I go to bed. Digging out from 6 inches of snow today didn't help me free up time, either. I'm trying to get it set up so that I can pretty much just paste and post tomorrow night. I have a very long work day ahead of me though, so don't expect to see the post until after 10PM CST.

I HAVE NOT contacted the winners yet, so don't get all dejected if you haven't heard from me. Most likely the results will be posted first, before I contact everyone who has won something.

Apologies for the delay, but you will find out soon.

Contest has been officially closed for new entries. Thanks to everyone once again for such fantastic participation, considering the franchise and fandom has been so stagnant lately. You might not have drawn Doc enough Ailes, nor me enough Akanes, nor enough AilexAkane action 8D, but I am grateful to everyone for making this a great year. How the heck do I top this next year?

Judges, I have sent you a PM with all the titillating imagery and a rundown of what I need from you.

Contestants, sit tight. We'll try to announce winners as soon as we can. I'd still prefer you wait until the results before publicly showing your pics, but it is your art and your choice right now.

News and Announcements / Re: 2014 Rockman Valentine's Day Fanart Contest
« on: February 14, 2014, 05:54:51 AM »
@ Mirby: It's just about 11PM CST as I type this, so that gives you 1 full day and about an hour to spare. Just make sure it's sent before you go to bed tomorrow. As I have so few entries for the humor category right now, I'm fine if the object of desire is something other than a character.

@Quicky and Phi: Sweet, thank you both for hopping on! You'll be PM'd Saturday as well with the rundown and a link to all the entries. As of now, it's just the talent category that's going to be a challenge, and that's why I prefer to have a few extra viewpoints.

News and Announcements / Re: 2014 Rockman Valentine's Day Fanart Contest
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:45:22 AM »
Alright. Soon... Time for the bribes!
Ahem, I mean entries.

You're gonna have to do a pretty quick campaign for more bribes, because they have not submitted enough of your bribes, I can tell you that much.  8D

Hey, Quickie. Judge?
There, I did it for you. By all means, if one or two others still want to help with that, I'm happy for the assistance and possible female viewpoints to our chauvinistic grading of pinup art.

News and Announcements / Re: 2014 Rockman Valentine's Day Fanart Contest
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:15:49 AM »
@Mirby Puckett: Yes, I would allow people to defer down to a different prize level, if that's what they prefer. Same for the figures, so if for example the first place winner has a thing for Freezeman, they can choose it over Shademan. But I did mostly align the prizes according to value, so as long as the winner is cool with getting something that doesn't cost as much, that's fine.

Posted on: January 18, 2014, 09:10:21 PM
Shameless bump just to remind RPM'ers that tomorrow is deadline day. Entries need to be submitted to me before the clock hits midnight tomorrow. We've already got 13 entries, most of them of the pinup variety. So if you want a chance at winning the EXE prototype figures or the X Sound Box, you have a rather great chance if you put something together by tomorrow. Just sayin'.

PB and Doc, I'll PM you guys with everything you need to see on Saturday. Looks like it'll just be the 3 of us this year.

Is your subzero polar vortex melting away? Then it must be time for my 7th (nearly)annual Megaman Valentine's Day Contest!

So our 25th anniversary celebration was a dud. None of the merchandise, nor even a Fabio-lous Jewel Man, seemed to brighten the day of even the most hopeful fan. While I can’t give away a new game as a prize -  and I know some of you are probably sick of the merchandise I’ll be giving away – we can still show our love and appreciation for a franchise that has and will continue to be a part of our favorite gaming memories.

I’m going to add a slight addition to the format this year. As usual, there will be two categories, one that focuses on humor, and one that focuses on talent. But I’m also going to mix it up with a random raffle category, too. Just enter a drawing in that category and you have an equal chance at winning no matter what your skill level or humor is.

I threw together my usual deviantART poll for category themes, and I’ll run with the top two. There was only one clear winning theme, and it’ll be used for the Talent competition.


