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Challenge Mode / MHX: Vile Mode Stylish Run
« on: October 31, 2016, 10:39:12 AM »
Welp, I'm at it again!

This run will be completed under the following conditions:
- Hard Mode
- No Damage
- No Sub/Heart Tanks
- Custom BGM because I can

Stage Notes:

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Challenge Mode / Mega Man X8: Iron Fist Maverick Challenge
« on: January 04, 2016, 03:27:32 AM »
Welcome to the MMX8 Iron Fist Challenge! The premise is simple; defeat all 8 Mavericks using the K-Knuckle. What makes this challenge unique is that the bosses are done chronologically; I'm collecting weapons as I go, which means that I have to put some thought into what order I take the bosses down. This adds an interesting dynamic as the K-Knuckle already has its fair share of limitations. (i.e. Earthrock Trilobyte is literally invincible without Yodantotsu or Ganzahana)

As usual, the no-damage rule applies here.


- Urien Stage (Arranged) - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
- Theme of Magneto - Marvel vs Capcom 3
- Battle in the Base - Metal Gear Solid 3
- Traveling without moving (live) - Jamiroquai
- Frozen Mist - Street Fighter EX2+
- In Search of the Last Metroid - Joshua Morse - Game Arrangements
- Dental Driller - Jabberloop (Old School)
- Boss 4 - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Individual Maverick Notes

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X / Command Mission: what reploids were in the other 4 pods?
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:35:52 PM »
Just started a replay of CM recently.  In Lagrano Ruins, there's a segment where X examines 4 pods that are now vacant:

[X travels deeper into the Ruins, when ZERO contacts him again.]
ZERO: X, do you read me? Go to the middle floor. I have a feeling you'll find
something there.
[X goes to the room ZERO indicated and finds four empty capsules. X inspects the
documentation on the first pod.]
NARRATOR: "Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid" Wild Jango. FM Modification System
Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK
[X examines the next pod.]
NARRATOR: "Computational Humanoid Reploid" Dr. Psyche. FM Modification System
Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK
[X examines the next pod.]
NARRATOR: "Super Heavy Cannon Reploid" Silver Horn. FM Modification System
Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK
[X examines the next pod.]
NARRATOR: "Reinforced Light Armor Aerial Reploid" Mach Jentra. FM Modification
System Production process: ALL GREEN Roll out: OK
[ZERO contacts X.]
ZERO: X, how did it go? So, there was one there also?
X: These must be the Reploid production pods Zero mentioned... There are 4 pods
here. They've all finished production and the Reploids have already left the
ZERO: Shoot, I knew it. There are four pods on my side, too. Of course, all
the customization was finished.

SHADOW: This was my first detail with you, and I’m not optimistic about the

Which opens my question...who or what the heck was in the pods that Zero and Shadow saw?  Incentas is probably a given for one of them, and Duckbill Mole would be a stretch for number 2.  That still leaves at least 2 more, though.  I just can't help but wonder if said reploids were killed before X and co got there, or if they are still wandering Giga City somewhere.

X / Would a Maverick Hunter X2-6 have turned out well?
« on: September 16, 2013, 03:13:35 AM »
So I recently played through Maverick Hunter X, and I thought it was great.  Though it screwed with a few elements that made the original great, it was for the most part an amazing remake.  Plus playing as Vile was tons of fun; he's arguably the most technical character in a Megaman platformer I've played.  That said, I remember it being said somewhere that Inafune planned to remake the series up to X6 originally.  I often wonder how that would have worked out for multiple reasons:

- X1's a pretty straightforward game with well-designed levels, so a remake merely involves some polishing.  With games like X3 and X6, it gets tougher in that you'd have to outright rebuild the crappier stages from the ground up.  I've always wondered what they'd do with those titles if they had more time to make the levels actually fun.

- Speaking of redesigns, the bosses would go through a change too in that they'd have a much better AI.  It's fun to speculate how X3 bosses would be to fight against if they were actually smart.  Maybe they can do more than ram themselves at walls aimlessly.

- One of the huge draws to MHX is having Vile playable.  Inafune outright stated that they went with Vile because Zero would have been the obvious choice.  With the other games, I can't help but wonder who else you'd draw from aside from Zero in terms of playable characters.  In theory you could have a Dynamo Mode for X5-6, and fix the empty room syndrome of X3 by making Zero playable, but where does that leave X2/4?  You could pull from the X-Hunters (Agile Mode?) in a search for Zero's parts, and maybe have a 'Colonel Mode' where you get to see the Repliforce side of things closer.

- Possible redesign of Armor functions?  Could have X3 Dust Buster not suck, give the X5 Force Armor a weaker charge shot, and the Blade Armor would have an actual offensive presence.

