Author Topic: Who Needs Ultimate Armor and Absolute Zero for the Tails Clan?  (Read 3477 times)

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Over a year ago, I showed a Mega Man X Command Mission Ninetails video without the use of Hyper Modes and without dying.  Several months later, I decided to expand it with battling against the other Tails Clan members.  I eventually did the same with most of the other Tails Clan members.  However, Fivetails is the exception with his extremely powerful Self-Destruct move.  With Fivetails, you either have to win without Hypers and a few deaths, or without the Second Hypers and no deaths.  Luckily, I chose the latter to avoid death and still Fivetails without Ultimate Armor and without Absolute Zero.  If anyone is interested in the videos, here are the links:










Ninetails (alternate version):

Rest assured that there are no ads in my videos since I disabled them.  If any of the links are broken and/or not working, please let me know. In addition, comments and/or feedback are appreciated.  I hope that you like these Tails Clan videos.  Thanks.

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