This year the “pick your prize at this price” option more or less goes away. Although, if the winner already has what I am offering, and prefers to replace it with a cash prize through Paypal, it will be an option. Overall, I’m going pretty big this year, paying out well over $350 USD in goods for you guys. The prizes for each category will be listed separately below.


Three categories, which you are allowed to enter in each if you would like. If you place in one category, you will be automatically disqualified from the other, for reasons of fairness, and to give other people a chance to win a prize. The category rundown is as follows:

CATEGORY 1: Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls (Talent)

    Content Requirements:

    - Draw your favorite Megaman character(s) posing for a classy, seductive pinup.

Way back in early 19XX, a young, poor artbot named Rock Light won tickets aboard the luxury cruise liner, DWNTitanicMach2. After the ship struck the small, iceberg-tipped head of an arctic robot later known as Chill Man, Rock saved the life of  _____, keeping them from falling off the edge of the ship. The two struck up a relationship and _____ marveled at the beautiful foreign women that filled Rock’s sketchbooks. Rock was on Mighty Cloud 9, and felt like he was the ‘King of the World.’ _____’s billionaire playbot fiancé King begged to differ... Finally, after days of coy advances, ______ realized her true feelings for Rock and asked the artist, “Rock, draw me like one of your Reploid girls.”

So, since I guess you guys really wanted to see how far I’d push this category, I’m gonna let you draw some sexy pics. As long as they are artistic and suitable for dA, I’ll allow it. That doesn’t mean you have to draw totally risqué pics, or that one will even win. Ladies, you can reverse the scenario and draw male pinups if you prefer.

This theme will work as the talent category, so the judging will focus on the effort and skill you put into you piece. Prove to us you can outdo the Van Goghbots, Super Fighting Rubens and Dr. Monets of the artistic world.

    1st: Bandai Sigma Figuarts or D-Arts figure of your choice*
    2nd: Bandai D-Arts figure of your choice*
    3rd: OCR’s For Everlasting Peace CD or Archie Comics Graphic Novel

    *Excludes rare, pricey options like Iwamoto Comic Ver. X or ComicCon variant. Sorry, must be within reason.

CATEGORY 2: Never Gonna Give You Up (Humor)

    Content Requirements:

    - Draw your favorite Megaman villain carrying off another character, or characters, in the name of love and companionship
    - Make sure it is clear they are never gonna give them up, never gonna let them down, never gonna run around and desert them, never gonna make them cry, never gonna say goodbye, and last but certainly not least, never gonna tell a lie and hurt them.
    - Drawing big hair, bigger microphones, trenchcoats, sunglasses, backflipping bartenders, and smooth dancing is purely optional.

You know the game, and we’re gonna play it.

Kidnapping is pretty common in the Megaman Universe, if not video games in general. Besides a bunch of Robot Masters, Wily has nabbed Kalinka, Roll, Light…well, who hasn’t he...? Zero’s body has been stolen. Tiesel has been taken by Glyde. Shademan.EXE swooped in for Roll.EXE. Luna was whisked away by the phantom Hyde. I could go on for a while with canon examples.

But why did they do it? Well, that’s easy. All those villains are pretty lonely, and now they just want someone to hold on to this Valentine’s Day. And to make it worse, they all have a catchy 198X song by the one-hit-wonder popbot Rock Astley stuck in their heads. Yes, that Rock Astley. Who became an Internet phenomenon thanks to the meme known as “RockRollN.”

By no means are you required to allude to the music video linked above visually in your art. For some it would add to the humor, for others, probably not. The key concept in this category is merely a villain seizing the object of their desire in the most humorous way possible.

