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Please rate my folder
« on: June 16, 2011, 03:25:55 AM »
Ok, so i searched the forum, and didnt find a thread about folder creations, so i dont know why (just in case i went over to the rules to make sure im not doing something bad), so i had a folder that i have been whiping from quite a time now and i want some feedback, but if someone want, they can share theirs.
So, let me begin with my, FolDelSol, that's right, a folder that uses only GundelSol's, and not for the pile driver advance.
I make this folder for the first time for the BN 5 DS, but im working on BN4 & BN6 versions, but the one that works best is the BN5 version, mainly because it has Django navy chips.
The folder is yet under contruction (im missing some chip codes), but i have tested it with a friend several times and im pretty sure to where i wanna go with this folder, my dream is that it could become one of the renowned folders on some FAQ T_T. So, i will post the folder exactly as i have it right now.

The folder - TAIYOOOHHH!!!

Folder set up:
First of all, since its for the DS version, the use of SolCross is somewhat mandatory (to stay on theme), and also because it will save you the trouble to put suprarmr in the navicust.
Second, you HAVE to be pluged in from an outside location (Ej.- End town Statue), so the GunDelSolīs do their best damage.
Third, a MegFolder+ is mandatory, because SolCross has the same bug that BassCross (MegFolder-2)

Standard chips

GundelSol3 D x 4
Panelgrab * x 2
Rockcube * x 2
Areagrab S x 3
Areagrab *
Fan * x 2
NrthWind *
Invis * x 2
Antidmg *
Recov300 Y x 2
CopyDmg *
MrkCanon2 D
FstGauge * (preset)

Mega Chips

LifeAura D
Django D
DjangoSP D
GunDelSolEX G

Giga Chip

DethPhnx D

 Dark Chips

DarkSword Z
DarkCircle R

So, the objective here is column lock your opponent to make sure the GunDelSol wont miss, every one can do a max dmg of 480, which is awesome for a standard chip, the cool thing about GunDelSol is that is ultra piercing, the ONLY thing that'll save your opponent is using a timpani, but it can be destroyed quite easily, so it leaves only to stop your opponent from moving, im currently researching in the use of thunders, but im unsure if the time they freeze is enoguh for the use of the GunDelSol.
The rockcubes and fans are for more locking, there are several ways to prevent your opponent from moving, the only requirement is that it be a column lock.
The Djangos are ther for use with the Phoenix, preferably in sequence, like this, Django, DjangoSP, (maybe here a Blinder D, currently researching), and then DethPhnx. DjangoSp can be powered up by leaving him on your custom a number of turns, to a maximum of 250, so this combo can add up to 620 + the times phoenix hits, again, your opponent has no escape, and hell have to take all the damage no matter what he does (well, unless he deletes you in middle of the chain XD).
The GunDelSolEX is for stay on theme, but the code is a problem, BUT, since its ultra piercing and only needs one areagrab to not miss, i think ist worth the trouble.
You can also do the 2 Areagrabs+Darkcircle combo for a nice 1200 damage if your opponent is in the middle row. (and get one more shuffle yay!)
DarkSword is backup damage and northwind is to get rid of Lifeaura.
Im thinking of replacing the recovery's for airshots to place the rockcubes easier

Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

Your guns will be useless until you stop your opponents
Your guns can destroy your own rockcubes if your not careful
Your friends may hate you because winning using this is very frustrating to your opponent since he/she cant do anything when you have everything set up, i remember how fun was when i beat my friend in BN4, he was in roll soul using desperately Invis to recover his Hp, but it was in vain XD.
er... i cant think of any other cons...

Some Technical facts

GunDelSol3 max damage=480 (if you are plugged in from a outside location)
GundelSolEX max damage=580 (if you are plugged in from a outside location)
Folder average damage 3200~
Folder max possible damage (assuming everything went on plan) = 5400~ dmg

So, what do you guys think? is the power of the underestimated GunDelSol awesome or what?


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Re: Please rate my folder
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2011, 04:55:24 AM »
I'd say put more effort into the Bug Fragment Trader for some Areasteal {*}, or from Oran 10-chip Trader if you feel really lucky.
CopyDamage isn't even appropriate for PvP, so why is that there? Swap it for another Invisible {*} (random in Ura 3's mystery datas) if you need another, or even go for a Blind {D} (Higure's). If you can blind, you might have a little more time to block your opponent within Sol range.

Personally, if you're going to be locking opponents in panels, be careful since you won't encounter any serious player that isn't using the staple Shoes Navicust setups, which means regardless of any tactic you use, you should actually focus on stealing panels and not obstructing them.

And the Mark Cannon is only good for so long, like the Dark Circle aswell, assuming you put it in there because you use Search Soul a lot or even as your last resort. Keep the Dark Circle if you're desperate for using it in Search Chaos' charge, and also to sacrifice it to keep your {*/D} lettering. But, the Dark Sword really is useless, so swap it out for another Mark Cannon maybe, just make it some offensive chip using {D} that you can combo in or use to some type advantage later on.
I guess all I can really say is it isn't exactly what I'd expect out of a $4.4M game

It doesn't even have mouth animations

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Re: Please rate my folder
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2013, 08:03:02 PM »
copy dmg was my standard serchsoul chip since i started playing the game, so i guess it just past me, in fact, i added the mrkcanon to get searchsoul faster, and to have an attack chip if i ever saacrificed copydmg, but your rigth, ill better adding another mrkcanon, also i would like to add a grabbnsh just in case.
Im aware of the airshoes/floatshoes, thats why i didnt add any chip that destroys panels , it will be more esy to lock your opponent, but it will be useless, should i econter a experienced player.

I think ill replace the darksword with thunders and see what happens.

PD:thanks for the feedback.

Posted on: June 16, 2011, 14:29:04
Sorry for the necro, but since it's my own post I guess I can necro it no?
Well, anyway it's worth because it adds to the topic, I made a small video showcasing the folder, but it's played on the GBA, I'll see if I can do another one in the NDS now that I upgraded my pc.

Anyway, here's the link to the video, feel free to watch it if you were curious as to how the folder looks in action:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>