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MacroBoy Y (Multiplayer Megaman X like Game)
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:35:35 PM »

When Megaman Legend 3 was canceled, I made a joke about a game called "MacroBoy Y", with its hero Y, its side kick One and the evil Tau... Saying it was not hard to make a Megaman like game. Also, some friends and I were accustomed to moan against Capcom for never releasing a multi-player Megaman (I know... MM7... But it is not glorious).

So I made one. From two to eight players.

MacroBoy Y - V0.17 Demo 3

I have started June the 20th 2014 to work on a demo version which is used to promote the project. We have all the tralala, a steam greenlight, a kickstarter like, etc.

The game you see on this video is free and available on:
It works on Windows and on Linux.

It is only a demo version. The complete version that I plan to do is more ambitious.
It will contain a complete single player mode, and an online multiplayer mode. New graphics, additional musics and sound effects.

This is the story:
The city called Eraunath belongs to the Rerfschtein nation. It is a mixed city where humans and synthetic can both live. During the war, the gray horde, one of the biggest maverick horde and a Rerfschtein enemy, took the control of the city.
Some time after, the Synthetic Republic expelled the gray horde out the City. The Synthetic Republic was a synthetic-only nation, with a deep hatred for human being.
Too bad that the population of Eraunath was freed from the gray horde only to fall under the control of the Synthetic Republic...

So, this is our situation: the Rerfschtein want to retrieve the city. The SyntheticRepublic do not want to leave, and because the gray horde is not far, they cannot anyway.
Inside the city, some resistance cell were formed to fight against the SyntheticRepublic, some of them are full human, like MortalSlave, which often plant bombs, sabotage refueling, etc. Some cells are human-synthetic mix, like HumanityCompanion. There is also maverick fanatics cells.

MacroBoy is a human wizard who lives in Eraunath and which saved some rebels one day. He did not thinked about what he was doing while doing it and became a rebel too.

During the single player mode, you will follow Macroboy.

During the online multiplayer main mode, you and your team will be soldier from one of the nations: Rerfschtein, SyntheticRepublic or the Gray Horde, and you will have to control the city and destroy other nation.

This story is a little part extracted from the book "The Derision", that I wrote a few years ago.

Programming, graphics and musics are all handmade by myself.
Some levels were done by a friend, Dinelo. He made "The Fall", "The pain", "The Cavity", "Tiny Maze", "The Fortress", "Gravity" and the two first single player game mode stage.

A few "artworks":
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- - -

The website of the project
Our Facebook
Our website
Our GreenLight
Our "kickstarter"
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