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Gaming / Nintendo Switch coming in March 2017
« on: April 27, 2016, 09:40:46 AM »
So there's a huge drop of Nintendo news coming out of their financial briefing today. Here's some of the info

-Nintendo NX will launch globally in March 2017
-No NX at E3. E3 will instead focus on Wii U Legend of Zelda
-Legend of Zelda will be coming out for both Wii U & NX in March 2017
-New smartphone apps for Fire Emblem & Animal Crossing series in the fall supposedly (oh good lord, do you not care about my phone battery life, Nintendo)

I'm sure there's more to come, but yeah. Who knows what the Wii U will have for this year, if anything. Zelda is officially a release title for the NX, which makes perfect sense. More apps since Miitomo is pretty popular.

Entertainment / The DC/Marvel TV Thread
« on: December 04, 2015, 07:01:46 AM »
No extravagent opening. Just a place where those of us who watch these shows can talk about them like crazed fans! XD


Off The Wall / Discuss your favorite fashion styles
« on: October 19, 2015, 07:13:16 AM »
You know, we haven't had a new topic in here for a while and since it was brought up in the Reposted Pic Thread, I've decided to bring this up here. Because why not?  8D

So yeah, this topic is basically to discuss not only how you like to dress on an everyday basis, but what kind of fashion styles you like on other people that you may or may not think works on you.

For your humble Protoman Blues, I like a very simple style for myself. I am your basic jeans kinda guy. I also like my nerd t-shirts. You know, the t-shirts you see on $10-$12 t-shirt sites all the time. Along with that, I usually wear a short sleeve, collared, button down shirt of the plain, dark variety. No patterns, no plaid, etc. Just pretty basic and straightforward. Sneakers or boots are my shoes of choice. That is just "everyday PB" for the most part.

If I'm getting all dolled up and fancy, I like a good plain button down collared shirt and a nice blazer. There's nothing wrong with a good suit as well, although if I had to wear one everyday for work, I'd probably hate it. In order to keep my nerd cred going, I have some nice pins for my blazer/suit. A Triforce, the Mario Mushrooms, etc.

Well that's me, for the most part. Feel free to join in and share your style.

News and Announcements / Mega Man movie apparently under development
« on: September 03, 2015, 11:39:20 PM »
According to the Tracking-Board, there is apparently a Mega Man movie under development from 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment. I'm kind of at a loss for words, even though one shouldn't be surprised at the kinds of movies being made today. It is unclear at the moment whether this is going to be a live-action movie or an animated movie, but given that most people don't spend a lot of money to see animated movies not made by Pixar or Dreamworks, odds are it will be live action. Feel free to place your bets though.

As for the production company behind this, I'll simply quote a part of that article.

One positive sign of things to come is Chernin Entertainment. David Ready and Michael Finfer are overseeing for the company, while Peter Chernin produces. Together they have a pretty solid pedigree for sci-fi action movies, including the recent/upcoming Planet of the Apes films. Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan are overseeing for Fox.

The recent Planet of the Apes movies are indeed excellent, so that is some comfort in these questionable and curious times. Still though, they're making a movie about a video game, so anything goes at this point.

More on this story as it develops.

*blows dust off new News button*

Haven't had to do this in a while, but well yeah, this is legit news. According to this article on Deadline, we are getting a brand new Mega Man animated series on television in 2017, which would coincide with the 30th anniversary of our beloved franchise. Dentsu Entertainment USA and Man of Action Entertainment will partner up to create this new iteration of the Super Fighting Robot (see what I did there?  8D). If you need some street cred on Man of Action Entertainment, here you go.

Man of Action Entertainment is the bi-coastal creative collective responsible for such mega-hits as the Ben 10 empire and Generator Rex on Cartoon Network, and writing and producing Marvelís Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvelís Avengers Assemble for Disney XD. They are also the creators of the characters and team that populate Disney/Marvelís hit feature film, Big Hero 6, the first-ever Disney animated feature based on a Marvel property.

More on this as it develops. Either way, WOOHOO!!!!

Entertainment / Man at Arms - Fantasy Weapons Come To Life
« on: September 16, 2013, 08:12:03 AM »
Are you the type of person that loves the history that goes into a weapon? Be it a blade, a gun, a bow, etc., I find that the backstory & history of a weapon is just as fascinating as the character wielding it. My personal favorite weapon of all time is the Sword of Omens from Thundercats. With all the movie props and custom builds of weapons from our best fantasy stories, I have yet to see a perfect representation of my favorite sword. There have been attempts, but none have come close to matching the sheer elegance, beauty, and design of the sword from the cartoon.