- The Xtreme games would benefit greatly from the MHX treatment.  In particular I thought XTreme 2 was already good, so an updated presentation would breathe some new life to the game.

IMO a MHX2-6 could have turned out well, and it's fun to speculate what changes Inafune would implement.  Do you think remakes for the following X games would work, and what changes do you think would be feasible?

X / X3: The Gravity Beetle/Blast Hornet Connection
« on: September 13, 2013, 01:27:39 AM »
So I'm watching one of HideofBeast's
, and I picked up on a small detail about X3 that I never noticed beforehand.  I always knew that defeating Blast Hornet opened up the wall to grabbing Gravity Beetle's heart tank, but apparently there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

  • Gravity Beetle's aircraft is delivering a shipment of containers to Blast Hornet's area (I'm assuming it's a weapons facility of some sort).  If Gravity Beetle isn't dead when you get to Blast Hornet's stage, you'll have a miniboss segment that has X destroy the contents of said containers.  These containers more than likely held the parts/weapons for a few enemies throughout the game.

  • Recognize these guys?  Its name is Head Gunner Customer, and it appears as a recurring enemy throughout the game.  After defeating Blast Hornet, all instances of it aside from Doppler's Lab get replaced with it's lesser cousin, Head Gunner masspro:

    It can be assumed that after destroying Blast Hornet's operation, they don't have the funds/manpower to keep producing the more powerful, customized version of Head Gunner, so the mass-produced version will have to do.

  • These guys also leave Hornet's Stage after his operation is shut down.
  • Oh yeah, the boxes that get in your way in Gravity Beetle's stage?  Those are more than likely shipments that had yet to be delivered.  After defeating Blast Hornet, the packages had already been shipped off so your path to the heart tank is now clear.

For all I know I could be extremely late with this and everyone else knew this stuff, but I thought it was pretty interesting how the two stages tie into each other like that.  X1 had something similar, but it wasn't as subtle.  I always liked how the plot elements in the earlier X series games weren't necessarily spelled out for you.  I'm still not a huge fan of X3, but I can appreciate some of the details the game has a little more now.

Original / General consensus on Powered Up?
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:48:20 AM »
So I just started playing through MMPU yesterday, and the game is really good in my eyes.  Excellent presentation, multiple playable characters to mess with, a challenge  mode that helps you learn the fundamentals of Megaman play; it's just an all-around great game.  There are a few issues like the multiple characters getting repetitive or the lack of the ability to use your buster with a weapon equipped a la MHX, but overall I find it very impressive and I feel that it, like Megaman 8, was a step in the right direction for moving Classic Megaman along.  That said, I'm surprised that people don't talk about it more often.  Was the game widely accepted as being good/bad or did it just fly under the radar?

X / Mad Nautilus?
« on: September 16, 2011, 03:35:15 PM »
Here's something that I've been wondering for a while.  I don't know how many of you visit the Megaman Home Page, but there's a section in the Command Mission walkthrough that has always made me wonder:

Boss: Mad Nautilus

(Parents: You may wish to fight this boss for your kids, unless they are so young that they won’t understand the references. I’m not going to say anything else beyond that.)

Now, I can be naive at times, but is there some hidden inappropriate reference in the Mad Nautilus boss fight?  I know there's the whole "Mad Ecstasy" name for one of his attacks, but is there something else that flew over my head? 

Anime & Manga / Dragonball: Episode of Bardock
« on: September 01, 2011, 07:09:47 PM »

Well, this caught me off guard completely.  Not sure if it's canon or not (it's possible), but it seems pretty interesting so far.

Zero / MMZ reference in Kids Next Door
« on: August 08, 2011, 11:40:31 PM »
I know this is pretty old, bit it's kinda obscure and you don't see it mentioned much, if at all.  If anyone remembers the cartoon Kids Next Door, there was a special movie entitled Operation Z.E.R.O that came out.  One group that was introduced was Sector Z, whose leader looked, this:

(click to show/hide)

And a shot of the entire team:

(click to show/hide)

Yeah, that's not a coincidence.

Gaming / Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online
« on: June 09, 2011, 08:06:53 PM »

This is by far the most polished effort I have ever seen put in a fighting game to date.  3rd Strike is a great game, and this GGPO-enabled reboot of it is looking pretty snazzy! I'm really hoping for a PC release, as 3rd Strike is leaving GGPO after this hits the shelves.

And lol @ EVO Moment #37 as a trial.

Original / Rate and Discuss: Rush Search
« on: March 25, 2011, 08:40:23 PM »

Welcome to the newest installment in the 'Rate and Discuss' series.  This topic features a useful yet often overlooked tool in Megaman's arsenal, the Rush Search!

