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[READ FIRST!] The Rules of RPM
« on: November 08, 2008, 04:05:03 AM »
We strictly enforce the following rules. If you think they are unacceptable, go elsewhere.


* This site is mainly for fans of Rockman/Mega Man. That doesn't mean that not everyone is allowed to be here, but it would be more preferred if any interest for Rockman/Mega Man is there when interacting with us on this forum.

* If you are here to advertise anything, ask staff members first if that's OK, otherwise don't post advertisements!

* (updated!) Do not post requests for donations, either monetary or material. Not even through PMs. Any such posts will be removed, and depending on context, warnings, or even bans will be issued. (updated!)


* Try to avoid using generic names as your user name, and please capitalize it properly.

* Do not create or use multiple accounts. If you lose your password, it can be retrieved by email. Creating multiple accounts for any reason is grounds for an immediate ban and/or removal of any or all accounts found to be in violation of this rule.

* Your account is wholly your responsibility. Do not share your account, as you will be held responsible for any activity committed under it.

* Attempting to breach any security measures in place on RPM will result in your immediate removal and reports with the proper authorities will be filed, with possible legal action following.

* Do not request staff powers -- this will only shove you to the end of the list when the situation requires a new staff member hired.

* Staff reserves the right to alter your account for any reason (such as removing a signature or avatar deemed inappropriate) with or without your knowledge or consent.


* Signature image formats allowed are GIF, JP(E)G, and PNG.

* The width of your signature in total is not to exceed 600 pixels (roughly).

* The height of your signature is not to exceed 200 pixels (roughly).

* Even though the maximum size of your signature is 600 x 200, this does not necessarily mean you must make an image that big.  Sometimes smaller is better.

* Signature images are not to break any rules laid out on this page.


* Avatar formats allowed are GIF, JP(E)G, and PNG.

* Avatar dimensions are not to exceed 120 pixels in width. The forum script would resize your image to 120px when you place one on your account, but it's not always a guarantee, so it's still preferred the avatar is resized to 120px width or lower before uploading.

* Avatar images are not to break any rules laid out on this page.


* Respect your fellow members. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

* Do not post anything illegal, political, religious, bigoted, nude, non-worksafe, or slanderous. Personal attacks are not tolerated.

* Word censoring is turned ON by default.  If you would rather have it turned off, you may turn it off yourself via your profile.  If you feel there is a certain word that should be added to the word censoring, send a message to one of the staff members, and we will consider it, though we may deem it not offensive.

* Linking to and/or providing ROMs, warez and other items related to piracy is disallowed. Requesting ROMs, warez, etc. is disallowed.  Discussions about these, however, are allowed.

* Do not post spam. Spam is considered posts which are useless, irrelevant, or possibly intended only to boost your post count. Pointless one-word replies and flooding are within this category, and also consider that sending personal messages (PMs) to other members or posting in the forums to advertise or otherwise become a spam-like annoyance WILL be punished as soon as the administration hears about the case.

* Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected. While we can be somewhat lenient, there is a point where what you type is simply incomprehensible, and may be considered spam. Take your time posting -- this is not a chat room.

* Avoid posting spoilers in plain view. Use our Spoiler Tag BBCode feature to conceal them if you must post spoilers.

* Please do not abuse the forum features. While posting, you may note that the size of text, its color, and other attributes may be altered. Even though using these with reason and in moderation is perfectly acceptable, we would ask you not abuse them. To abuse them means (as examples) coloring an entire post, making the entire post size 8, and things of that nature.

* Reviving older topics (aka Necro-posting) is acceptable, but if you are going to do so, please post a good amount of on-topic information.

* Avoid double-posting if possible. If you wish to add something, please use the Edit button on your post.

* Do not make a topic on the board if it covers the same topic as one of our news posts.

* Do NOT make multiple topics. If a topic was made before, yet locked or removed, it was done so for good reason. Attempting to revive such a topic is seen as insubordination, and can lead up to potentially the banning of your account.

* If you have an issue with a member's behavior, please refrain from arguing with them. Contact (PM) the Staff Members regarding your issue.

* Please don't Quote large images if you're going to Quote someone's post.  It needlessly takes up vertical (and sometimes horizontal) space and makes it so people have to scroll up or down much more than would be necessary.  Instead, clip (delete) the open and close [img] tags. This returns a simple URL to the image instead of the image itself.  If this becomes a major issue, enforcement will be mandatory.

* Speaking of Quoting, you do not necessarily have to Quote a post that's directly above your post.  If you're replying to the last post in a topic, that is generally understood without Quoting someone. Quoting a relevant part of the post, however, is perfectly fine. You may have to add the name of the member you're replying to, to make sure you're replying to the right member.

* Also, in regards to quoting, do not, repeat, DO NOT simply Quote someone to make a post, as it is considered spam and thus serves no purpose.  Continuing to do so will result in a Temp Ban.

* (new!) In the Fan Works and Off The Wall sections, there are threads dedicated to posting images related to the thread topic. If you are to post an image in either of these threads, DO NOT POST THE LINK TO THE IMAGE HOSTED IN THE SITE YOU SAW IT AT. Most hosting providers have remote linking disabled to save bandwidth, so it's more likely than not that once posted, YOU can see it (because it's already in your browser cache) but everyone else can NOT. Whenever you see an image you'd like to post, SAVE IT, then upload it to sites like ImgUR (recommended), ImageShack (recommended), Tiny Pic (recommended), Photobucket (recommended) or Bay Img; since these are public image hosting sites, this way you are ensuring that everyone else can enjoy the images you're trying to share. Repeated failure to comply with this rule will earn you a temporary ban. (new!)

* The feature "Report to a moderator" has been gone for some time. Thus, whenever a problem is to be reported (unruly user, software error with the forum, or suchlike), a staff member should be contacted immediately and directly; no matter if none of them are online at the moment, or if one is available. That way they can deal with the duties at hand as soon as they arrive.

* As of April 2008, Staff Member DominicanZero/Shiki Tohno has been promoted to the position of Administrator, in light of recent events involving RPM's security being compromised. He will be monitoring the site and forum closely, and depending on the situations, may take actions that can be potentially considered unfair or have undesired consequences. If you find you are unjustly affected by one of these actions, you may direct your information requests to the IRC Channel, where one of our other staff members will file your complaint and forward it to the forum immediately.

* As of May 2009, you can now embed Flash movies and Youtube videos into your posts. It should ONLY be used in small doses and not have contents that are breaking the rules. If this happens, a warning, or worse, an immediate ban will happen. Use this feature only when it really matters, don't post a flash or youtube clip on every post.

* (new!) It is now a bannable offense if one does not read the rules. It has been decided after cases of recent members having not read the rules, and breaking them. The ban period will be up to the moderator's discretion.* (new!)

* If you have any complaints or issues, forward PM's to the Staff Members.

The staff reserve the right to alter these rules at any time.

If you agree to all of the above, you are welcome at RPM.
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