Until now...

In my usual yearly search to see if a perfected prop had been made of the Sword of Omens, I came across this YouTube channel and found...well I found it. There it is, in all its Thunderian glory. The blade I have been longing to own since I first laid eyes upon it some 25 years ago. Unfortunately, I'm almost positive this is not for sale. One day.

I am so happy I found this channel though. The time, effort, and love that went into making it left me speechless. True craftsmanship is an art in itself, especially blacksmithing. What's more is that this man has made more weapons from the myths and legends we nerds have grown up with over our lives. I urge you to give this channel a look.

It also begs the question; what sword would you like him to make?

Original / Wily's Skull Castles: Best Skull Flair
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:59:37 AM »
A simple poll just for fun! Plus, it's going on 5AM so I'm feeling silly. Anyway, simple question/poll. Which Wily Skull Castle is your favorite/has the best "Skull Flair" in your opinion. Here they are!

Skull Castle 2

Skull Castle 3

Skull Castle 4

Skull Castle 5

Skull Castle 6

Skull Castle 7

Skull Castle 8

Skull Castle 9

Skull Castle 10

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd GO!

Gaming / New Strider Game
« on: July 19, 2013, 02:34:53 AM »

So yeah, I'm pretty excited!  0v0

Alas, my MMMania GameStop purchased slip, I hardly knew ye.

According to Capcom-Unity, every Mega Man game on the Game Boy will be joining Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge on the 3DS Console.

More good news for the Virtual Console today...

Quite a while ago, the first Game Boy Mega Man title (Dr Wily's Revenge) landed on the 3DS VC. That naturally led most of us to wonder, "are the rest of the GB games coming to 3DS?" Welp, after a year of wondering that myself, I'm happy to say Mega Man II, III, IV and V are ALL coming soon to the US and EU.

This is a great piece of news, as Mega Man V remains one of the coolest oddball (used in the most affectionate way possible) games in the series. Instead of Robot Masters, Mega Man fights Stardroids, and instead of a typical Mega Buster charged shot, he has a Mega Arm projectile attack (similar to the MM6/7 Rush upgrade). It's a very clever entry that's been hard to legitimately play for years, so pick it up!

Mega Man IV is equally impressive, combining aspects of the NES Mega Man 4/5 to create one new experience. I daresay it's the best of the NES mimics (I, II and III also mix enemies and bosses from the NES) and well worth a look.

But wait, there's more!

Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2 are ALSO coming to 3DS! Like the aforementioned GB titles, these two remix aspects of the SNES games (plus some X4 stuff in Xtreme 2) to create something new. Xtreme 2 is particularly interesting, with its playable Zero and DNA souls / parts system.

Now, we don't have release dates set just yet, but given how cool this information is (especially MMV), I thought it was worth sharing ASAP. I'll certainly share the dates as soon as we lock 'em down, and we should have even more VC updates in the coming weeks.

Here's the link.

Well, if I can assign SNES controls to the Xtreme games, perhaps I'll actually give them the time of day!  8D

Roleplay / Wilypocalypse NOW
« on: November 25, 2012, 10:39:41 AM »
Plot - It's finally happening again! Dr. Wily II's gone He's unleashing all his Robot Masters at once in his mad ambition to conquer the world...again. He needs to be stopped. Do you join the fight to stop him or do you join Dr. Wily II in his fiendish quest?


List of participants (updated as the story goes along [or eventually stops]):

Resistance Perfect Memories (A.K.A. The Heroes)
Protoman Blues
Sakura Leic
RMZX Anarchy
Sapphire Knight

Dr. Wily II's Legion of Conquest (A.K.A. The Villains)
Dr. Wily II

Neutral Parties and Observers (A.K.A. Lovers not Fighters)
Ninja Lou

It is a time of Civil War. Dr. Wily II has finally grown tired of not ruling the world and thus has set out to do so. There are some who desire the kind of order that Dr. Wily II would bring, yet others who will not stand for it. Protoman Blues is such a man. He ponders the situation from SexStation 2069.

PB - "I don't understand. We took out his eastern robotics factory weeks ago. How is he able to continue to produce such a vast amount of forces. Something's not right here. He must be getting help from somewhere.

What the hell? NEWS!!!

