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Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:00:04 PM »
As of this post... 19 Hours left till MMU is released! It'll be available around 11:00am Eastern Daylight Time, aka 4:00pm British Summer Time.

Remember its free for download at, I think there'll be various mirrors available to try and avoid any server crashing from the huge onslaught of downloads that will surely ensue.

The Soundtrack should be made available in a few days, to avoid any spoilers.

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:07:57 AM »
I'll let the video speak for itself.

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:41:11 PM »
Mega Man Unlimited is now being tested with a Release Candidate. If all goes well, the game could be released in a few days from now.

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:26:37 PM »
I think NMario is making it sound worse than it is.

Phil's approached some new game companies for more work (cos unemployment sucks). Apparently, his potential employers had a requirement, he could work for them so long as he didn't have any side projects going. It sounds unfair but I bet this is common in the game industry, probably contractual obligations to help prevent conflicts of interest.

So all that really means is we'll have to release MMUnlimited earlier than expected. (Its kind of a good news/bad news thing). Of course this'll excite the fans that its coming sooner, but the bad news is, it may mean some bugs may more likely slip through our fingers, cos of the reduced amount of bug fixing time.

Nevertheless, I must say our team of bugfixers have so far done a bang up job. We could be being paranoid. We may get rid of every bug in time anyway!

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:55:49 PM »
Both me and NMario have been busily looking for bugs in the Alpha Build for MMU. Yep thats right, we have been lucky enough to get to play the game. I can safely say its almost to the point of being completely bug free now. I've played through a few times now to the end without experiencing any bugs at all. Its Completely playable and might I say, I love it! Excellent level design and great placement of enemies. Intense boss fights too. Truly feels like an authentic Mega Man game. The most realistic fangame of Mega Man ever.

At this rate I would say we may see a release sometime by the end of June. Exciting times! I can't wait to see all you guys LP it.

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: May 02, 2013, 07:58:35 PM »
I don't know entirely where Phil got his inspiration for the Scorpion, you'll have to ask him. Some fans have stated that it reminds them of a boss in Zero 2?

As for signing up for testing... Even I haven't dared ask, respectfully. It's totally up to Phil as to who he thinks is worthy and trustworthy to bug test the "near complete" version. I'm sure he wants to avoid spoilers getting out this close to release.

But I live in hope that he may still ask me and NMario to give it an early try. :)

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:17:37 AM »
Hey folks, another milestone has been reached! Not only is the "to do" list almost complete, but the game has also reached "Alpha Status" and has begun QA Testing.

To celebrate the factl Phil has posted a new trailer, with a beautiful japanese theme to it.

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: March 07, 2013, 04:07:19 PM »
The game is getting closer and closer to "Alpha" status... Just look at how small the Todo list is now. And those particular tasks look like they'll all be really easy to do in a few days. I can imagine the game may see a release very soon after a short bug fixing stage. Perhaps end of April release? I'm definately excited!

He's perfected the various menu screens over the last few weeks, including an almost fully functional shop. Gameflow is being perfected, so everything in the game is linked together. He's got the Energy Balancer mechanics working, pallete changes for pick ups when Mega Man switches weapons and Save and Load menu's are working!

All he has to do now are a few more shop exclusive items and have them work in the game, a few tweaks to targeting AI for heatseeking weapons like Jet Missile and Yoku Attack, make sure things like E-Tanks an W-Tanks work correctly on the pause menu screen, gameflow so all elements of the game are fully linked, perfect the weapon absorb sequence after you kill a boss and finally make sure the Title Screen works perfectly and goes back to the intro sequence after the music ends....

The end is so near, I can taste it.

