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Gaming / Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
« on: May 21, 2016, 06:32:48 AM »
So, um....anyone looking forward to this one?

The bizarrely static expressions aside, I am excited.  Still have to play 999 (Junpei and Akane are back, though, for those who did), but I'm glad to see more Siggy and Phi.

And, of course...
(click to show/hide)

News and Announcements / The UNTHINKABLE: Legends 1 on PSN
« on: September 23, 2015, 03:51:46 AM »
PS3 and Vita owners (no PSP this time) will be able to download the first Legends game for ten bucks next week.

The last round of research/speculation pegged PS1 L1 as the most legally troublesome Legends game to rerelease, so this hopefully means that L2 isn't far behind.  And yes, I'd REALLY like to see Nintendo get in on that action with MM64, but I'll take what I can get.

Gaming / Nintendo NX rumors. Lots of em.
« on: September 07, 2015, 12:29:13 PM »
So I know there will be no "official" NX news until 2016, and the usual salt/we ain'y found sh*#! warnings apply.  But a pretty lengthy and fairly detailed rumor list hit the net a few days ago.  So let rampant speculation begin!

He’s under strict NDA with Nintendo Japan
Informations are from march 2015, with some updates from june-july
He received a bunch of patents (some of them are publics now), info about what Nintendo is planning and a list of games potentially in development (some of them may or may not have been cancelled), third parties included
NX is a platform, not tied with a single device
Wii U is still in the picture thanks to good software results for games like Splatoon, will still be the main home console in 2016
3DS is a bit old, they’re planning of replacing it. Some games will still come out on it, but big projects are being moved on portable NX
With NX, Nintendo wants to create a platform where they can develop software for multiple devices with ease, from the home console to the portable to smartphone and tablets. They’ll have a big catalogue available for multiple platforms, with cross buy, cross saves and cross play, similar to what Microsoft is doing with Xbox One and PC thanks to Windows 10 (that allows to play many Xbox games on PC, which is also getting a bunch of ports from Xbone). Each platform will still have exclusive games
NNID is tied to the single device, but it will allow to share details between platforms, like friend list, contents, local coop games, etc. Thanks to the new membership program (the successor of Club Nintendo), we’ll benefit from the new Nintendo policies in terms of rewards
They’ll show the portable in spring 2016, will be out for the end of the year or spring 2017 max. Specs will be higher than PS Vita but nothing mindblowing, screen resolution should be 540p, considering 720p if costs go down. BC with 3DS was problematic
Wii U successor will not have an optical drive, which will be optional. It will sync with the portable (not obligatory). Specs won’t be super high, but close to PS4/X1 (doesn’t know how much, like with the portable this is still subject to change anyway). Cross games will look better on the home
Nintendo is focusing a lot on the anti-piracy system ((Hyper's comment: Yeah, and water's wet.))
Big focus on the OS as well. They hired people that worked for Google on Android, the guys who worked on the Gamecube OS and Wii U browser are there too. Optimized versions of the same OS for every NX platform (think, again, W10), each with its set of specific functions. Updates will come out at the same time, they’re focusing on making the OS blazing fast on every platform
The home console can connect with the portable to send to it its own version of the games you buy, will use the same tech as the Wii U-Wii U Gamepad streaming to do that, or the internet connection
The home will have bc with the Wii U. Gamepad should be compatible as a controller, considering selling it standalone. Can connect with the portable for offtv and bc. WiiMote compatibility is being considered too. As for support, since the new home won’t have an optical drive, they’re considering an external one. Also being considered NNID/eShop bc for titles bought on the eShop. Seems they’re considering digital games sharing too, but this bit is not perfectly clear
The portable will have its own internal memory, which will be expandable
There will be a complete overhaul of online infrastructures, but Nintendo is determined to hold successful operations as Miiverse, extending it even further and making it a central hub for communications by developers and a meeting place for players. It will be even more interactive with the ability to upload videos and screenshots in an integrated system and not dependent on the game
Voice chat and interactions between users will be revisited too, much will depend on the users age though, to protect the minors
The home will be out 6-12 months after the portable, creating the “NX system” that will allow Nintendo to better use their resources in games development
They approached third parties during E3. Capcom, Square-Enix, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts already have devkits. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Sonic, F-Zero and Metroid are in development, doesn’t know if these are main episodes or spin offs. Zelda is currently a Wii U only title due to high development costs, but they can reconsider to have another big game at NX launch
Prices will be low, 200-300€ (for the home?), considering a bundle with both for no more than 500€
Many of these things will be discussed in future Nintendo Directs, which will have a different host in every market if Nintendo can’t find a new CEO by october
A new 3D Mario will be shown, along with a new Zelda trailer. Retro moved their project on NX, will not be unveiled before 10-18 months
They’ll talk about a new “Club Nintendo”, which will be in full function with NX
Considering making agreements with phone carriers in order to better manage applications like Miiverse, Club Nintendo and the ability to purchase software by phone. Some of these will be out by March 2016
Is everything set yet? Yes, but with Nintendo you’ll never know. If he has updates he will share them with us.

