Author Topic: What Giga Chips / Program Advances / Folders are you running?  (Read 2647 times)

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What Giga Chips / Program Advances / Folders are you running?
« on: January 17, 2014, 05:01:43 AM »
Hello. I would like to discuss chip folders.

In 1 I run G. Lots of Guts Shoot. It's the best thing in that quaint game IMO.

I forgot what I ran in 2. I either had my battery die and restarted or picked up a new copy, because I just got past QuickMan.EXE. I remember the Fan Wind whatever Program Advance being insanely broken in that, though, from memory of playing with my friend.

In 3 White (the only game I've ever completed by gettting all 7 stars), I run Y Life Swords, Area Steals, Panel Grabs, Poison Pharaoh, Serenade with Atk+30 & Navi+40, a regular Grass Stage (I'm presently WoodGuts [gotta grab the rest of the Guts programs]), a Full Custom (mandatory lol) & a Gaia Blade for no reason whatsoever. I do love me some Balance for multiplayer lol. And it's Y, so it's a perfectly unicoded folder.

In 3 Blue I run L Life Swords (though not quite a full set of each), Step Sword, Panel and Area Grab, Geddon 1 and Ice Stage (I'm AquaCustom with AirShoes in this), Body Guard, Master Style (which is a waste of Mega Chips but hey, [tornado fang] it), and Folder Back (cheap, lame, amateurish, and keep using it to practically force your opponent in multiplayer to bleed all the chips in their folder).

In 4 Red Sun I have a disgustingly multicoded G Pile Driver, R Snake, S Area Grab and Sanctuary, N Geddon 2, the awful V Super Vulcan Red Sun gets, and H for Holy Dream. Mostly based around Guts and Search Styles, either for multihit nonelemental chips or shuffling. with one each of a Wind and a Heal chip just in case I guess. Haven't netbattled with 4 in a long long time.

In 5 Team Colonel I run S Life Swords (because it's the best Program Advance ever of course), Drill Arm 2, Air Hockey, Area Steal, Super Vulcan, a couple of Rock Cubes for putting the Super Vulcan on mein arm, Cross Divide (It's the only Giga I have in this so far), and Dark Invisible (because [tornado fang] you I don't care if Chaos Shadow is cheap eat my [parasitic bomb] lol) based around Shadow Soul, Knight Soul, and, as eluded to before, Colonel Soul and Chaos Shadow.

Aaaaaand... In 6 Cybeast Gregar I'm running S Machine Gun 2 for lots of multihit extra damage (and some White Capsules for definitive damage comboing) and Spreader 3 and Double Shot for that awesome and fun 4 in opponents' HP give them glitches ability with Killer Cross, Life Sword with lots of Wide & Long Swords to throw with Slash Cross (and a couple of Coming Roads to guarantee charge shot hits), SlashMan.EXE SP because you can't not hit them, and TomahawkMan.EXE paired with Area Steal for most likely guaranteed 140 lopped off, and H Big Hook, because that's my only Giga I have so far in this.

Can't find my GameCube so I dunno what I've got in Network Transmission.

Can't wait to try Battle Chip Challenge, besides it being silly, someday.

I wish I could find a ROM translation on cartridge of 4.5.

So, what are y'all's favorite Giga Chips, Program Advances, and all-around strategies for folder construction and netbattling?

FEELS  ;^;Which has the massive scrotums?