I'm just gonna copy/paste the info from

- strategy RPG featuring characters from the three companies
- characters team up in pairs for fighting scenes
- character pairings
- trailer due later this month

Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter 0), X and Zero (Mega Man), Demitri and Dante (Darkstalkers and Devil May Cry), Chris and Jill (Resident Evil)

Shinguji Sakura and Ogami Ichiro (Sakura Wars), Pai and Akira (Virtua Fighter), Kurt and Riela (Valkyria Chronicles), Ulala and Touma (Space Channel 5 and Shining Force EXA)

Namco Bandai
Sanger Somvold (Super Robot Wars), Jin and Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken), Kos-Mos and T-elos (Xenosaga), Yurie and Estel (Tales of Vesperia), Kaito and Black Rose (.hack)

Here's hoping this comes to our western shores!

Gaming / Nintendo Releases New Wii U Details: PB is Pleased
« on: January 27, 2012, 04:34:52 AM »
Just a quick blurb while I'm at work, but I gotta say Nintendo is hopefully on the right track with their new system. My main concern is the online capabilities of it, which they are seemingly addressing with the new Nintendo Network announcement.

Nintendo Network Details

As well as more details on the functionality of the Wii U controller...

Wii U Controller Details

The 'NFC' thing opens up a lot of potential for not only gaming but sucking immense amounts of money out of people's money, especially in regards to anything Pokemon. OR MAYBE I'LL FINALLY GET THAT YUGIOH...ahem, nevermind! XD

Anyway, just thought I'd bring it up! Discuss!  8)

News and Announcements / Official 25th Anniversary Logo Contest
« on: January 13, 2012, 11:24:20 PM »
It's a new year, my fellow fans of the Megaist of Men. And while last year is probably a year most MegaMan fans want to forget, this year is hopefully one we'd like to remember. Now as many of you know, the Rockman X iOS game had a possible 25th Anniversary Logo attached to it. You know, this one...

Now there is no word on whether or not this is official, but needless to say it isn't doing much for a lot of fans out there. Personally, I think it's a bit lazy. I don't mind the design so much, but I think the color choices are pretty horrendous. However, it's not official and being that I don't have much artistic ability I probably could not design a better one. Or maybe I could.

Or maybe you could!

Thus brings me to the point of this announcement. In my humble & actually kinda arrogant opinion, we have a vast amount of talented artists here on RPM and across the other MegaMan fansites out there. The other mods and I have discussed this and we want to see what you can come up with for a 25th Anniversary Logo for our beloved franchise hero. Now for some rules!

  • Members are allowed only one entry. However, during the course of the year they are allowed to change their entry if they think of a better design
  • Entries can be submitted via posting on the official 25th Anniversary Logo Contest post that will be set up in the near future, via the RPM Oekaki Board, or via the RockmanPM group on deviantArt
  • Hand drawn art and/or sprites are welcome. Be as imaginative as possible and try your best not to copy other people's work
  • Entries that are pornographic or inappropriate will be admired, probably laughed at quite a bit, but then ultimately deleted and not allowed in due to being pornographic & inappropriate
  • All entries are due in by October 31st, 2012
  • Voting will commence on November 1st, 2012 and will last until December 10th, 2012
  • The winning logo will be announced on December 17th, 2012. The winning logo will be displayed on the RPM front page on December 17th, 2012 for the entire year of the 25th Anniversary
  • All contest entries will be saved in the Contests folder on the front page, as well as in the RockmanPM deviantArt group

Over the course of the year, the mods and I will discuss other options for prizes, as obviously we're not sure we can fully deliver due to us being a fan site and all. The main idea here is for some fun, some awesome art, and just something to do to celebrate our beloved hero's 25th Anniversary as best we can. There will be more to come on this as we have some time, but what I want is to hear from you. This is just a Protoman Blues idea right now, but I would like to try to involve everyone to the best of my ability, so please please please please PLEASE offer your input, your opinions, your ideas and anything you might like to see come from this.

Draw, MegaMan fans! For Everlasting Peace!

Capcom's Boss Talks Mega Man

Perhaps appropriate that we are approaching our hero's birthday, Capcom US head honcho Christian Svensson is trying to alleviate the fans worries that Capcom has no plans to ever touch the franchise again and that they are indeed plans in the works. Now whether or not this is corporate PR bullpoopy or legitimate is up to you. Personally, I do feel that they are thinking about the future of the brand. However, my problem is that I think they'll come to the same conclusion that I have, that the franchise is no longer profitable.

