Does the having the first turn in Mega Man X Command Mission matter to you?

3 (75%)
1 (25%)

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Author Topic: Does the having the first turn in Mega Man X Command Mission matter to you?  (Read 823 times)

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Here is another Mega Man X Command Mission gameplay topic by yours truly.

Unless you use the Build Speed items, or have the "Cutting Edge" or "Initiative" force metals, there is a high chance that a boss will get the first turn. 

My question is do you care about getting the first turn in Mega Man X Command Mission, especially during bosses (secret and regular)?

For me, I'd say yes most of the time.  Aside from the Ninetails video most are familiar with, I can come with decent strategies and methods of victory that are possible when I get the first turn.  I'll go into free video promotion mode and show the following video of my poll decision (Hint: It shows on how to get the Ultimate Armor in a stylish way):

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I do think getting a first turn gives you an advantage since you can plan your strategies better and can cause more damage first.

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Speed matters not so much for the first turn as it does easing the penalty for using your Action Trigger.

Losing the first turn is only a minor annoyance by comparison.

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