In progress:

- Menus (Options Menu, Wily Game Over Menu,)
- Energy Tanks not being collectable by Yoku Attack
- Eddie Call


- Targeting spot for Yoku Attack and Jet Missile (Only x flipping of offset to fix)
- Shop Exclusive Items (Spike Shield, Beat Rescue...)
- Pause Menu Weapon Tanks Functionality  (Selecting a W-Tank and refilling weapon energy)
- Gameflow: When MM has obtained a boss' special weapon, that boss shouldn't show up at the end of a stage
- Gameflow: Automatically go to next Wily stage after beating one & Play Wily Castle Map cutscenes
- Title Screen (95% Done. Only thing left is triggering the intro cutscene after the song is over and adding the logos before the intro)
- Weapon Absorb sequence (Can't really do it in cutscene engine because of the various terrain layouts)
- Serialization   (80% done (Gab))
- CometWoman song final polish   (Kevvviiinnn - Phil)
- (Ending) Cast Medley Song   (Kevvviiinnn)
- Fix bugs


- All robot master stages and bosses are completed except minor details.
- Enemy projectiles reactions to Megaman's weapons (Being able to destroy projectiles etc...)
- Energy Balancer
- Boss Door colors (per level)
- Shop Menu  (Only thing left is adding a confirm dialog when buying things.)
- Final Bosses and final sequence of events  Only the final sequence of cutscenes in the Cutscenes to finish)
- Save Menu (98% Still have to code the Play Time counter and confirmation dialog)
- Load Menu (98% Still have to code the Play Time counter and confirmation dialog)
- (Ending) Cast Cutscene (95% Done Will do the rest of timing job when I get the Medley Song)   (Phil)
- YokuMan Stage Maze Gameplay
- Stage Select screen completed.
- Robot Master Hurt
- Wily stages 90%
- Level enemies : 100%
- MM Weapons ( 95% ):
- Rush Coil (Some bugs left to fix)
- Rush Jet (Some bugs left to fix)
- Comet Dash
- Glue Shot
- Rainbow Beam
- Yo-yo Cutter
- Tank Arsenal
- Yoku Attack
- Jet Missile
- Nitro Blast
- Nail Shield
- Cutscene engine
- Cutscenes  (95% Done)
- Wily Boss #1
- Wily Boss #2
- Wily Boss #3
- Wily's Robot Master Teleporters
- Load game
- Pause Menu

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: February 21, 2013, 08:38:29 PM »
Are you building a game or an engine?

Heh, its both. To be a complete engine, it needs a template game, with all the usual amount of typical content a Gameboy Mega Man game should have. First 4 robot masters, a midway stage, 4 more robot masters, then the wily stages. Bubble Man is gonna be part of the 2nd phase of Robot masters. The next 3 bosses haven't been decided yet.

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:36:41 PM »
After a long struggle trying to come up with a decent tileset for Bubble Man's stage. I finally decided to just expand upon the original NES one and add a few new tiles here and there: such as ladders, new spikes, new bubble sprayer, new falling platform, new mesh background, new horizontal boss door, new GB Wily logo, new see-through glass platform with wate and a new pump container looking block. I was going to attempt a "top of the waterfall" section with some spray and see some buildings in the background (kinda like what you may have seen in some NES MM2 hacks of Bubble Man stage). But decided against it.

I'm designing the stage layout now, its going to be over 33 rooms altogether. (Remember that in terms of how Endless attack calculates its rooms, it usually refers to a screen as one room. A long corridor section could count as 5 rooms.)

Here's the tileset, including its GBA Pallete, Gameboy Pallete and Super Gameboy Pallete.

(Right click View Image to see it in full size.)

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: February 03, 2013, 11:40:49 PM »
I'm not sure yet if there will be a ice based robot master that you get a weapon from. The first phase of the game has Elec Man (Thunder Beam), Air Man (Air Shooter), Shadow Man (Shadow Blade) and Ring Man (Ring Boomerang). Metto Man's weapon is some kind of shield based weapon from what I hear. Then there's Bubble Man who'll be in the second phase. The next three haven't been decided yet.

But even so, you won't need to draw any more sprites for Slash Man, if he had any frozen sprites we'd just make a pallete change to icy colours.