Rush Search first made its debut in Megaman 7.  It could be found pretty early in the game, as all you need to do was make some really tricky jumps in Freeze Man's stage to get it, although said jumps were pretty difficult and it could be tempting to just wait until you've got Rush Jet or Super Adapter to fly over it.  At any rate, when Rush Search is used Rush will teleport right in front of you and begin to dig.  What he will find is generally random; he'll pull up anything from useful things like health & energy refills and bolts, to random knick-knacks like shoes, false teeth, and toy robots.  And there's always the chance that he'll just not find anything or fall asleep.  It should also be noted that Rush will teleport away if he's hit while digging, so it's adviseable to make the area as free of enemies as possible before digging, and you can fire while he's digging (but no charge shots) to help aid him.  Thankfully the energy consumption on him is pretty good.

Of course, there are plenty of key items in specific locations in Megaman 7.  Every item that can be bought in Auto's shop can be found in stages, and Rush Search is often the method to obtaining these items.  Sometimes there may be landmarks on the terrain or otherwise that will signal a good place to go for a dig (like Wily's portrait in Shade Man's stage), and other times you've just gotta search around (lawl).  Aside from the big-name items like the Energy Balancer, Exit Part, and Rocket Punch, Rush Search can be used to find other items like large energy refills and giant bolts.  These are often found in secret rooms and other special spots, but are well worth it when obtained.  It's also worth noting that Rush will bark if there's a nearby item or pathway that leads to something good.

Come Megaman & Bass, Rush Search was brought back as a shop item. He had pretty much the same function, but his main purpose was to help find CDs for the robot database.  100 CDs were spread across different stages in MM&B, and quite a few of them were underground.  Thankfully, there was an item that allowed you to see where you needed to dig, which helped a lot.  Of course, Rush still took damage if struck while digging, and there was a certain CD that was a nightmare to get due to this (you all know which one I'm talking about).  Rush still proved useful in that regard but didn't really hold much water otherwise, as Eddie and Beat had outclassed him in terms of being useful outside of disc collecting.

Overall Rush Search was pretty handy but was toned down in his 2nd (and final) appearance.  I preferred him a lot more in MM7 as his ability to scout was nice and the occasional health item you may get was always welcome.  Really got the whole dog/owner dynamic down even moreso than Rush's other (and arguably more useful) incarnations.  Counting both games I'd have to give Rock's best friend a 7/10.

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

Challenge Mode / Megaman X4: Stylish Run
« on: March 24, 2011, 01:01:07 AM »
I decided to undertake a challenge for Megaman X4, called the Stylish Run. What makes this run stylish, you ask? Here I play under the following conditions:

- No damage
- No armor/heart tanks
- No boss weaknesses; weapons are okay otherwise, and Reaper Sigma is an obvious exception.
- This run uses Hypershell's custom MMX4 PC hack, which changes X's voice actor to that of Mark Gatha. (Thanks!)
- Custom BGM is added to the game by replacing the source files of the game. This allows custom music while still keeping the game's sounds intact.
- I also use X's alternate color just because it's awesome!

These conditions not only make the game challenging, but it'll be a unique run due to the modifications.  This should help it stick out from the other runs that are floating around on YT.  Anwho, here are the ones that I've finished so far:

Opening/Intro Stage

Cyber Peacock

Posted on: March 19, 2011, 00:47:05
Alright, finished with
Jet Stingray
now.  Definitely wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Posted on: March 20, 2011, 21:54:37
Web Spider
is a-finished.  Switched recorders so the quality's better than the last 3, not that those were bad at all.

Fan Creations / Hankuruten: Our MML3 Reaverbot Submission
« on: February 03, 2011, 12:47:22 AM »
MMLS once again has a submission for the Devroom's contest, although this time we've split up into multiple groups (and therefore multiple submissions).  This is the submission that our team came up with.  It kinda started with me suggesting a bear-protecting-cubs kinda thing, and through much discussion we ended up with this guy.  Without further ado:

Devroom Servbot Number: #000359

Reaverbot Name: Hankuruten


Despite its appearance, Hankuruten  initially appears passive. It will stare intensely at you as long as you  remain in its line of sight. Otherwise it will do nothing, even when  attacked…until you attack another Reaverbot nearby. Then this berserker  will relentlessly assault you using acrobatic melee attacks, high-speed  tackles and grabs. Make sure to evade its grip and be warned: Hankuruten  will use its remaining strength to take you down with a kamikaze wall  slam should its chances become hopeless. If you decide to fight it  without provoking it, its defense increases and its refractor payoff  decreases.


