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RP Discussion: Character Introductions
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:25:45 AM »
So, how do you like to introduce characters into an RP?  It's easy to introduce them in an RP that you DM, but how do you prefer to do it in an RP that you want to join? 

Personally, I like to find a crowd scene and drop my character(s) into the crowd and have them comment.  Once they interact with the other characters, then I can move on with a brief introduction and then flesh them out further. 

For single RPs, such as those with one other participant, I'll generally have my character stumble upon them.  They'll just so happen to be in the area and they find the other player's character.  Characters of mine have been "dumped off" twice to meet other characters, and have happened upon another character's hideout. 

Even for established characters, I prefer to have my character approach the other.  They'll knock on a door, find them in a crowd, meet them at a certain place, etc.  It feels more natural for them to do that, rather than summoning the Plot Convenience Fairy.

So, how do you prefer to write character introductions?

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Re: RP Discussion: Character Introductions
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2014, 03:19:46 PM »
Archetype: My first character in WilyRP, who was "dumped" in the desert to stumble across other characters (Borock-bot, who lead him to other Resistance members). Earlier in that introduction, I delivered a very brief summary of his backstory, and the rest of that story unravels through the interactions with other characters.

Phi: I posted a couple scenes of her conversing with Akane, stating that she planned to reunite with Archetype very soon. Instead of randomly loitering Phi around behind the scenes, doing her own thing, I immediately connected her to one of my established characters, and by extension, the main story of WilyRP.

By doing this, the reader doesn't feel lost. Instead, they feel anticipation for what's to come next in the overall story.

Heinrich von Ryker: Introduced when Akane was snooping around his facility for information regarding the Nonary Project. As Phi has referenced the Nonary Project on numerous occasions, Akane and Heinrich's conversations provide useful expositon on Phi's connection to the Project, and because of this, his introduction doesn't seem random or out-of-place.

Arche Storm: My RPM-vengers character. Though he was only introduced in a simple breakfast scene, my very next post had Arche Storm meeting up with the other heroes to team up.