    1st: Rare Mattel Megaman NT Warrior ShadeMan.EXE prototype figure with bonus battlechip selection
    2nd: Rare Mattel Megaman NT Warrior FreezeMan.EXE prototype figure with bonus battlechip selection
    3rd: OCR’s For Everlasting Peace CD or Archie Comics Graphic Novel

CATEGORY 3: Subaru’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On (Raffle)

    Content Requirements:

    - Draw any sort of Valentine’s Day pic involving Hoshikawa Akane (Hope Stelar)

Sorry, another music reference in this category. But my watchers voted for it. This is gonna be the raffle category. The requirements are painfully easy. MegaMom Star Force imagery.

So, this prize better be good to make us draw something in this category just to appease you Miyabi, you say. OK, fine. I’ll roll the dice and hope I can still find this for a good price next month, without it inflating in rarity too much. Otherwise the winner will probably be getting my set.

    One randomly chosen winner, pulling a name out of a random internet generator, will get a 20th Anniversary Rockman X Sound Box Set.


Only submit your own work, as usual. Any character, major or minor, from any series is allowed, to go along with the characters required in each category. Pairing characters from different series is totally allowed. Again, to be fair to all, same-gender groupings are allowed.

Participants are allowed to submit from all over the world. It’s easier for me to get prizes to US entrants however, because international shipping is complicated and pricey, but I’ll do what I can for you guys who aren’t in the States. In some cases, a cash payout through Paypal might be the best option for your winnings.

Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred.

Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can just PM/note me a link to your pic.

DO NOT post your pics in this thread, in your fanart threads or dA galleries until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I prefer to keep them all secret until the deadline has passed.

I'll edit a confirmed entry list in this thread when I receive them. So you won't be in the dark about whether or not I've received your entry.


The deadline for this contest will be Friday, February 14th, by 11:59PM CST IS OVER. This gives you exactly a full month + one week from this announcement to submit your artwork.


As usual, If you don't plan to enter, but would like to help me judge, please let me know through PM or mention so in this journal. Thanks to all my usual judges, and I’ll gladly let you help with it again if you’re willing.

*RPM Judge Team, Assemble!*

Bug me with questions if you have any. Please join in, and good luck to everyone who enters!

- Rock Miyabi, Dr. Wily II, Protoman Blues, Quickman, Phi

Confirmed Entries: 

Category 1: Tabby, Rootay, Revolver-Wing Studios, Borockman, HiyashiX2, Blackhook, Radix, RedNeo117, KaitlinEXE, Tacticalpigeon, Owl-bound, Okamikai

Category 2: EruPii, Dark Dullahan, Revolver-Wing Studios, Mirby, Fenril-Huayra, (Un)BalNz'd, Mudwire

Category 3: Eriarbil, Fenril-Huayra, Tacticalpigeon, TJW

Link to final contest entries and results:

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: September 14, 2013, 10:47:23 PM »
Here's an unusual one.

Does anyone have a full body pic of that McCall dude?  I wanna refine a sprite of him, but this is the only pic of the guy.

Sorry Gauntlet, I must've missed seeing this thread bump. Proof it's not the only pic of the man. Ol' Uncle Guile here only has one spread with full body shot that I noticed though, as he's basically just on a computer screen or in a jet window in his other scenes:

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: March 09, 2013, 04:46:42 AM »
Sorry, X-AMP. Either I just glossed over your initial request, or since I realized it was my scan you linked back in July, might have just figured there wasn't much more I could do to clear that pic up. I have rescanned the R20+5 version of that page now for ya, but the clarity just is what it is. It's a rough sketch page with really rough contrast to the colors; nowhere near the same quality of image provided in the official art sections. Regardless of the DPI I scan it at, it'll still be muddied.