Capcom Unity Thread

(P.S.: Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks it looks like Radar KillerXD)

DASH / Rockman DASH 2 Rare commercial
« on: January 15, 2011, 06:52:45 AM »
Happened to run across this on YouTube:

I keep laughing at Volnutt's 'murder face' as he points the Hyper Shell at Klaymoor.  XD  That Jet Skate animation looks really smooth, too.

Fan Creations / MMLS Bonne Mecha Submission
« on: November 30, 2010, 07:08:47 PM »
(Figured I may as well post this here for exposure)

MMLS's MegaMan Legends 3 Bonne Mech Proposal: Seeteufel

[My Bonne Mech]


Seeteufel is an octopus-based mech design, reminiscent of Ferdinand (aka Feldynaught) from MegaMan Legends 1. But don't let the similarities fool you; Seeteufel's got a whole new set of tricks up its sleeves! (All six of them!) With its massive tentacles, Seeteufel has a bunch of attacks at its disposal. Sitting atop a flotation device, Seeteufel is a major threat on land or at sea!


-        Homing Missiles, Machine Guns and Bombs – A staple of the Bonne family's arsenal, Bombs, Machine Guns and Missiles return for Seeteufel. These allow Seeteufel to attack MegaMan at close range or from afar! As the battle progresses these may be used to destroy large chunks of the stage, making it harder for MegaMan to escape. They can also reach higher altitudes, and pose an especially dangerous threat to MegaMan if he decides to snipe the mech from afar!

-        Zappers – Seeteufel was made to be used in the water, where electrical attacks are a major threat. It comes equipped with electric zapper tentacles which can be used to electrify the water, making close-range combat very dangerous. The electrified water can inflict the paralyzed status condition on MegaMan (as seen in MegaMan Legends 2), to slow him down and keep him from escaping. Meanwhile, if MegaMan begins to sink, Seeteufel will grab MegaMan with one of its long tentacles and slam him against a wall. MegaMan had better stay above the water, if he wants to fight this battle up close!

-        Pressurized water cannon – Seeteufel can take the water from the ruins into itself and shoot it at MegaMan in a pressurized blast! The blast inflicts damage on MegaMan and causes him to be knocked back. Seeteufel can also raise or lower the water level in the ruins when it takes in and releases water, though the effect is only temporary.

-        Servbot skimmers – Seeteufel can send out Servbots in “skimmer” mechs to assist it in battling MegaMan. Though only armed with basic projectile weapons, the Servbots' skimmers make the battle all the more difficult by drawing MegaMan's attention from the Seeteufel! They can also maneuver on land a bit and chase MegaMan up the stairs.

While MegaMan is fighting the Seeteufel, Servbots attack in skimmer mechs. These mechs are only designed for basic combat, but they'll draw MegaMan's attention from the boss if he isn't careful!

[The Mission]

Little does Mega Man know, as soon as he grabs that treasure, he'll activate a trap that gradually floods the entire area!  On top of that, the Bonnes' Seeteufel is waiting in ambush to come crashing onto the scene and steal it from him the minute he leaves the treasure room...

During the Seeteufel battle, the water level is constantly rising! MegaMan has the choice of dealing with the Seeteufel up close at short range, or making a run for it up dual spiral staircases to snipe from safe distance.


How to deal with the Seeteufel:

Seeteufel's weak point is the hatch. MegaMan can attack it in many different ways.

-        Close Range attack –  The Seeteufel's tentacles are large enough that MegaMan can stand upon them! MegaMan can use these tentacles to get up close to the Seeteufel and attack the hatch from close range.  At times a tentacle will remain still, allowing MegaMan to approach; but once it starts moving, MegaMan is in danger of being tossed off. This is easily the more dangerous route; be careful, MegaMan!

-        Short-ranged weapons like the Drill Arm or Blade Arm are much more difficult to use against the Seeteufel, but they can do more damage than long ranged attacks. If MegaMan is careful enough, he can even use them to sever off Seeteufel's tentacles! This won't physically damage Seeteufel, but it will disable its tentacle-based weapons and make it easier for MegaMan to survive. (Like destroying the Marlwolf's treads in MegaMan Legends 1.)

-        Long Range / Snipe attack - MegaMan has the option of distancing himself from the Seeteufel by running up along two spiral staircases that at one point were connected with catwalks (which have crumbled with age; this way he can also stay away from the dangerous and ever-rising water level! Sniping Seeteufel from a distance with a special weapon or his trusty Buster Gun, MegaMan can avoid many of the Seeteufel's more dangerous attacks, but that doesn't mean Seeteufel is a sitting duck! (Err...octopus.) MegaMan is still in danger from the Seeteufel's long-range attacks, and the potential destruction of the very stairs on which he's standing...not to mention the rising water level bringing Seeteufel closer and closer to where he's perched!  MegaMan will have a hard time getting around when parts of the stage are destroyed, but he may be able to cross long gaps by using the Jet Skates if he's careful!