A lot of this seems to follow the general speculation/patents that came before and just sprinkle a few extra details.

So...portable is coming first, but backwards compatibility with 3DS is "problematic?"  Well, I always wondered how complicated they could make those things before it would become an issue, but a non-bc handheld still sounds like a very un-Nintendo thing to do.  Speaking of which, um, did we establish how many screens this handheld NX is going to have, anyway?

Speaking of backwards compatibility, if they are serious about WiiU BC, how is Wii Remote support at all optional?  I would think there are way too many games that use it, or will NX have its own motion-remote-style controller?

General / Hyper's Baby
« on: July 29, 2015, 03:21:05 AM »
So yeah, not that I speak of my personal life often, but this one's not easy to keep bottled up, and I just let it slip in the Red Ash thread.  So to avoid hijacking:

My baby girl, Samantha, was born on June 26, so she is officially one month old as of this past Sunday.  Been living in a mildly sleep deprived state, but she's totally worth it.

She is literally smaller than I ever was.  And she loves Another Sun 2012. 8)

DASH / Get Me Off The Moon's rocket launch video!
« on: June 23, 2013, 05:27:55 AM »

It took a while, but earlier today, the video footage of the Devroom rocket replica finally went live!  So...hooray for fan-based symbolic gestures!

DASH / So, remember that Nintendo Power article?
« on: April 13, 2013, 02:20:16 PM »

Posted on: April 13, 2013, 13:17:42
Just figured a little historic preservation was in order.

You know, I don't recall much discussion about that "fire of all creation" (mentioned on page 5 as part of the background leading up to the Donner Wels mission).  Gotta wonder if it's something really important, or just another "Elixir of Youth" scenario.  Somehow I can't shake the notion of Barrett discovering an ancient barbecue grill...

Emulation / New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Yoshi Mode Lite
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:26:12 PM »
Figured I'd share this in case there are any fellow Riivolution patchers who happen to also be over the top Yoshi fans.

Basically, adding Yoshi into more levels in NSMBWii.  Darkly77 of Mario Mods started such a project but since abandoned it.  Mine isn't quite as aggressive: I didn't completely overhaul those levels that relied on gimmicks that Yoshi won't work with.  Still, I wasn't above some minor tweaks, and the list of stages where Yoshi doesn't work is fairly short.  So have a blast, everyone!

X / Gate's Lab 2 no damage (by someone crazier than me)
« on: April 28, 2012, 04:21:37 PM »

It's amazing what 170 back-to-back attempts can accomplish.

And I know that I personally have been playing X6 too long when I can look at THIS and still criticize.  Not that the no-damage speedrun thing is my bag, it isn't.  But this isn't really a "minimal" run as the author claims.

(click to show/hide)

Still, very impressed that he cleared the "infamous" gap without the use of either parts or the pause screen.  Good timing goes a long way.

