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Jad4321's updated projects
« on: June 27, 2016, 05:44:58 PM »
Got a blurb warning about reposting in a 30 day old topic so here I am again. It's been a bit guys and honestly I've just been busy with projects and other things. Below I have some cool updates on my Mega Man inspired, Dream Tear - Elementar series.

The first story is done, with a playable demo of an area in the visual story. The reason it was changed to a visual story, was due to the clashing of graphics and bugs, so yeah...It worked out. Might be creating a comic off of this as well retelling the story in the future sometime.

Dream Tear - Elementar Rising


Dream Tear - Elementar Rising

Visual Novel to watch:
Episode 1 -

Episode playlist -

Playable game stage.
Note most bugs in demo have been taken care of. As far as I'm aware. Crazy light effects have been dropped from shots.
You will also be able to get new abilities after beating bosses. (Not available in demo)

More info on the DT1 the webpage:

Now for the sequel, it is currently being made into a comic book. I'm thinking for now I will have things as comics, and when another 'game' version is ready I will take steps to possibly keep them looking close if not like the comics. Anyways though here is a preview of some of the comic, you can read more through the link provided lol unless you guys want me to upload the pages here as we're making them.

(Warning if you're wondering what is happening and how Kuo ended up like that, please check out the first visual novel game thing. This comic starts 'directly' after that incident.)
Dream Tear - Atom Maker
Artwork by Kanoir - designs by Jad4321 (Skytric) and Nitrogoblin.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

More on these sites:
Deviart -
Smackjeeves -
Komika -
Taptastic -

Some character designs from DT2 -
Nari Rice - Has been around since part 1.

Imogen Geist (Belongs to my friend Nitrogoblin)

Mizu Bubble - An upcoming boss unit

Mindra - A boss unit from future chapters

New music from DT2 - Atom Maker which is like a mix of sega and other things.

Mystic Sea - Mizu Bubble area

Azure Skies - Takes a bit from Cloud Man from mega man 7

Dream Tear Prequel - Alien Ministry -
This comic unveils events which led up to incidents happening in both DT1 and it's sequel and other things to come.

Read it here:
Written version here - Note due to a grammar checker, things got pretty eh with editing. You also might want to have time on your hands lol

I'll keep you guys updated on more information.

Non DT information:
My Mega Man Maverick Hunter remixes are back online! If you wanted to find a tune and couldn't check out the remix playlist here. I may continue or update them in the future depending on time.

Maverick Hunter X2

Maverick Hunter X3
My art,projects and other things.

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Re: Jad4321's updated projects
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2016, 05:51:46 PM »
If you were updating into your own topic, there is no need to create another topic just because of that warning, since it is your own topic. Just a heads-up.

As for the main thing, great to see there's a demo, and a manga sequel even.

I'm watching you all. Always watching.

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Re: Jad4321's updated projects
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2016, 05:58:52 PM »
Oh? Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for next time^^ also yeah I figured I'd just make the game demo into a visual story due to bugs and time I had. At least getting the story through is important and sometime in the future I can redo the game. Granted people will have to pay me a lot of money XD (Never going back to that story, so much back and forth) As for the sequel, yeah it's a pretty cool process I think, when the next title after the comic sequel is finished comes though, I'll leave that for a surprise. Though I did say I want the games to match the comics, so feel the series will be a combination of games, comics and visual novels now.
My art,projects and other things.