-        Debris – As the ruin crumbles, debris falls from the ceiling posing a threat to MegaMan, but MegaMan can use this to his advantage. Smaller debris can be thrown at the Seeteufel, if MegaMan is using the Lifter instead of a regular special weapon! This can be done from afar or right up close. If the Servbots get too close to MegaMan, they may also find themselves caught in his grip and lobbed at the Seeteufel!

Seeteufel's tentacles are really huge! They're so big that MegaMan can walk on them to get within range to attack. MegaMan can even sever the tentacles if he can get close enough to the base in time, but he'd better watch out for Seeteufel's attacks! Here, Seeteufel has reached the top of the steps.  Once the water level reaches this point, it stops.  The ruin's trap's been fully activated. MegaMan can't run any more; he'll have to deal with Seeteufel up close and personal!


This diagram depicts the stage design we had in mind for this battle. The treasure room is located at the bottom of a long double spiral stairway (the staircase is double helix, and by the time MegaMan gets to fight the Seeteufel, the catwalks connecting the stairs have been eroded with age, destroyed by the Seeteufel's grand entrance crashing through the ceiling, or both). MegaMan will have to fight off Seeteufel all the way up to the top of the flume!

-        Seeteufel takes its name from a midget sub used by the Germans in WWII, in the style and tradition of many original Bonne mech names. Its name literally means “Sea Devil.”

-        Although designing the stage is not part of the requirements for this proposal, we felt that the dual  spiral staircases became an important part of this submission. The stage plays an important part in how the battle against Seeteufel plays out. Seeteufel's attacks, and MegaMan's strategies for defeating Seeteufel were made with this specific environment in mind, and they don't make quite as much sense in other settings.  The main flume also has a few doors along the staircases leading to other parts of the ruin, omitted from the diagram, all of which lock up during the battle but can be re-explored afterward, complete with all-new-to-the-area underwater physics.

-        This mech proposal is a collaborative effort from MegaMan Legends Station forums. It is a product of the creativity of many forum members. These members include: Raijin (RaijinK on Capcom Unity), Dashe (Dashe), inclover (N/A), mltmlt22 (N/A), General Specific (General Specific), Rockxas (Rockxas), Rockman Striker (Rockman Striker), Blues (Canticleer Blues), Trege (N/A), Buster Cannon (Glacius Passio), Pitch (AndyMan) and Hirovoid (HiroVoid). Massive props especially to Raijin and Dashe for their artistic contributions in drawing the design!

Challenge Mode / Megaman Legends 2 Flawless Boss Run
« on: November 03, 2010, 03:12:55 AM »
I just recently completed a run of the bosses in Megaman Legends 2.  Here were the conditions:

-No Damage
-Very Hard Mode
-Customized BGM  8)

IMO Rush Mamoo was the hardest one to go against, as taking on that monster without at an offensive weapon is a nightmare.  Yes, he's even worse than Sera.  Enjoy!

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Fan Creations / The Digger's Database
« on: October 24, 2010, 07:51:32 PM »

As you may or may not know, I've written various reviews for the Megaman Legends series as well as some other Megaman games.  I've compiled these into a website (made from straight-up HTML/CSS) called The Digger's Database.  Feel free to post any constructive criticism/comments/questions, and I hope you enjoy it!

The Digger's Database

Zero / MMZ reference in Sonic Comics
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:56:29 PM »

Don't know why I never noticed this before.  I've always found little references like this interesting; apparently the artists were fans of Toru Nakayama's work and wanted to have a little homage to him.

Original / Rate and Discuss: Treble Boost
« on: June 29, 2010, 02:55:49 AM »

Welcome to the newest installment in the 'Rate and Discuss' series.  This topic features an ability that really lets you fly, the Treble Boost!

The Treble Boost was first introduced in Megaman & Bass and later made its re-appearance in Megaman 10.  Of course, it was toned down signifigantly from Bass' appearances as a boss in MM7 and MM8, the latter of which was fueled by the Evil Energy.  This ability allows Bass' robo-hound Treble to fuse with his master, allowing free-flight as well as a spread shot (as well as turning a nice shade of purple!).  The spread shots do double the damage Bass' shots normally do (equal to Mega Man's), and give you some extra coverage.  You can even hit a single enemy with all 3 shots, although this certainly requires a bit more precision, as you may just end up flying into the very thing you were trying to avoid.  This also essentially functions as a combination of Rush Jet and Rush Coil for Bass, although the Treble Boost drains energy faster than either.

