Author Topic: Best/fastest times in the Legends/DASH games (Updated: 7/31/2009 MML1: 00:47:27)  (Read 15869 times)

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UPDATED (7/31/09) w/details: 00:47:27
For Mega Man Legends:

I DID IT! Here's the playlist split into 8 parts that chronologically show the speed run.
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Here's the link if the video doesn't load:
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In this PEMNAS/Speed run, I use no Armor, no other special weapon (You're stuck with Splash Mine, and you need the Grand Grenade for the Closer Woods Ruins), no Energy Canteen, no Shield Repair, no contact with Data for healing, no unnecessary upgrades (You need the Jump Springs to pass the Lake Jyun Ruins) and absolutely no glitches. Just the Buster Max part for the Buster Gun, and the Jet Skates in Easy mode. Yep, easy. Bite me. =P

Previous attempts below:
This is a topic where, if allowed, we can display our best, fastest times that we've completed in Mega Man Legends, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and Mega Man Legends 2.

This is my best time in Mega Man Legends. (Easy mode  [objection!] ) No weapons (Except for Grand Grenade which is a weapon that's required to get past a certain ceiling in the Closer Woods Ruins). Max Buster 8D. No Armor, Helmet or energy canteen. No life gauge upgrade. No Normal Items (except Shield Repair, but I assure you I never used it once).

(2/9/09): 00:50:02
For Mega Man Legends:

Yeah I know, I basically just proved how easy the game is on Easy Mode. :P
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