Author Topic: The Blue Bomber - A Mega Man themed music visualization for Winamp  (Read 506 times)

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Anyone still use Winamp? I made and released a Mega Man themed preset for Winamp's AVS music visualization plugin, called "The Blue Bomber", which I shared several weeks ago on Reddit. I first worked on it around 2007, before the computer's hard drive it was on crashed. I started recreating it in about 2010, and then left it in the dust before picking it back up again in the recent months. It's taken me quite a while to put together, especially the basic platforming engine, Mega Buster shooting, and the music detection.


Bounce around with Mega Man as you rock out to your music. Mega Man runs and jumps around, and even shoots to the music!

Several scenes are featured, with each of the main classic Mega Man games (except for Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, and Mega Man & Bass) represented by two. Some scenes are single rooms while others scroll endlessly in both directions (or downwards in one case).

To make up for the lack of Mega Man 7, 8, & Bass representation, an extra large scene representing the three areas of the retro mini-game "Mega Man a" from Mega Man ZX Advent is also featured.

Once you download it, there's a small installation guide in the .zip file which should hopefully tell you how to set everything up.

Mega Man is also controllable. A and D moves him left and right, W makes him jump, and E shoots his Mega Buster. If he's left alone for a approximately 15 seconds, he reverts back to being AI controlled again. Have fun!

Pressing SHIFT and CTRL will cycle between the scenes without having to reload the preset.

Click here to see it in action!

And here are some more screenshots showing some more scenes:

Ver. 1.0:


Q) I loaded the preset, but all I'm getting is white spheres of light!
A) You must extract all of the .bmp files to the AVS directory. The preset needs graphics to load from, and if it can't find them, it defaults to those white spheres of light.

Q) Why no enemies for Mega Man to shoot at?
A) It's not so simple to set up sprites in AVS, especially animated ones. Implementing Mega Man's sprites was hard enough! Additionally, it would be way too complicated to add in enemies, especially the way Mega Man's interaction with the terrain is coded, as well as their hitboxes with Mega Man and his Mega Buster shots.