Sent! Sorry, took a bit of time to type and paste all that good stuff.  -u-'

Posted on: February 15, 2013, 10:11:27 PM
Once again, sorry to all involved that it has taken a couple weeks, but we are finally at the moment you have been waiting for. 50 Shades of Ashe and Grey bondage pics and buttered up, oily JewelMANLY seducing busty women images!!!! Sorry to say the majority of our entries were not like that... -AC

I have uploaded all the entries to my dA stash for now, but will delete them as all artists begin to post to their pages and I can get a webpage whipped up. Please click the links to go to each entry, along with some judge commentary (submitted twice by me, as my descriptions weren't saving at first, if you are curious why I also commented the same thing) Please comment either in this thread or on the artist's page and not on my stash page to show your support, as those stash pages will disappear within the next week or two. And with no further ado, here they are:

50 Shades of Ashe and Grey (Humor Category)

1.) Fenril-Huayra -

2.) Borockman -

3.) General-RADIX -

4.) Glitcher -

5.) Nat Grim -

6.) Dark-Dullahan -

Fabio-lous Novel Cover (Talent Category) [Note: Some entrants also provided a short blurb about their "novel." Those are included in the comments on the stash links and not in this post.]

1.) Gingler -

2.) VenomousJello -

3.) SilverSteelDragunn -

3.) BlackMagesWaltz -

5.) SoulAura777 -

6.) Auroraxaimei02 -

There was a rare tie for third place in the Talent Category, and rather than break that tie, I will end up giving both winners the same prize slot. So as a bonus, 7 of the 12 participants will walk home with something for their efforts. Not too shabby.

Top three winners in each category will be contacted by me real soon.

A big thanks to all who entered once again, and to my group of judges - Protoman Blues, Dr Wily II, Archer and Sakura Leic - for helping out this year. For those who are feeling dejected, don't fret, there is as always a chance next year, or whenever I randomly choose to do a non-V-Day contest. Give yourselves all a big hand for what you drew, as they weren't exactly the easiest subjects to draw. I enjoyed seeing all of your creativity, and I know many others will too. Voting was close, and again, no single person had the exact same placing with any of our judges. You gave us a hard time figuring out who would come away with the prizes!

Deadline has passed, and the contest is closed for judging.

RPM judging team assemble!
Dammit, where is the Ron Burgundy kobun emote?

Typing up the info, including links to all entries right after I post this. Expect the info in your PM boxes soon...

@Yllisos: Dude, you raised your hand almost a day after I closed it and struck through that line! If I for some strange reason get a big amount of entries or somebody bows out of judging, I'll use you as an alternate judge.

Posted on: January 12, 2013, 05:58:32 PM
Friendly reminder - you have exactly one week to go before the contest deadline. Two entries received so far, two dozen waiting to be sent, right...right??!!! You have 'til midnight~ish next Thursday, so get those tablets and pencils 'a goin'. Don't make me make more gorgeous promo art abominations, I really want to see yours!!

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:08:53 AM »
Aannnd...sent to the email on your profile. Let me know if you have any problems getting it.

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 29, 2013, 05:13:26 AM »
First things first: dude, even if I'm not posting quite like I used to, as I always say, I still lurk here and all the usual sites pretty much every day; just depends on when, due to work. Light the Miyabi signal and I'll meet you on the RPM rooftop. I keep up with a decent chunk of the name changes, and I knew who you were.  8D

I...totally don't remember that post, though. Since you have the book, just tell me the exact pages you want, and I can get to it tomorrow or the next day, as I have both days off.

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 28, 2013, 06:43:24 AM »
First Example more or less. I don't really need the lithographs of the characters.

Alright, then this should be all of the R20 images for those early concepts relating to the Robot Masters, Rock, etc., with the PU page thrown in for good measure (nothing new, for those hoping):

Nothing else in any of the early sourcebooks like Perfect Memories, either, other than overused official art pieces.

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:44:44 PM »
You would think there should be. But they always choose to leave something out, it seems.

I was wondering how you already knew about the L3 stuff from that previous comment. I don't visit #20's blog often enough to have noticed it. I'm sure the interview tackles what went into her many concepts, but I don't see an actual translation from the interview part from him in that entry...