I do think there's a way to make the series profitable again, however I don't know if it can be done. Essentially, a franchise needs marketability and Capcom needs to garner new interest in the franchise. There are three prominent ways to do that: movies, TV, and video games. Since a live action movie of Mega Man will not be made, and more or less should not be made, that leaves TV and Video Games. Actually, it only leaves TV since the main problem is that the video games are really no longer profitable and only current Mega Man fans are interested in them, outside of the nostalgic group that might play a downloadable classic series game. But nostalgia will only last for so long. The Mega Man franchise needs something new to build off of, so TV is the answer. Since you cannot make a live action Mega Man TV series, nor should they, the only logical answer is to make a brand new QUALITY Mega Man cartoon series.

I say quality because the NT Warrior cartoon brought over here was just dubbed anime and wasn't really all that good, and as much as I love the RS-MM cartoon for its cheesiness, it's a terrible cartoon. Cartoons like that only interest the MM fanbase, just like the Archie Comic, and do nothing to draw in new fans which is what Capcom has to do. So, if I were Capcom, what I would do is hire the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender to make a new Mega Man cartoon. Avatar is hands down one of the greatest cartoons ever made, and I do say ever. It has quality writing, fantastic characters & character development, great humor, awesome animation, and essentially everything a good cartoon & series needs. If they could use the same quality to make a new Mega Man cartoon, I think it would be a huge success. They would already have a brand recognizable character and an established fanbase that would watch in us, plus when they slap the "FROM THE CREATORS OF AVATAR" logo in front of it, you would have the interest of the Avatar fans as well. Then hopefully, if the cartoon is indeed good, it will gain interest just like cartoons like Avatar & the new My Little Pony did from totally new fans and well the rest is marketability.

The question is though, do you base a new cartoon off of an established series like the Classic or X series, or do you just make a whole new series all together?  Personally, I would just go for an all new series, because if you go with an established series you run the risk of just telling the same old story again, just in newly animated form. If you make a new series, then you'll have new games to base that off of, and you ride the hope that the new fans will also check out some of the older series as well. Either way, it's a long shot, but one that I think has potential. Like I said though, it has to be good. Of course, I'm not in charge of Capcom, so what I say doesn't matter unless I start a petition or something. Heh, maybe I should start a petition, just for the fun of it and see what happens.

Anyway, what do you think of this proposal?

Gaming / Wii 2: Nintendo begins the E3 Hype
« on: April 14, 2011, 10:10:36 PM »
New Console to possibly be revealed at E3

More powerful than a PS3, 360, and a locomotive. What new wonders will Nintendo show us? Stay tuned.

Gaming / Nintendo Vs. Capcom: Here We Go
« on: March 24, 2011, 11:01:59 AM »
Because we can take our dreams for a ride once in a while. Well here we are, a Nintendo vs. Capcom topic. The topic is pretty simple and straightforward: Who do you want to see in it? What supers do you think they should have? What stages would you like them to use? What's today's date? WHAT YEAR?

So, here is my makeshift list for 5:30AM...

King Dedede
Capt. Falcon
Captain Syrup
Fox McCloud
Slippy (because he deserves a hyper combo finish)
Donkey Kong
Capt. K Rool
Mike Jones

Phoenix Wright
Ryu (BoF)
Nina (ditto)
Viewtiful Joe
Sexy Silvia
Ryu (SF)
Little Nemo

I'll come up with more later, like when I wake up. Well, have fun! XD

Gaming / The Nintendo Universe Amalgamation
« on: March 23, 2011, 03:33:36 AM »
I was just thinking about this in the Mario Kart thread, and just thought I'd see what everyone else thought or could come up with.

Now, as we all know, Nintendo has a plethora of characters and universes that could be combined to form fun and awesome games, I.E. Smash Bros. Since the Smash Bros. series has undeniably been a hit, it's most likely inevitable that they will do it again in possibly different ways. The question is how. The other question is, how would you, the gaming RPMers out there, like to see them do it.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I think the Mario Kart series will eventually lead into a Nintendo Kart series, which could be very interesting in terms of items & karts. It might just be too crazy & item universal to work in a Mario Kart type atmosphere, but if done right, it could be interesting enough.

Now, a Nintendo RPG is probably the next, most logical progression. As I am not an RPG expert, I'm curious how the RPGers out there would like to see it done.

A Nintendo RTS game would also be interesting, but again, I know very little about RTS's either, so I'm curious how the RTSers out there would like to see it done.

A Nintendo vs. Capcom perhaps? I don't see any reason why not.  8D

Anyway, throw out your ideas here!