DASH / Can Bandai get Mega Man off the F***ING moon?
« on: January 16, 2012, 04:03:43 AM »

Second poll is open!  This is it, folks, the top ten, only one vote permitted.

Let's get Trigger off the goddamn moon! :V

Original post below:

As reported earlier by The Mega Man Network, Bandai and Bluefin are opening up polls to determine the next figure in their D-Arts line.  The first poll allows user-submitted entries and the final poll will take the top seven and narrow it down.

First poll opened a little early, since the fans are chomping at the bit:

Get Me Off The Moon had thought to enter Barrett as their rallying cry, however there is the question of whether or not Capcom would even allow such a license (frankly I'm amazed that Aero made it into Udon's Tribute book).  Bandai themselves were kind enough to throw Mega Man Volnutt into the starting lineup, though.  Volnutt at time of writing is maintaining a 20+ vote lead over his nearest competitor (Sigma).

For the first poll, at least, you can vote for as many characters as you want.  So no need to feel conflicted about leaving your favorites hang while you support Legends (on a personal note, this is liable to get awkward for me if Iris makes it into the top 7...).

Let's get Mega Man off the damn moon!

DASH / 5 Island Adventure fan-dubbed videos.
« on: November 12, 2011, 03:04:25 PM »
I'm amazed nobody posted this here, but all those Legends maniacs are taking a break from banging down Capcom's doors to do this.  Currently 3 vids are up, with more on the way.

Not quite up to snuff with the PS1 games, I'd say, but it's still early on, and it's always great to get a peek at something that missed this hemisphere.

Posted on: November 12, 2011, 12:34:44 AM
Part 1-4:


DASH / In-depth opinions on L3 Prototype by Chris Hoffman
« on: September 10, 2011, 05:23:13 AM »

Nintendo Power's Chris Hoffman answers some in-depth questions on the Legends 3 prototype.

New and classic control setups, debug options like gravity shifting, brief descriptions of the 10 missions, and some foreshadowing as to the final plot.  Lots of juicy stuff, more than enough to fuel the rage of those who will never see it.

Something I found interesting is that even though one of the missions involves Barrett helping Roll with her rocket, another has him fighting against a robot that she designed (thanks to the town's chief of police/Aero's dad).

DASH / Hyping L3 in the simplest, silliest, funniest way
« on: May 15, 2011, 05:53:41 AM »
Found this on Protodude's Rockman Corner:

It's......amazingly addicting.  And yes, I punted Roll. >w<

Fan Creations / Hyper's Bonne mecha submission!
« on: November 28, 2010, 10:20:49 AM »
Wrapped this up today and thought I'd post it here.

Hai Marder

If you're wondering where I got that name, I dug through U-Boat terms and strung together two human torpedo models.

The basic shape of the body segments, as well as the double-cannon tail, is a homage to Titanus (aka King Brachion).

The spikes on the drill are a reference to the Servbot Borer's "Hyper Drill" in The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne (no, PB, that's not a sub-Ether engine).

And now, we procede with the Unity copy/paste!

[My Bonne Mecha]

A snake-like mecha that burrows through the ground at lightning speeds.  Carrying many concealed weapons, this robot is not to be taken lightly! When not burrowing, the drill head splits in half and folds back, revealing the cockpit.

Attacks are as follows:
-While burrowing, can leap between spots in the ground as if it were a dolphin in water.  Can also leap between the ground and ceiling.  Stay out of its way!
-Gatling gun mounted beneath the cockpit.  Gotta move fast.
-Tron's tried luring Mega Man to her side, but this time she's ready to take him by force!  One of the upper body segments reveals an extendable claw, grabbing for Mega Man! If he gets caught, it'll deliver an electric shock to him.
-Those blades on the tail hurt!  The Hai Marder can whip its tail out when sitting above ground.  Alternatively, if its body is only partially above ground, the tail may pop up from a different spot in the floor.
-The "Bonne emblem" and "gem" highlights extend out from the body revealing mini-missile launchers.  These have limited homing ability.
-As a desperation move, after the tail lashes out from the ground, it will charge up the signature energy cannon used by the Bonnes throughout Legends 1.