On my previous post, I mentioned HKLurch18 and MM72, did a little more searching and it seems his project was revived but he'd continue it elsewhere with updates on his own site. So there may be a chance to contact him after all.... Anyone got any leads?

I'm tempted to try and get in contact with Sapphire✧9, author of Hollow Fate. He too was an awesome sprite artist, especially with tilesets. This is the expertise I'd love some help in to help get Mega Man World rolling again.

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:15:36 PM »
I've been looking at some of the older threads on this forum for other fan projects, just to see the range of talent we have in the Perfect Memories community... And I had a glance through HKLurch18's old Mega Man 72 topic.

Does anyone know how I can get ahold of the lad?

His sad last post mentioning the death of the 72 project, was unfortunate. But he was a talented sprite artist and I'd want to try and make him feel useful again. It looked like he felt discouraged by a lack of enthusiasm and that 72 wasn't really going anywhere or reaching its full potential. I think if I can get him to contribute a little to the Mega Man World project it would be very rewarding for him and beneficial for all of us in the long run too.

Who knows? It may even inspire him to continue 72 in a Gameboy format using NMario's new engine.

So does anyone know how I can still get ahold of him? If he still frequents the internetz in some capacity?

Fan Games / Re: Rockman World: VS Killers/Megaman: The Hunter Numbers
« on: January 28, 2013, 01:07:03 PM »
Now you guys know how hard its been for me, making the Met Factory stage tileset! I agree with Gatuca, take a good long look at all the existing GB maps to get a taste of the style of tiles used. Getting that right shading and look, that feels Mega Man-esque, is key!

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: January 18, 2013, 06:23:28 PM »
Realised we don't have the current levels shown on this thread. Here are the complete maps of all the levels so far in the engine. These also include the enemy placements, to help NMario when he codes the enemies into the game.

Also, here's the Wily Gimmick Stages that I worked tirelessly on.

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: January 17, 2013, 10:04:41 PM »
I'd like to stress where things are at the moment with the engine. NMario is awaiting some inspriration from moi. I've got several things to show him soon that will help him spring back to life and start programming again from where he was getting stuck. (He's been having issues with stuff like coding for ladders and the effects they'll have with reverse gravity)

I have two things ready and waiting to impress him, one is the above mentioned Met Factory stage.

I'd also like to include various detail to the stage like forklifts carrying the Metal Boxes and such, alongside such details as the Metool assembly lines, Metool making Machines, flashing hazard lights, moving machinery and such. I just lack the sprite talents to achieve it without alot of trial and error. Its taking all my skills to get the above tileset to its present state.

(This is the kind of look I'm going for, for the forklift... the style you see the servbots use in legends. To the right is the type of foklift seen in MegaPhilX's upcoming fangame: MMUnlimited, a nice comparison to how an 8-bit forklift could look. I'd imagine the forklift being about 4x5 tiles big.)

If anyone could ever contribute or help me design the forklift as part of the tileset, I'd be super happy and thankful. Plus it'd be a nice motivation for NMario to continue the engine. Once the tileset is complete I can start designing the stage and then thats all stages made up for his engine!

Except for ... well *cough* a certain secret robot master, or other... That something else is in the works while I wait for help with the Met Factory.

Update: PS, I'm seriously considering taking some inspiration from this tileset from MM10's Endless mode, for the interior part of the Factory. What do you guys think?

Rockman Series / Re: Mega Man Archie Comics
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:57:41 PM »
I am impressed with the latest issue (#21). Seems they're fleshing out the Archie Original characters more and still focusing well on such cool age old moral plot points, like the Ghost in a Machine, the laws of robotics, the ethics in giving them the freedom of human beings. Xander is a great villain and viewpoint for the anti-robot perspective. Its also kinda unnerving to think that in the end, he's right... Robots will destroy humanity! Wouldn't it be awesome if somehow he ends up seeing a vision of the future in X's time which fuels his extreme obsession even more?
I have to say I love the reviews that Erico does on the Mega Man Network, too! He hits the nail on the head with his analysis of the themes and subjects that lie hidden in the pages.

