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MC Jimmy's New Music Creation Thread
« on: January 05, 2016, 12:27:37 PM »
Hiya. It's been a few years since I posted any of my stuff on the site here so I guess I'm going to share some new things you may have not listened to before.

As you might know, I did the soundtrack for the ill-fated Mega Man 72. You can have a listen to the Mega Man 72 Album on my bandcamp. Feel free to use any of the songs for anything you may need, as long as you ask to use em. I also sometimes make Video Game Arrangements, but not too often. Besides MM72, I also made/am making the Famicom Fighters Soundtrack. It's a little Mugen fighter game being made by a buddy of mine. You can learn more about it on the Mugen Guild Forum subsection they have for the game.

Other than fan-games and remixes, I do original stuff. I have made soundtracks for two mobile platform games Infinite Run One and Cops. You can find them on googleplay, the App store, and the windows phone store if you have any interest in them. I'm also in the works on another soundtrack for a game called The Adventures of Kroma 2. That's an Amiga styled soundtrack rather than my usual NES or Gameboy music. I really recommend listening to the few songs I have done so far.

If you aren't a chiptune fan, worry not, I also do normal music! You can listen to my Guitar Music, songs like The Dancer Inside the Box, Spirit Chaser, and Deep Scurvy Eyes as well.

Well, I don't want to link up everything because it would take forever so if you like some of the stuff I linked to, you can probably discover other songs you like of mine on your own. My bandcamp is a bit more organized than my soundcloud I think, so I recommend scoping out the  other songs on there. Thank you to whoever takes the time to listen to at least one of my music creations. Maybe I'll post more later when I make something new? Anyways, please leave comments and critique if you wish to.