[The Mission]

The tail and cockpit are your main targets (the drill when folded shut will block attacks).

If Mega Man is grabbed by the claw, the electric shock will drain his health, and he must fire several shots at the claw itself until it releases him.  If he dodges the claw while standing near a wall, it may hit the wall and get stuck, allowing Mega Man to attack the claw freely.

Attacking the claw repeatedly sends a power surge back through the Hai Marder, causing heavy damage to it and blowing the cockpit open.  You'll momentarily see Tron scolding a poor Servbot inside, as they struggle to recover.

You lose if you run out of health, that's pretty much it.



My mind drew a COMPLETE blank in regards to detailing (or lack thereof) for the claw.  I apologize for that, as well as the general roughness of many of the sketches.

The body segments are arranged as follows: Head, Bonne emblem, claw, jewel, plain, jewel, plain, etc., until the blade/cannon at the tail tip.  Excluding the head and tail tip, there are 12 segments, but that number may be adjusted depending on how large/small the mecha needs to be for the game.

Not pictured, the black "joint" area along the body can extend in order to allow the tail to attack at a location more distant from the main body.  To save the modelers some pain, this effect may be concealed underground.  This basically just means that the head and tail may pop up at different locations in the boss room.

Needless to say, however Capcom believes they can tweak this design to make it better, I'm all for it.

Emulation / Riivolution: Wii patches for original game discs.
« on: April 08, 2010, 02:53:46 AM »
For anyone who wanted to try the various Brawl hacks, NSMBWii custom stages, etc., but never wanted to dip into such a complex and legally questionable task as "backup" loading, this is very interesting.  Riivolution is a program that applies patches, such as file replacement, to original game discs on the fly.

It's made to use XML tables, and making anything of your own will take a lot of Googling, since you need to know the file structure of your game disc, and how to format whatever file you intend to replace.  Poke around their site and you can find some decent explanations as to XML formatting and whatnot.  Or, you could search for patches that someone else has already made.

I don't know about you guys, but when I have time to look into this further, music-swapping is definitely going to be on my priority list.  Imagine, actually hearing our own Bitchslap soundtracks in Brawl. 8)

Emulation / Super Princess: Daisy and Peach in SMB1/SMB2J
« on: March 06, 2010, 01:36:52 AM »
My player-hacking vibe strikes again.  I got to work editing Super Mario Bros. and 2/Lost Levels.

Daisy is 1P, Peach is 2P/high jumper.  Like Super Daisy Land, this is a change-character hack with little else, but I did some minor touch-ups (actually necessary to disguise some color-trimming; the Toad/Peach palette from the original game is shared with quite a few objects in Bowser stages).  2/Lost Levels includes character-specific fire palettes (turns out the code already exists in the game and Nintendo just didn't bother).

There are three IPS patches.  One for SMB1, one for the SMB2J FDS rom (which also hacks it into an NES rom so you'll need to change the file extension), and one for a version of SMB2J that was already hacked to NES format.

Download the patches here.

See the sprite sheet here.

Gaming / How many of you actually use the Wii Remote jacket?
« on: December 26, 2009, 11:29:08 PM »
I'm just curious.  I finally got my third Wii Remote, and the first two are from before Nintendo started making the things.  So I'm trying to pry the remote and Motion Plus out of the damn thing and I knew right away I would never put up with it (and I already knew from a friend's house that I couldn't stand to leave the jacket on when holding the remote sideways).  Not for EVERY battery change, and EVERY controller bracket switch.

So......does anyone here actually use the thing?  Or do you find it as much a pointless piece of PR crap as I do?