In Megaman & Bass, this upgrade had its uses, although it generally wasn't necessary unless you were trying to save time or grab a few otherwise unreachable CDs. It became a lot more practical in MM10, despite the game already feeling easy with Bass' standard mobility.  There were a few situations where you could use this to navigate certain segments of the game with much less difficulty (see: Commando Man), and it was there in situations as a replacement for Rush/Proto Coil.  It also had a rather useful property; if the Treble Boost ran out of energy, your buster used the exact same mechanics as Mega Man's!  This means that it was just as strong as his blue counterpart's and could also be fired by moving.  Combined with the dash mechanic, it almost feels as if you're playing as X!

Overall, the Treble Boost was a pretty decent upgrade, but I personally don't find it as fun to use as the variations Megaman has had (i.e. Rush Power).  The time limit certainly counts towards this, and if it weren't for the CDs and the use of Megaman's buster in MM10, I'd really have no motivation to use it other than when I just feel lazy.  6/10.

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

P.S. If you want me to rate a specific weapon next, let me know!

Previous installments:

Homing Missile
Splash Mine
Rush Power Adapter
Eagle Ride Armor
Vacuum Arm
Falcon Armor
Hyper Shell
Arrow Shot
Blade Arm
Shining Laser
Spread Buster (MML1)
Team/Brother Style
Ground Crawler

Original / MM10's Arsenal?
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:30:53 AM »
What's your opinion of it?

I'm tempted to call this my favorite one in the Classic series so far.  The weapons are useful, but not in a broken way (which is what 9's felt like).  There's a really unique feel to all of the weapons here, and not a one of them is useless.  Here's my opinion on the individual weapons themselves:

Chill Spike

This my personal favorite weapon in the series, as it acts like an improved Ice Slasher despite it's lower range and rate of fire.  You can follow it up with pretty much anything, making it quite versatile.  The whole 'tire trap' thing is just icing (pun intended) on the cake.

Water Shield

This one's pretty unique; unlike the other shield weapons in the franchise, this one appears piece by piece, and is destroyed in the same manner.  Jewel Satellite was better in the protection area, but I find this one far more useful in terms of versatility.  Shoot, you can use this as a machine gun at close range (try it after freezing larger enemies!), and also for hitting enemies at unconventional angles.

Triple Blade

Pretty darn versatile weapon.  Covers a decent range, and you've got to love the fact that bosses take multiple points of damage if you hit them with more than one blade at a time.  Makes short work of most bosses (particularly Strike Man), and conserves energy pretty well too.

Rebound Striker

This is pretty much a better Gemini Laser, complete with extra damage per bounce!  This is pretty much one of the more strategic weapons in the game; you can knock the Block Devil out in no time flat if you play your cards right with this one.  The fact that it's aim-able gives you plenty of freedom.

Commando Bomb

Reminds me of the Firefly Laser from X5, only stronger and you actually have the ability to move this time.  It's a bit risky as you can unintentionally shift the direction while trying to avoid something, but the damage is well worth it.  Pretty much how I deal with ignorant soccer goalies and crabs alike.

Thunder Wool

While it does require some set-up, it 's pretty powerful.  I'm not exactly sure how the "double cloud" gimmick works yet, though.

Solar Blaze

Reminds me of the Pharaoh Wave from Power Fighters.  Interesting concept, what with the ability to set it off early, and it can also clear up some space rather quickly.  I don't use it all too often, but it still has it's moments.

Wheel Cutter

Wow, this one blew me away with the wall-climbing gimmick.  It's certainly faster than ladder-climbing, and the fact that the wheels actually climb walls on their own is amusing.  I like the fact that you can use it to pull a quick evasive maneuver if need be.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the creativity that went into to this.  I'm interested to see how the MM Killer's weapons will complement the current arsenal.

DASH / Rate and Discuss: Ground Crawler
« on: January 20, 2010, 09:11:26 PM »

Welcome to the 13th topic in the "Rate and Discuss" series!  This topic is about a weapon that's a real knockout, the Ground Crawler!

Crafted from a Bowling Ball and a Rusted Mine.  This weapon is actually one of the cheapest weapons in the game.  Upgrade costs stack up to a mere 69,500z, which is quite thrifty.  Considering how early you get this (right before Manda Ruins), you can fully upgrade it rather early in the game and do some pretty nice things with it.

The Ground Crawler fires a small, round, and rather spiky ball forward.  It also homes in on nearby enemies, and climbs walls as well.  The weapon is incapable of hitting grounded targets, however, and thus becomes useless in certain situations.  A good example of this would be when Glyde attacks Nino island.  The weapon performs pretty well on the 3rd segment, because all of the enemies are grounded.  When you get to the roof, it becomes more of a curse than a blessing.