Posted on: January 26, 2013, 12:52:19 AM
And here are all the 10 RM concepts, to the extent I can get them in with the scanner, along with one page of minor enemy concepts. Also included is that full Dash 3 interview page, and one page of Adachi (McLuna is not impressed) and Izuki's tributes:

Forgot to ask, Blaze: When you say you want concepts of 1-8, I assume you are looking for stuff like the first example here, or do you want profiles like example 2?:

Because I know there really aren't a ton of "concepts," per se...

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 26, 2013, 06:37:04 AM »
Will get on the 10 scans in the morning. Forgot it wasn't TMMN with the 10 concepts, I found them on a tumblr post. So I will get some clear ones of them for you, Blaze.

@Gonzo: The previous tributes are still in of course, but 21 early pages are devoted to the new ones. Most of those tributes are 2 page spreads, of course, as you've seen with Ariga/Iwamoto/etc. The coloring of Shingo Adachi's Ryuusei pic seems off and Wily's skin in Ikehara's is grey, so some weird color choices. After some index pages, 30 goes back to the same Classic series pages in order, with 9 and 10's official art (12 new pages) after 8, but before RnF. There is nothing new for X, except for a few new IHX pieces for X, Dr. Light, Zero, Vile, and one Sigma. (What I scanned in my previous post, plus page 234)

The Rough Sketch section is totally unchanged. So, basically pages 30-270 have a mere 14 new pages.

The gallery section finally starts with some 'new' stuff. After the MvC page, there is a new page with just Zero's art from MvC3, Project X Zone's official art for X, Zero, Vile and Iris, and fatty Mcfat from SFxTekken. No concepts, nothing mindblowingly new to us. Next is the page that is my 4th sample, that includes the D-Arts Vile art and the bonus E-Can art. Then a page with tiny calendar art from the 2011+2012 Heroes/Villains/Girls calendars, and the idol Luna/Roll/Meiru art. After that, a page with CD art - We Are Rock-Men 1 and 2, 9 and 10 Arranged OSTs and...chiptuned Rockman??? Don't get that one, other than for filler. Then 3 full page images of the art for Kotobukiya's Rock/Blues/Roll kits.  Half page for the infamous Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll pic.

The Comics pages keep the original stuff, but included covers for Ikehara's updated 7 manga, Izuki's 8 complete edition, Ariga's Rockman Maniax and Gigamixes, along with tiny pics for the bonus postcards he had. All books that came out after R20. The "Mega Man" section that included the Nintendo power poster and English box art now add DeJesus' retro bad box art for 9 and 10. The Dreamwave comics were actually edited down, so that only 6 covers are there, with no page samples anymore. And that's because instead, they added an extra 2.5 pages devoted to every Archie comic cover and variant from 1-21. After that, one page devoted to UDON Tribute, with just the two covers (Ariga and Chamba's) and Dickman's big pic scaled down to a quarter of the page. And then one full page image from Asiagraph 2011 - the one with Rock standing in the sewer water.

A few pages later, we get 8 pages worth of Cardass images. But when you cram 35 cards onto one page, you have to squint. And then there's a page devoted to all the 20th tribute art, which again disappoints as 30-some images are crammed onto it.

Character Archives are next, and where we find the new 9 and 10 concepts. 18 total new pages. I don't believe anything is new in the X sections, although they did redo and expand the Command Mission art to add an additional page. But only through enlarging and rearranging previous images.

The Special Section has 8 pages of artist interviews, with just three DASH 3 non-winning Aero images that might garner a tiny bit of interest. I think I'll scan that page, if anyone is feeling ambitious to translate, to see if it's even got anything meaningful. I don't know why, but then you have a two page XOver spread of official art (part already scanned) that is totally out of place, followed by 6 more pages of interviews to close it out. I do see one more mention of DASH in that interview, near official art of Barrett on his bike. And that closes it out.