X / Hacking your way to McWhalen/Dizzy capsules as Zero
« on: November 21, 2009, 05:08:24 PM »
For any who don't scour YouTube for X5 videos, somebody finally pulled it off about five months ago:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

I took the liberty of transcribing:

Dark Dizzy capsule (credit to X6800 for hacking his way to this capsule):
This is the program for the head part of
the Gaea Armor.  Analyze and upload
the data to X's main memory in
a secure area.  Once X uploads all 4
of the programs, the Gaea Armor
will be complete.
Thank you for your cooperation in
gathering the Armor files...

Duff McWhalen capsule (credit to X6800 for hacking his way to this capsule):
This is the program for the body part of
the Falcon Armor.
Analyze and upload the data to X's
main memory in a secure area.
Once X uploads all 4 of the programs,
the Falcon Armor will be complete.
With the body part equipped, the damage
X receives will be less.
But don't overestimate the
part, or you'll regret it...
Please give this message to X.

Emulation / Wii Menu 4.2 - FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!
« on: September 30, 2009, 02:16:52 AM »
It used to be that Nintendo's exploit removing updates had some veil of interest to the retail-exclusive consumer.  Not so anymore, nothing even as insignificant as a Facebook uploader.  The recently released Wii 4.2 update is Nintendo's most aggressive "homebrew-killer" attempt yet.  Homebrew Channel, BootMii, cIOS, Bannerbomb, and DVDx are basically all dead unless work-arounds come.

And here I *JUST* updated to 4.1 last week to regain access to the Shop Channel. -AC You know, Nintendo, I really really want to pay you for old games that I can play without having to bum off of my brothers, hook up old consoles, or hell sometimes I just want to support the authors (MegaMan 1-3).  But you're making it extremely difficult.

I guess my Wii Connect 24 is going off again.  No sense in my leaving Nintendo's spam window open if I can no longer get on the Shop Channel.  Ah well, guess I'm just going to have to hope that the imminent Wii64 is all its cracked up to be.

Of course we all know most homebrew will be updated to counter this in a matter of days anyway.  I'm just getting sick of having to wait until it's safe to be a good customer again.

Emulation / It begins... (DSi firmware wars)
« on: August 01, 2009, 12:50:03 AM »
Flash carts haven't even accessed DSi's native mode yet, but Nintendo is wasting no time.

Waiting on actual DSi-mode access, I never did get a replacement card.  Still, surprised it came to this already.

Fan Creations / I still got it. (Hypershell's crap)
« on: July 27, 2009, 02:13:12 AM »
**sprites from original post added to Archive to avoid confusion**


Daisy, SMB1-style **NEW, March 05, 2010**
Zero/Iris Moonshell splash screen preview
Iris Objects (Hold It, Take That)

Game Hacks
Super Princess (Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Bros. 2 (J), NES/FDS) **NEW, March 05, 2010**
The X4 We're Fighting For (MegaMan X4, PC)
Super Daisy Land (Super Mario Land, Gameboy)
MegaMan ZX - Magic Fish Mix (Rockman ZX, Nintendo DS)

Hypershell and Yoshi give 'em ZEE UPPERCUT!!

Zero/Iris skin for Moonshell v1.71

Gaming / So...Doc Louis, or Mario?
« on: July 17, 2009, 03:34:12 AM »
Club Nintendo announced their Gold/Platinum rewards.  Gold gets a calendar.  Platinum gets a choice of either "Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!" on WiiWare, featuring a one-on-one fight with the big man himself, or a real-life Mario hat.

I'm a little ticked.  I not only hit Platinum (600 coins), I maxed that damn meter (1,000 coins).  No point to that, it seems.

Well, anyway, decisions decisions...  I'm torn between these two.
(if it were a Luigi hat it'd be so much easier... O:< )
If I could kill any number of coins to get both, I would, but that's not an option.  Thoughts?

Gaming / What software sold your hardware?
« on: June 27, 2009, 07:42:27 PM »
So here's a nice, "tell us about your gaming history" thread.  They say software sells hardware.  (Some of us know that sometimes hardware failure sells hardware. *eyes his DSi*)  There's some special game out there with every system you buy.  A gem we knew we couldn't call ourselves respectable gamers/nerds without, or sometimes even a consolation prize while we wait for the big guns.  So, let's hear about it!