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:04:39 PM »
As you folks know, I designed some Boss Gauntlet rooms. Its not definate if these guys will end up in the Boss Gauntlet teleporter rooms, but I've always liked the idea of also representing characters from MM5, MM6, MM7 and MM8. (Seeing as we have ones from 1,2,3 and 4)

Here are Centaur Man's and Frost Man's rooms. Coming soon is Star Man's and Slash Man's rooms.

Also, NMario has always wanted a Met Factory themed stage in one of his projects, with a Metool Daddy mid boss and his one Robot Master Metto Man. I'm helping it become a reality. And here's what I've achieved so far. The stage is divided into two parts, an outside portion in the fenced off depot area of the factory, and then the actual inside of the factory where all the Mets are being constructed and lined up on treadmills.

So far, here is the outside portion of the tileset. I'm planning on stamping some of the crates with a Metool symbol to add some variety and I'll also be colouring the sky and adding buildings in the background.

I've tried some metallic-looking crates this time and also experimented with some stamps.

Here's NMario's old animation showing off what he'd like to see inside the Met Factory stage.

Finally, I've done my best to try and improve the 25th Anniversary Logo. It was tough to round out the numbers more and to make the text readable while curved and so small. But I think I've achieved it. What do you guys think?

Fan Games / Re: The MegaMan World Engine Topic
« on: January 13, 2013, 09:03:47 PM »
Nice to finally see these threads seperated. It'll help avoid alot of confusion and also seperate any debates or contributions by our fans.

I'll make my first addition to this topic by adding the old checklist of what still needs doing:

Mega Man World Engine Checklist.

Engine Intro and Cutscenes.

  • Gameboy Start Up Logo.
  • Mega Man World Intro.
  • Map/Stage Select Screen.
  • Intro/Story Cutscene.
  • Text Boxes.
  • Boss Intro Animations.
  • Weapon Absorbsion.
  • Weapon Get Cutscene (Mega Man V Style).

Physics Related Coding.

  • Jumping speed and accurate physics.
  • Gameboy style Buster Shot speed.
  • Sound Effects (Landing, shooting, teleport)
  • Sliding.
  • Room Transitioning.
  • Midway Points.
  • Animated map/rooms.
  • Hurt Animation. (flashing, knockback)
  • Death Explosion Animation.
  • Ladders "GB Style climbing"
  • Ladder Transitions.
  • Boss Doors.
  • Ladder Transition with Boss Doors.

Gameplay Related Coding.

  • Lives.
  • Charging Buster. (III, IV and V style)
  • Enemies.
  • Robot Master Weapons: Elec Beam, Air Shooter, Shadow Blade and Ring Boomerang.
  • P Chips.
  • Tango.
  • Rush.
  • Eddie.
  • 4 Letters to unlock Beat
  • Proto Man item dropping room.
  • Life Energy pellets.
  • E Tanks.
  • Small E Tanks (Collect 4 for one large)
  • Energy Balancer.
  • Projectiles rob you of weapon energy and e tanks.
  • Boss Meter Loading.

Platform Gimmicks.

  • Instant Death Spikes.
  • Ice Physics.
  • Space and Water Physics.
  • Moving Platforms.
  • Shmup Stage.
  • Looping Mazes.
  • Interactive terrain. (steam, breakable pipes)
  • Other Gimmicks in Wily Stage... Coming Soon.

Menu Coding.