So to say it was worth it? Probably not so much if you already have R20. How UDON would plan to break this one up, I don't know. I can't see the new stuff on it's own completely justifying a separate, smaller book, but I personally would have rather had it that way, then enlarging some pics to give it more volume.  :(

Rockman Series / Re: MM Art Request thread.
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:01:54 AM »
It has been some time since I actually had new materials to fulfill some requests, but since my copy of R20+5 is finally in my hands, and I haven't seen tons floating around other than Heat showing the 9 and 10 concepts, I figured I'd ask if there was anything people were looking for or wanted to know about the new content.

I will try to scan, but as I've found out testing tonight, adding another 100+ pages has made any part of the page close to the inner spine even tougher to clearly scan. And as usual, I'm just offering some samples, not someone who plans to tear out pages to get crystal clear pics for you. (It's bad enough shipping cost me twice what the book cost. :\) Also tested using my cell phone rather than the scanner (first tribute image), but I think the quality is a little worse. Plus it's a little tougher to hold the pages down and snap a pic perfectly. Here's a little preview of some new stuff to the book that I haven't seen online yet. And again, apologies for the blur on some:

Sure thing. That'll put me at 5, which is what I usually like to cap out at.

So with that addition, consider the judging panel officially set.

@PB: We can try. I don't know how many youngin's from dA who sadly have never experienced your parody lyrics will be able to handle it the first time, but we can try.  XD

At the very least, I can probably incorporate it into the results!

@Sakura: Alright, you are added! Thanks for joining.

PB: But of course!
Doc: Open and accepted!
Sakura: People without the internet who won't see this contest cannot be a judge. But other than thaaat, yes, I will accept anyone who willingly would like to help. As long as you think you can fairly judge the entries, and are willing to give some sort of comment on what you liked about what you felt were the top three entries, you too can be a judge! If you'd like to, just say the word.

The news section needed a little bump in activity...-u-'

Christmas is over, Megaversaries have passed, and once again there is a strange love in the air. It's time for my almost-annual Megaman Valentine's Day Contest shenanigans!

As usual, there will be two categories, one that focuses on humor, and one that focuses on talent. This gives you two chances to submit something and win. Voting was open at my dA page for category themes again this year, although this time around, the top choice and 5th most popular were chosen. Had to mix it up a bit.


Sounds like most of you like the option of picking your prize, so the grand prize winners of each category will be able to get the prize of their choice, at $50 USD or less. Want a  Bandai D-Arts figure or one from Kotobukiya before they disappear? Soundtracks like We Are Rock-Men! 2 or Rockman Holic? Got something else in mind you've wanted to get from eBay, but haven't had the cash? Want a year subscription to dA? It's yours. As long as it's under $50, it's game. A cash prize through Paypal is also an option.

The second place winners will get a prize of their choice under $25, so something like a T-shirt from the Official Capcom Store, an Archie Comics subscription, or a 6-month dA subscription.

The third place winners will get a prize of their choice under $15, with options like Bobble Budds, Epic Scents air fresheners, keychains, an Archie Comics graphic novel or a 3-month dA sub. And I'll probably throw in some random Link/Progress/Advanced Battlechips as usual.

Yes again, that's me giving you guys nearly $200 in prizes. I am so broke because of y'all.


Two categories, which you are allowed to enter in both if you would like. If you place (or place higher) in one category, you will be automatically disqualified from the other, for reasons of fairness, and to give other people a chance to win a prize.


When you all voted for this category, you all wanted to draw some kinky bondage, didn't you? Admit it. Perverts. Well, sorry to disappoint, but that's not what this category is about.

A common characteristic of romance is blushing, from some sort of lovestruck emotion to embarrassment around someone you have feelings for. Hey, we all can get nervous around beautiful people! And in the case of this category, I want you to show us either Ashe or Grey from the ZX series looking a little flushed while falling for any other character(s) of your choice. How red they get probably will depend on who or what scenario you draw that is making them blush so much. But a blushing Ashe or Grey must be part of your pic.

Your humor can push the limit a bit, but we're not looking for art that is purposely inspired by 50 Shades of Grey here. This theme will work as the humor category, so the judging will focus on how funny the content you come up with is.