However, in situations where it is viable, The Ground Crawler is pretty powerful, and will put a dent in most things that are open to it.  Heck, most normal reavers/enemies will fall to it (bowling for Birdbots, anyone?).  It performs nicely for a large portion of the game; everything on Saul Kada Island falls to this (sans Wojigairon) rather quickly, although you may not want to use it if you are trying to preserve the statue.  Fully upgraded, you can fire many rounds at once, and they cover quite a distance.  The energy stat is pretty nice as well, as you get a pretty nice amount of these, although the recharge rate is a bit slow.

The main weakness of this weapon is that it can't hit airborne targets.  You can jump to try to alleviate this, but it won't help too much.  Discernment plays a key part in knowing when to bring this along and when to swap it out for something more catered towards aerial targets.

Conclusively, the Ground Crawler is an awesome weapon.  It's a weapon that's pretty situational, but when it's used, it can be a real terror.  The Ground Crawler gets a 8/10 from me.  Strike!

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

P.S. If you want me to rate a specific weapon next, let me know!

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EXE / Rate and Discuss: Team/Brother Style
« on: January 20, 2010, 09:07:07 PM »
Name: Team/Brother Style
First Appearance: Megaman Battle Network 2
Other Appearances: Megaman Battle Network 3

The Team Style (known as brother style in Japan) was among the original arsenal of Style Changes introduced in MMBN2, the other being Guts, Custom, Shield, and Hub.  Team Style had a distinct appearance, changing the design of Megaman's helmet a bit, as well as redesigning the lines on his chest a bit.  True to it's name, the Team Style focused on using NaviChips; in MMBN2, it allowed you to have a whopping 8 NaviChips in your folder, which was great if your folder had a particular Navichip to exploit.  Of course, you'd have to remove the 3 extra chips if you wanted to change back (no cheating here!).  Battle Network 3 only allowed you to add one extra MegaChip, but at the same time, the newly invented Navi Customizer allowed you to add parts that gave you even more Mega Chips to hold in your folder.  This was nice because Megachips weren't limited to just Navis; there were a quite a few other chips in BN3 that could be made useful given the extra space you now had for them, such as Navi +40(!).

Speaking of the Navi Customizer, the Team Style was quite acclimated with green blocks, which it dropped, in the form of MegaFolder1 and 2, both increasing the capacity of Mega Chips you could hold.  This gave it a natural inclination towards Ground Style programs, which were the same verdant color.  This allowed for some interesting strategy to take place.  For instance, you could place SetIce in your customizer, and use the added space to take advantage of Flashman's chip, which stunned opponents in addition to the shock you were giving them.  The same could be done with SetGreen and Flameman.  The style also gave you room to place the powerful Master Style P.A., which normally took up 4/5 slots, while at the same time having room for NaviChips.

The best Element to use with Team Style would have to be Elec, in my opinion.  The slow-charging Zap-ring is pretty useful for holding opponents down so that you can properly aim your chips and nail your opponents.  Used properly, you could do quite a bit of damage in a short time.

As far as downsides go, the lack of available custom slots hurts team style a bit, although the ever-useful add button seems to remedy this to some extent.  In net-battles, chips like Anti-Navi and the Beat program are going to mess you up pretty badly as well, so you have to be wary of these tactics.  Custom Style seems to be a lot better at chip combos than Team is, as Team Style relies solely on high-class chips as far as abilities go, so the custom menu often gets clogged when you don't need it to be due to lack of space, and although the aforementioned add button is there, you really don't want to throw away potential combos, do you?

Overall, Team Style is useful (and the original inspiration for my username), but you have to rather cautious when using it, as there's a lot that can shoot it in the foot if you're not careful.  Overall, the Team Style gets a 7.5/10 from me!

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

If you want to see a certain power-up/armor/etc. rated next, let me know!

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Spread Buster (MML1)

DASH / Rate and Discuss: Spread Buster (MML1)
« on: December 31, 2009, 04:22:27 AM »
Welcome to the 11th topic in the 'Rate and Discuss' series! This topic is about a weapon that really like to be in your face, the Spread Buster!

Made from the Antique Book, Old Launcher, and Arm Supporter, the Spread Buster is a pretty useful weapon that you get later on in your adventures on Kattelox Island. Total costs add up to 249,000z, making this the fourth most expensive weapon in the game. Despite being an energy hog, it's quite useful and underrated.

The Spread Buster fires multiple grenades (similar to the ones the Grand Grenade fires) forward. Anything standing in front of you when you fire this is pretty much wrecked; the closer you are to your opponent, the more damage you do. This is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the game when used correctly, as very few enemies will survive the impact of multiple grenades. It's also useful for hitting multiple opponents simultaneously. Using Free Look correctly, you can nail quite a few bots in one shot. You can also opt to fire straight up; grenades will rain from the sky and cover quite a large area. It's a pretty amusing sight.