  • Shop. (Coding: E Tank, W Tank, Small E Tank, S Tank, Energy Balancer, Extra Life, Weapon Recharger, The CL "Mega Arm" hit multiple times Power, The MH "Mega Arm" Grab an item Power, Charge Kick Power-Up, Mega Man III Style Power Shot, Mega Man IV Style Power Shot.)
  • Mega Arm Extension or upgrade. (After so many deaths)
  • Weapon/Pause Menu. (2 pages?)
  • Post Boss Option screen. (Stage Select, Light Lab)
  • Gameover Screen. (A Button Stage Select, B Button Continue)


  • Elec Man Stage..
  • Air Man Stage.
  • Shadow Man Stage.
  • Ring Man Stage.
  • Metto Man - Met Factory Stage.
  • Bubble Man Stage.
  • ? Stage.
  • ? Stage.
  • ? Stage.
  • Dr Wily Gimmick Stage.


  • Title Theme.
  • Intro Cutscene Theme. (Mega Man IV)
  • Dr Lights Lab. (Mega Man IV)
  • Elec Man Theme.
  • Air Man Theme (Remixed).
  • Shadow Man Theme.
  • Ring Man Theme.
  • Bubble Man Theme.
  • Stage Select Theme. (Mega Man III)
  • Game Over Theme. (Mega Man III)
  • Level Complete Theme. (Mega Man III)
  • Weapon Get Theme. (Mega Man V)
  • Ballade Theme. (Mega Man IV)

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:38:50 PM »
Am I the only one who thinks these topics should be separated? It really sounds more like your project now, rather than my own.  :\

Yeh, I've been thinking the same recently.I think soon we should plan a new thread just for Mega Man World. I'll take the appropriate material from this onto yours. Lets doscuss this and plan it on msn, NMario.

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 13, 2013, 05:23:14 AM »
The landscapes don't necessarily have to be anything we usually find on Earth. Mega Man is visiting planets far, far away from our solar system. I'll want to include some alien landscapes: Fire storms, floating forests, upsidedown waterfalls, acid rain, sky cities, methane oceans,  extremely high gravity, Ice Jungles (could go well with Arcturus, as suggested) and electrified caves.

Those are the first few things that came into head just now. I could go on and on. Frankly, I wanna have locations that you'd never see on Earth. We need to use our imaginations... Things like normal deserts, jungles and stuff are too obvious.

Posted on: January 13, 2013, 03:49:48 AM
Update: I have finished a written proposal for the project. I wanted to put everything into perspective and put across clearly what I hoped to achieve with this game. I've added this proposal to the first post in this thread and its also now a note on my Yoku Man page too ( Soon I'll also be adding my research into "Previous relevant story points" which connect the dots between various events in Mega Man lore with outer space and aliens.


Here is my proposal for my upcoming fangame project. - StarsimsUniverse.

The Inspiration.

What was the inspiration? The amazing, game changing Mega Man V for Gameboy! A totally new approach to a Mega Man game; no robot masters, a new and dangerous threat from outerspace, a tougher game, a special "Super Gameboy" pallete that made it stand out from the previous games and a totally new and original soundtrack that kicked ass! The story was alot darker too and the stakes were higher, you finally felt as if Mega Man had met his match.

Years later, I discovered there had been plans to re-release the Gameboy Mega Man games in a collection for the GBA. "Mega Man Mania" would have been a remastered collection with new GBA colour graphics and improved physics for all the games. All of the Gameboy games have become a sort of lost gem, totally under appreciated in video game history. Re-releasing them in the GBA Collection may have given them the recognition they finally deserved, but alas, the collection was cancelled, apparently due to losing the source code to the most important game in the collection: Mega Man V!

I dearly wanted to treat the fans to what they missed out on. A fangame engine that featured all the cool things promised in the "Mega Man Mania" Collection. An authentic Gameboy experience that featured the true platforming physics, feel and sounds of the original games... Not many fangames had tried to take the Gameboy approach yet, so I thought it'd be a unique project to try out. I also wanted to explore the cool storyline introduced in Mega Man V. What if not all the Stardroids were destroyed? Where did they come from? This was the beginning of my project to create a spiritual successor to Mega Man V...

But to begin with I'd need to make the engine, to make a sort of template game before I even attempted my sequel idea... Step right up NMario, my good friend!

The Template.

Mega Man World!

