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Gaming / Re: [sonic slicer] about Sonic
« Last post by VirusChris on Yesterday at 09:08:37 PM »
Well I'm getting both games for the Switch. It would be perfect... I just wish Sonic Mania was up for pre-order on the Switch's eShop already. -_-

I'm going digitally for my games, because I can't trust my own sister who apparently "burrows" my games without me knowing and LOSES then or never returns. It happened to my copy of Persona 5 game disc and I'm positively PEEVED. I still have the "Take Your Heart" items, but the Steelcase and game are gone.

I digress though.

The Character Creation looks simple, but has a LOT of items to equip. HOWEVER it looks like you can't change the colors of some of the items which I dislike. Being able to wear what I want and the color I want on it, is a big plus. Which is one of the main issues I have with Xenoverse's CaC system. If Battle of Z and ULTIMATE TENKAICHI can let you change the colors of any and ALL outfits than Dimps has no excuse with Xenoverse.

Also Sonic Force CaC might not have hairstyle options which would be a bummer, especially with female CaC. I don't expect an overly detail one, but some nice simple designs so our CaC don't look like different colored clones at least.

Debating if I should go a Red Hedgehog (with a hoodie and shorts) or a Red Wolf? He does look cool and I would prefer the DBZ Scouter compared to the Glasses for the communicator as well.

I believe the Dev Team mentioned that Sonic hand picks the Avatar personally himself, as the Avatar is/was just a normal citizen in the world. Kinda cool in a way. Perhaps Tails is also your Avatar's mentor which would explain the gadgets?

Would you dislike if they had a cartoony Human option to pick as an Avatar as well?
Entertainment / Re: The RPM Boob Tube Thread (56k warning)
« Last post by Scorched Cirno on Yesterday at 08:25:37 AM »
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I know, right?  I actually made a Miiverse friend that I was bummed about leaving behind.  Doesn't look like she(?) got a Switch yet, but at least it puts my mind at ease.
Gaming / Re: [sonic slicer] about Sonic
« Last post by Hypershell on Yesterday at 05:40:49 AM »
The OC creator is cool but from a gameplay standpoint I can't help but feel like "gadget character" would have made a lot more sense for Tails.  I mean, screw it, this probably makes for better marketing, but still it'd be nice if Sonic's best bud had some actual gameplay to him in a 3D game again.  I was very nearly tempted to buy/defend Rise of Lyric on those grounds, for crying out loud (and honestly I can still say that I enjoyed its demo better than Shattered Crystal's).

Werehog had the same issue, since if you wanted a stretchy brawler Chaos should have fit that bill.  Speaking of which, glad to see Chaos is coming back.  Don't really care what contrived story reason they think of, he's just a cool character to see.

I'm still a little worried about the modern Sonic gameplay as it looked rather bland, but hey, gotta actually play it first.

Mania still has me a lot more psyched, of course.  It's like a smoother S3&K except the boss music isn't as good and there probably aren't any Super Emeralds.  But hey, you can't beat perfection, and literally any excuse to revisit Flying Battery is fine by me.
Off The Wall / Re: Reposted Picture Thread (56K Warning)
« Last post by Scorched Cirno on June 23, 2017, 11:37:16 PM »
Entertainment / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Scorched Cirno on June 23, 2017, 06:31:44 AM »
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Entertainment / Ducktales returns
« Last post by Flame on June 23, 2017, 06:19:11 AM »
Surprised nobody's talked about this. Premiers this September I think. David Tennant as Scrooge.

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Gaming / Re: [sonic slicer] about Sonic
« Last post by Flame on June 23, 2017, 06:11:15 AM »
well, [parasitic bomb], sorry guys I. meant no offense.

I still think the Sonic OC creator is a pretty clever marketing gimmick.

I'm more surprised something like that hasn't happened sooner, honestly
« Last post by Flame on June 23, 2017, 06:09:56 AM »
I'll just hope for the best then. If nothing else, it's something new and exciting to look forward to.

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Entertainment / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Scorched Cirno on June 22, 2017, 04:42:27 PM »
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