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Mega Man Eternal II
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:45:43 PM »
Hello everybody!

  I hope everybody is having a wonderful day  :).  I thought I would post a thread discussing the sequel to Mega Man Eternal, Mega Man Eternal II, which I started developing in 2014 in my limited spare time.  Due to a mostly positive response from the first game and my need to finish the story, I am working on Mega Man Eternal II.

  The sequel is a Gameboy-inspired fan game that has a whole lot going for it ranging from online leaderboards, an Endless Mode, Super Gameboy functionality, and much more!  The game takes place 6 months after the first game, and features a new character named Ambient, a nursing robot turned combat bot created by Dr. Cossack.  The game is set on a robot-human amusement park named Holiday Island.  Its opening ceremonies are crashed by a new mysterious robot named Dark Data, who is inclined to corrupt the programming of any robot that resists his need to make Holiday Island its true holiday.  What that means is totally a mystery, and it is up to Mega Man and Ambient (you get to pick between these two characters) to stop Dark Data before he takes over the world!
Here are some relevant links:
YouTube Channel (where I post my update videos, some are on my alternate channel which can be found on the side bar):
Mega Man Eternal II (page is under construction, can be reached from the first game's page):
Mega Man Eternal II Facebook Page:
I hope the quantity of videos I post is not too much of an issue (I know I should avoid posting too many videos based on the community guidelines, but it would be considerably shorter than me describing its details in text).  Note that this list of videos is not complete, and is only a sampler because I do not want to post too many videos.

Some Trailers/Teasers/Previews/Music Sample:

The soundtrack being done by my good friend Jasper Valentine, his YouTube channel is here:

Lots to be excited for with this GB-inspired fan game.   

Have a beautiful day!  owob

EDIT: Added a playlist with the videos I wanted to embed.
YouTube Channel:
Mega Man Eternal:
Mega Man Eternal Facebook Page:
Mega Man Eternal II:
Mega Man Eternal II Facebook Page:
Have a beautiful day :)!