NMario was delighted to try out my vision. Using his old Multimedia Fusion 2 Engine as a guide, we began to remake a fangame from scratch using the Gameboy physics, gimmicks and rules as closely as we can.

I wanted this to be the most authentic engine for a fangame ever. I trully wanted MM World to feel like a Gameboy Mega Man game. It has the first four robot masters and it'll have 2 Wily castle stages, just like the original "Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge." But not only that, I wanted authentic Gameboy stereo music and the original Gameboy sound fx.

NMario then had the awesome idea of multiple pallete settings. What if we display it with GBA colours by default and also added the options to play in "Super Gameboy" and B/W "Gameboy" style? That was an awesome idea that would make this fangame project even more unique. Also adding the GBA border would help to sell the idea of it being GBA inspired. (Plus that would help with fans capturing their Lets Plays in widescreen format)

By having this template game of NMario's (with its own unique story and characters) we would have a practice game for what would later come down the line. With the game finished we could also then make it free for fans to use to make their own games, using "Mega Man World" as a starting point.

Creating Mega Man World is a logical first step. Not often do fangame makers focus on creating their engine first before making their desired fangame, they usually make their fangame from scratch developing the engine as they go.

For Mega Man World, I wanted to make use of existing materials from the old Mega Man games and simply recreate levels, this would help to sell the accuracy of the engine. If we make MM World right, then it would make "Mega Man Starbound" so much easier down the line, as most of the coding would all be complete (Plus the fans would have a free fangame engine for them to make their own games with as well!). All that would need doing was coming up with plot, new sprites, new sound fx and new gameboy style music.

The Pitch.

Because of the current development of "Mega Man World" my true fangame idea is still in the pre-production stages, with plot and concepts. As of now I have a lot of jumbled ideas mixed up in the my head regarding story, concepts, abilities, weapons and bosses, etc. So far there are only a few sketches and ideas from me and my fans from the various community forums. They too have contributed to the ongoing plot development and overall premise of the game.

Mega Man Starbound - Galaxy's Champion!

What I am proposing is a new type of fangame, done in the style of the unreleased Game Boy Advance "Mega Man Mania" Collection. The concept of the game will be very similar in style to Mega Man V (Rockman World 5) for Gameboy. It will include the physics, the fancy vibrant Gameboy Advance colour pallete, an all-new awesome original soundtrack (similar in style to its predecessor, Mega Man V), and an epic space saga storyline that could potentially span across multiple sequels and expand the Mega Man series and mythos into a whole new direction.

There will also be an expansion to the traditional gameplay elements, new gimmicks: such as collectable items, upgrades, roleplay elements, mazes, puzzles, interactive terrain, weather, gravity, and more.

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 12, 2013, 03:04:29 PM »
I wish Altair turned into a female Space Ruler/Stardroid and she's in love with Vega, since it will have Tanabata reference.

The names aren't finalised either. You may still get that wish. ;) What would truly encourage a name change is for someone to draw this "Altair" ;)

CherryKorock? Koidrake? How about it? :)

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:28:57 AM »
Keep up with the bios, they're certainly intruiging. Looks like you're doing your research on theStardroid names so it reflects their personalities. Perhaps it may inspire some more awesome character sketches from our regular artists.
Just be aware that your initial sprites you did Ylilisos, might become outdated. But to be honest I still hadn't put my mark of approval on any sprite designs yet, just so you know. I'm gonna be very critical and demanding in the sprite department. I'll demand only the very best and professional looking sprites for Starbound and try and avoid any sprites that have a "fanmade" look.

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:15:38 PM »
If it's alright with you guys, could I perhaps make some MM&B-styled bios for the bosses of Mega Man Starbound?

You could certainly try that Raging Banebou. But the effort may be for nought if the personalities and biography of the Stardroids are not finalised. We still haven't decided fully on how they will look, let alone how they'd behave.

But feel free to try, I know your Hunter Number bios have been quite interesting.