As the youngest in my family, I just leeched off of my brother's systems for the most part.  It was quite a while before I had gaming hardware to call my own, but here we go:

Gameboy Color - Pokemon Blue
Well, my brothers each had their own brick-Gameboys that they weren't particularly protective over.  One had a bunch of lines on the screen, though.  When Pokemon came, I thought nothing of it.  Then I watched the show.  Couldn't stop.  Found myself buying a Player's Guide before I even had the game.  Got the game, but I needed to be able to TRADE, right?  GBC was out by then, so I saved up yard sale money, fumed that the link cable plug was different (hey, I didn't have the internet back then to check this stuff), got the adapter, and the rest is history.  My, how I enjoyed demolishing my brother with my Rare Candied Dragonite.... 8)

Genesis - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Every Christmas, Birthday, and any excuse for gift-giving, it was always the same.  Sure, we all liked Nintendo's stuff, and my love of plumbers riding dinosaurs wasn't going anywhere.  But I wanted Sonic.  Watched the cartoons, leeched off of friends, drooled over the store demos.  Begged my parents at every opportunity.  One day, it finally came, and there was only one game (well, two "locked on" together) that came to mind.  Blasting through Flying Battery as Super Tails just never got old.

An honorable mention to Toejam & Earl, as well.  Lots of fond memories there.

Gameboy Advance - Super Mario Advance
Oh sure, I liked SMB2, but there was more than that.  See, I loved SMB3's battles, and always wanted to get my hands around some incarnation of the old arcade Mario Bros.  These days I play it more for SMB2, though.  I was particularly anxious for this due to hardware failure, as well: a nasty fall cost my GBC half its screen, so I'd been leeching my brother's again.  This one is still with me, though the shoulder buttons are shot to hell.

Playstation - MegaMan Legends 2
Okay, so this was a hand-me-down when my bro hooked up his PS2.  But even if it wasn't, I craved X and Legends like a fish craves water, I wasn't going to be left without it.  Never.  And Legends 2 is easily the champion of them all.  The Geetz fight never gets old.  Hell, half the boss fights in the game never get old.  The thing is an absolute masterpiece.

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Another hand-me-down, but ever since I saw the first Sonic Adventure screenshot, I knew I had to find a way to play it.  And I damn well did.  Played but never owned the original SA2.  However I did nail both on GCN, and as a result, this thing pretty much stays tucked away now.

Gamecube - Super Smash Bros. Melee
What else?  My brother got this at launch for Rogue Leader, and as time went on it occurred to me we wouldn't live under the same roof forever.  I had long since bought Melee, at release, with my own money, and NO WAY IN HELL was I going to take the chance of being stuck without Melee. 8)  So, next birthday check from Grampa, I came home with a lovely black box, and tricked it out with a GB Player, too.

Nintendo DS - Super Mario 64 DS
As you know, I am a raving Yoshi lunatic.  Yoshi playable in an enhanced Super Mario 64?  Hell yeah, no way I was passing that up.  WINGED Yoshi was even more exciting (too bad it's multi-player only, damn Power Flowers...).

GBA SP - MegaMan Xtreme 2
Yeah, you read that right.  As the DS showed me the glory of a "back light" for my GBA games, I craved it for the one GBC game that outranked any MegaMan action the GBA ever dished out: Xtreme2.  I had money set aside from a trip that I hadn't spent, so I sank it into one of those backlit models that was released alongside the GB Micro.

Wii - Zelda/Excite Truck
I'm one of those guys that never really accepted the Wind Waker style.  So Twilight Princess was huge.  Twilight Princess with a wand to swing as my sword?  Even more huge.
But Zelda was coming to Gamecube as well, even if later.  So I have to give this one a respectable tie with Excite Truck.  I love high-adrenaline racers.  Boost blasting monster trucks, shifting and crumbling terrain all around, and your own custom soundtrack?  I wasn't about to miss that.