This weapon really doesn't have many downsides. It does take up quite a bit of energy, so you have to use it sparingly. However, it's nice range and power make it worth carrying a Hyper Cartridge around if you need it. You can't move while firing it, so you really have to be careful about where you fire this. It's recovery time is better than thrown weapons though, so you're not in too much danger if you miss. Aside from the fact that you get it late, there really isn't anything that holds it back.

Overall, you have a pretty destructive weapon that is pretty solid, particularly in close quarters. The Spread Buster gets a 9/10 from me!

Post your opinions/thoughts/ratings here!

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DASH / Rate and Discuss: Homing Missile
« on: December 31, 2009, 03:59:29 AM »
Welcome to the 10th topic in the "Rate and Discuss" series! This topic is about a weapon that really hits it's target, the Homing Missile!

Crafted from a Bottle Rocket and Radar Notes, this weapon is a nice upgrade of the Active Buster from the first game. It's upgrade costs stack up to a rather expensive 2,950,000z, which makes it the 3rd most expensive weapon in the game. Seeing as you get this very early on in the game, you can upgrade this over the course of the game.

The Homing Missile causes Megaman to fire a small projectile that homes in on the opponent. Very simple, yet very useful. They can be upgraded to do rather nice amounts of damage, and the energy can be made infinite as well, which really helps. They also break the Gorubeshu's shields, as well as other defenses.

This is probably one of the most versatile weapons in the game, as it pretty much aids you from the time you get it towards the end of the game. You can also run while firing it, which is great for when you need something other than your buster to fire at an enemy/boss. Speaking of bosses, most of them go down pretty easily with this weapon equipped. Because of the fact that you can you can upgrade the energy to infinite, you have more room for error when using this, which is nice for beginners as well.

In lieu of downsides, there really aren't many. You may have problems trying to catch the Glyde Drache's on Nino Island (something you may want the Buster Cannon for), and it also has a bit of recharge time on it, although with infinite energy you can simply use your buster while you wait. It is somewhat expensive, but MML2 has a couple of nice places for you to nicely build zenny.

The Homing Missile is a great weapon, with very few downsides. It's versatility makes it a great weapon to use for all parts of the game, and infinite energy just makes it even better! The Homing Missile gets a perfect 10 from me, because it's just all-around awesome.

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

P.S. If you want me to rate a specific weapon next, let me know!

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DASH / Rate and Discuss: Splash Mine
« on: December 31, 2009, 03:57:08 AM »
Welcome to the 9th topic in the "Rate and Discuss" series. This topic is about a weapon that really trips people up, the Splash Mine!

The Splash Mine is actually the first weapon you start with in the game. It is also the cheapest (Normal Arm doesn't count), with a rather wimpy upgrade cost of 5,400z, which certainly shouldn't be a problem. Heck, you should have this thing fully upgraded right after the fight with the Bonnes, if not beforehand.

When used, Megaman places a small mine on the ground. Anything that runs over the mine causes it to explode, and the enemy takes a decent amount of damage. The mines will also detonate after a certain amount of time has passes. You are allowed to have 4 mines on the ground at one time, and with the energy maxed out, you have a total of 48 mines from the get-go. This is also the only weapon in the series capable of hurting the user. If you walk over one of them, you will take a negligible amount of damage. If your armor is upgraded to at least the Flak Jacket, the damage is nonexistent, but you'll still reel backwards.

The mines don't do a large amount of damage on their own, but they can be used strategically against enemies. Placing 4 of them on the ground when a Sharukurusu is charging you is a smart move, as it will take a rather large chunk of damage, and fall in the process. A lot of the more mobile enemies are more vulnerable to this weapon as well. This is also the best weapon for taking out the treads of the Marlwolf, and it does a good job taking out the bot itself when mines are placed in the hatch.

This weapon does have it's fair share of shortcomings, however. While this weapon may be used nicely on mobile opponents, certain stationary enemies may pose a threat. Firushudot will most likely knock you out if you try to use this weapon on it from close range. Some stationary opponents like the Bonne's Leopordo or Orudakoitan may be easy to take out with it, but others aren't so generous. Also, Karumuna Bash is pretty fierce, and may give you problems when trying to use this. This weapon is also rather useless in a fair amount of situations, like the Barcon or Gesellschaft/Fokkerwolf battles.

The Splash Mine is a pretty unique weapon, allowing you to set up on more mobile opponents. However, it does have the setbacks of being useless in certain places, as well as being hard to use on certain opponents. I give the Splash Mine a 7/10. Fun to use, but useless at some points.

Post your opinions/ratings/thoughts here!

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