Content Requirements:
- Ashe or Grey from ZXA
- Blushing


While the Humor Category theme references a romance novel in its title, the Talent Category will continue the literary connection by actually focusing on a romance novel cover itself.

If there is one word synonymous with romance books, it would be Harlequin. And if there is one man synonymous with Harlequin book covers, it's Fabio. But Fabio isn't part of the Megaman Universe. Yet... However, we do have one character who is quite faaaab, and who would make any woman swoon. And that would be Jewel Man.

As humorous as this idea sounds, it is going to require major talent to turn Jewel Man into a ripped, muscular, partially-dressed lover with endless, flowing locks around his giant, jeweled, Muppet-looking head. Do you have what it takes to make a Robot Master covered in jewels look uber-manly, and quite simply, Fabio-lous?

For this category you will need to create a fictional Harlequin novel cover concept, and it must have Jewel Man as your male lead. You can choose any female character from any other Megaman series to include in your mock cover. To win in this category, you will have to prove you can whip up a creative story title to go with a scene oozing with passion, including long, flowing locks of hair blowing in the wind, and with clothing that leaves just enough to the imagination, such as open shirts revealing major, oiled-up muscle tone and ample cleavage, without being too revealing. And if you want to grace us with a blurb of the worst fanfiction ever to go along with your cover, the better!

Obviously this category might come across as a little more risqué, but any submission with blatant nudity will not be allowed. Implied nudity, tastefully covered, will get the OK. This theme will work as the talent category, so the judging will focus on the work and effort you put into your piece. If this category doesn't create the greatest pieces of fanart ever in the Megaman community, I don't know what will.

Content Requirements:
- Emulate a Harlequin Novel Cover
- Jewel Man
- Additional female character of your choice


Only submit your own work, as usual. Any character, major or minor, from any series is allowed, to go along with the character(s) required in each category. Pairing characters from different series is totally allowed. Again, to be fair to all, same-gender groupings are allowed, although I would prefer the Talent Category to stick to a hetero-pairing, as to fit with the theme. Humans and robots and reploids and servbots and computer programs and viruses and alien AM/FM beings, etc. all deserve their chance for some lovin', without prejudice!!

Participants are allowed to submit from all over the world. It's easier for me to get prizes to US entrants, because international shipping is complicated and pricey, but I'll do what I can for you guys who aren't in the States. In some cases, Paypal might be the best option for your winnings.

Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred.

Please keep all your entries appropriate for most ages. No extremely suggestive sexual content. No, this is still not a Valentine's hentai contest.

Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can just PM/note me a link to your pic.

post your pics in this thread, in your fanart threads or dA galleries until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I prefer to keep them all secret until the deadline has passed.

I'll edit a confirmed entry list in this thread when I receive them. So you won't be in the dark about whether or not I've received your entry.


The deadline for this contest IS OVER!!! This gives you just over a month from this announcement to create something.


- As usual, If you don't plan to enter, but would like to help me judge, please let me know through PM or mention so in this thread. Thanks to all my usual judges, and I'll gladly let you help with it again if you're willing.

So, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Join in if you'd like and good luck to everyone who enters!

Rock Miyabi
Protoman Blues
Dr. Wily II
Sakura Leic

Confirmed Entries:  

50 Shades of Ashe and Grey
The Great Gonzo/RADIX
Nat Grim
Fenril Huayra

Fabio-lous Novel Cover
Silver Steel Dragunn
Venomous Jello
Soul Aura 777
Dark Waltz/Black Mages Waltz

Rockman Series / Re: Air fresheners!
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:25:13 AM »
Granted I haven't opened the pair I won from Unity yet, but the Apple Cinnamon Proto one really does smell pretty nice through the plastic even. They're nothing special, but worth the $3.

But really, who wouldn't want to wake up to the smell of Napalm Man in the morning?

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