Slim PS2 - MegaMan X8/Namco X Capcom
Yep, I didn't get my own PS2 until after I had my Wii.  I'd long since been leeching my brother's for X8.  Not only did I need my own for that, but I'd been drooling over NxC for ages.  So the very split-second my own PS2 was home (thank Uncle Sam for that economic stimulus), the order for a flip-top cover and an imported disc were sent.  New cover was installed immediately, and I enjoyed the kickassiest strategy crossover of all time.

Nintendo DSi - still trying to figure that one out
I mainly picked this up to replace my original DS, which got severe cracks in the top screen during my move.  I love the new features, I really do, but Nintendo really needs to release some DSi-specific software that's actually worthwhile.  Did pick up Dr. Mario Express, but that's more of a diversion than anything.

General / A Temporary Farewell
« on: May 22, 2009, 09:29:40 PM »
The unthinkable has happened:
Someone's crazy enough to marry me. =P

Been engaged since Christmas Eve '06, and the big W-day is finally here.  I'll be out of action for a little over a week, not that I've been terribly active lately (no internet at the new home yet).  MIGHT be able to check in on my DS if I find a decent hot-spot, but then I expect to be busy. [eyebrow] Including, but not limited to...
(click to show/hide)

So, my buds, bye for now.  And don't blow anything up while I'm gone!

Emulation / The X4 We're Fighting For!
« on: January 20, 2009, 09:54:58 PM »
Oh sure, we all thought about it.  But I had the guts TO DO IT!!! >BD

! No longer available
- Lucas Gilbertson as Zero
! No longer available
- Mark Gatha as X

Today I finished hacking the PC version of X4 to add voice clips by Lucas Gilbertson, including his recent Zero/Iris death redub with Ashley Schroeder.

If by chance you have tracked down the PC X4, you can apply the hack for yourself with ease.

CURRENT VERSION download (4.0):

Emulation / Wii may without notifying you...
« on: November 21, 2008, 05:13:23 AM »
You know that Wii firmware version 3.4 that came out three days ago?  Notice the privacy policy update?


We may without notifying you, download updates, patches, upgrades and similar software to your Wii Console and may disable unauthorized or illegal software placed on your Wii Console to ensure that your Wii Console is operating properly and efficiently, comply with applicable laws, assist law enforcement, protect us and our customers, or prevent the use and distribution of software obtained through improper channels

I won't kid myself.  There is a LOT of piracy out there, especially among WAD installers, and Nintendo is well within their rights to combat it.

But I feel that a line has been crossed.  When you buy a console, it is yours, and any law-abiding activity your partake in, whether authorized by them or not, is none of the manufacturer's damn business.  Nothing, whatsoever, should ever be distributed to the end user without their consent.  Using Ocarina to play as Giga Bowser and running the upcoming Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom on an American console does not justify this kind of big-brother attitude.

The only alternative is to either go deeper into hacks to your Wii console to bypass the update restrictions among the network, or to simply cease to connect your Wii to Nintendo's network at all (you can just cease updating, but doubtless certain aspects of the network will eventually require updates, as has happened before with the Shop Channel).  The first is probably a terms of service violation, and the second means you and Nintendo lost each other's business.  Apparently this didn't cross anyone's minds at Big N headquarters.

The more they tighten their grip, the less likely hackers-with-morals will be willing to continue to jump through hoops for them.  I have the good sense not to steal their games just because they're making it a pain in the ass, but my updates stop here.  And if Nintendo decides in response that they no longer want my money and close off the Shop Channel again, so be it, I'll find other games to play.  I refuse to be a guinea pig in their crusade against "unauthorized" activity.

If anyone's wondering, the 3.4 update still doesn't touch the Homebrew Channel if it's already been installed (though it blocks the Twilight Hack, so you can't install it for the first time), however it allegedly will remove other custom channels, including DVDx.

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