Gaming / L.A. Noire
« on: March 14, 2011, 08:50:04 AM »

I just recently got back from the PAX East and I have seen a lot of demos, played a lot of indie games, and had a very fair share of fun experiences. However, what I personally will most take away from what I saw (other than me winning first place in the Virtual On tourney 8) ), is a game I was already pretty stoked for, but now has definitely reached "Most anticipated game of the year" status. The story is set in 1947 L.A., during a very corrupt era, in which you play a recently promoted detective named Cole Phelps. And when I say play detective, I REALLY mean you get to play as a detective. During the 30 minute demo, which I waited 2 hours to see, they showed all the aspects of how you play the game literally as a detective. Searching for clues, investigation, interrogation of suspects, case notes, and so on. The body & facial expressions during the gameplay are absolutely stunning, especially when you are trying to figure out if they lied or not. Getting the info wrong can make the case take longer to solve, and getting it right just helps solve it much quicker. I also liked how, since you have an in-game partner, you have the option of having him drive directly to the crime scene and skipping ahead or you driving yourself there for the whole experience.

The look and feel of the game is mind blowing. As a huge huge fan of Film Noir movies, this game exceeded all my expectations. The dialog, the music, the look. Everything felt right, and this was only from a 30 minute demo of the game of one minor case. There's still a huge overarching story to play, as well as what looks like many many cases to solve, cases that are actually from the police files from that era. From what they said, the research that went into this game is very in depth, and it definitely shows. This demo was 100% worth the wait to see, and I am now looking forward to this game more than any other coming out. Way to go, Rockstar. Way to go!

For more info on the game: L.A. Noire

Entertainment / New Thundercats HO
« on: February 26, 2011, 09:03:07 PM »

This trailer for the new show was shown on Cartoon Network last night. I gotta say, as an avid Thundercats fan, I am definitely intrigued by this new take. I'm really curious what direction they plan on going, but I am liking the elements I see thus far. Especially Grune the Destroyer, one of my favorite villains from the original show. However, I am getting excited for this. I really hope it's good.

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie

I found this news very shocking today due to the fact that my father & I literally just finished watching our DVD collection of JLU last night, a series he pretty much wrote and a series that I love. In case you didn't know, this man also created Static Shock and the character Static himself in Milestone Comics. His latest piece of work, All Star Superman just came out today on DVD/Blu-Ray, a movie that I'm really looking forward to. He has worked at both Marvel & DC over his illustrious career. He will greatly be missed by anyone who grew up with his writing & the work he did on his cartoon shows.

Entertainment / The Curious League of Comic Book Geeks
« on: February 01, 2011, 07:25:29 AM »
The Curious League of Comic Book Geeks

Hey all. LoL, I know many of you are not into comic books, but my friend Josh and I have created a podcast called The Curious League of Comic Book Geeks, which will be a weekly podcast dedicated to comic book reviews, spotlights on certain series, and other various comic book related stuff. Feel free to give a listen if you want. I hope everyone who listens to it enjoys it.  8)

P.S. - Also we, the Curious League of Comic Book Geeks apologize for the length of this first episode. LoL, due to background info on our favorite comics, as well as what got us into comics, it ran a bit longer than normal!  8D


Today, Leslie Nielsen of Airplane & Naked Gun comedic fame passed away. This one kinda hit me hard, as I have sooooooooooo many fond, fond memories of this man making me laugh. Not only that, but he was also awesome in Forbidden Planet, The Posideon Adventure, and countless other roles. Thank you for all the fantastic laughs, Mr. Nielsen. May you R.I.P.

Gaming / Blistered Thumbs Recruitment Drive
« on: October 30, 2010, 08:00:37 AM »
Blistered Thumbs Recruitment! Apply Now!

I thought I would put this here for anyone who might be interested. Essentially, the soon to be opened site Blistered Thumbs is looking for gamers to help out. News hounds, journalists, etc. If you don't feel like watching the long vid, this forum post has a lot of the same details, so feel free to check it out.

Entertainment / TRON: Legacy
« on: October 26, 2010, 08:12:47 PM »

This trailer/music video just came out and I thought I'd make a topic for this movie. With the year just about winding up now, this is my most anticipated film coming out. It is also my most anticipated soundtrack coming out as well, as it is done by none other than Daft Punk. So yeah, more updates as they come, but I thought you all might enjoy this.

Entertainment / The 2010 New York Comic Con Experience
« on: October 11, 2010, 01:41:22 AM »

This is just a quick post to make the topic. There will be much more information to come. Needless to say, it was one of the best weekends ever.

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