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Digital Analogies
« on: July 11, 2009, 01:17:49 AM »
Ahhh! All this talk about an MMBN1 remake has gotten me interested in the series again! In fact, I'm sitting here thinking about all the technologies and internet-related tools that were transformed into some sort of contributing plot device in these games, and even conjuring up some new ones! But, as usual, I can't remember all of it by myself, so let's try and list most, if not all, of them. And let's skip the basic stuff like Home Pages, Passwords, remote operation of processes (i.e. the oven fire or wild tree growth), Viruses, and Programs.

~.BAT or Batch files
~Gendered programs
~Battery power
~Independent program (A.I.)

~Data Encryption
~BBS (Bulletin Board Systems)
~Style Change (yes, that is actually an official term, very strange)
~Mother computers
~Electronic Funds Transfer
~Server clusters
~Bugs (or glitches)
~Multiple-Bug program (Gospel)

~Neural electron manipulation
~Program and/or OS customization (NaviCust)
~Hardware modification
~Prototype Internet
~Direct biological internet access
~Private or Darknet servers (Secret Area, not the always-accessible Undernet)
~Program fusion (BassGS)

~Malicious software
~Synchronized operation
~Wireless transmission
~Alien technology

~Gateways (or whatever the Elemental Gates were supposed to be...)
~Neural electron networking
~Topographical snapshots (Tadashi's VisionBursts)

~Search Engine
~Androids (Copybots)
~Cached data (i.e. Bass being able to pull Gregar/Falzar's data post-game)

~Deleted data
~Trojan Horse

New or Barely Used:
~Registry Keys
~Archived websites (could be 'time traveling' with a broader scope)
~Offsite data backup
~Streaming and buffering data (???)
~Multiple instances of an open program (i.e. 2 Megaman.EXE running around, etc.)
~Spyware and Cookies (and by Cookies, I mean :cookie:, great humor potential)
~Privacy, Piracy, and other Ethics issues
~Domain Name Servers (Megaman thinks he's going into one area, winds up in another)

So what else am I missing besides remote-control bears and Princess Pride in a swimsuit?