GBA ports of SNES games only have different colors because there was no back light and some people complained the games were "too dark". In reality the color selection is roughly the same. For an authentic GBA look however, you could slightly decrease the contrast and lighten the image to mimic the style and screen effect of the actual console.

The limits of the GBA are simple. You have 16 palettes for the background, and 16 palettes for the sprites. Each of these has 16 colors, 15 visible and one transparency. This offers you an insane amount of freedom on these sprites. However you should be keeping in mind not to go too over board, so it does not look at odds with the existing sprites such as Megaman himself.

A good idea is to look at what the actual Anniversary Edition was going to do. Pay close attention to the World 5 colorization. Because the GameBoy had no color, they could add more detail to the sprite in terms of shading, giving a more defined shape to them. This however doesn't translate well into NES style coloring. So Megaman looks sometimes flat by comparison to the enemies and bosses only found in the GB titles. The freedom to go above the 4 color NES and GBC limit really plays a big role here. It is also why GB Megaman sprites look more detailed on average than anything from Megaman Xtreme (taking into account they're both played in GB greyscale mode).

Perhaps what you could do is enhance Megaman's base sprite to fit the higher detailed shading of the other GB only enemies and bosses too. At least, give it a shot.

It'll certainly be a challenge to try and find the level of detail and shading. I'm not sure many of the Mega Man fan community has ever tried sprite art in the Gameboy style. So we all need a bit of practice with the rules they are attributed with. I have to say I'm excited to see more sprite designs in this thread in future... and if they're anything like Flamenco's sprites! I know Starbound is in safe hands in regards to the sprite art! (Maine Coon Hazard, we'd sorely need your help in this thread too!) But we'd dearly love some help with Mega Man World too! I got stuck on the Met Factory tileset, its proven quite troublesome. If anyone who is skilled in spriting could lend a hand, it would be truly appreciated!

In the meantime I've begun work, at NMario's request, on Yoku Man's stage for the engine. What can I say? NMario loves the guy! As do I obviously. I've even got the music artist, known as Saskrotch on YouTube, to record a cool new GB Version of Yoku Man's theme to go with the level.

But I digress... Take heed, everyone, of what Objection Man has said, It certainly rings true. But before we try any sprites for Starbound we still have a few more sketch designs to do. I hope we'll see more fine work from newcomers! But especially from CherryKorock and Koidrake! Those sketches of Rigel, Arcturus and co were awesome!

Fan Games / Re: Mega Man Unlimited
« on: January 09, 2013, 08:59:39 PM »
Just want to say I'm really looking forward to this game. Can't wait to throw it on my arcade cabinet down in the game room! I've used MegaPhil's NES style box art to make a custom "Games For Windows" cover. All artwork credit goes to MegaPhilX.

(click to show/hide)

Grrr you have an arcade cabinet!?  8) I'm envious!
Thats an awesome box! Just as cool as the official NES one Phil did. If you have Facebook you should post that on Phil's Mega Man Unlimited page. That way he's garunteed to see it and give you the praise you deserve! ;)

Fan Games / Re: NMario's Mega Man World Fangame/Engine
« on: January 09, 2013, 12:55:05 AM »
Hey Starsims and/or Yoku Man, I am currently playing around with colors, got me a little curious.

How many colors are needed, at max, to keep in the 8-bit/Gameboy critique?

I ask, because I am curious about the color limits, shades and hues.  If you ask me honestly, what primary colors would work best, for this kind of game?  They don't have to be the blue, red, or yellow.  This will also help down the backstory as well.  Since this is space oriented, I personally would replace any black with a  Deep Dark Purple.

Proper colors also set the feelings toward a game.

Colours are one of the most important aspects for Starbound. The moment NMario proposed GBA colours instead of my original planned Super GB Colours, my mind exploded with possibilities! But how many colours, max, are needed? I can't honestly say, thats NMario's speciality. He could answer that better.

I'm reminded of an old post in this thread where he mentioned something about colour references:

For those who want to make a tile set for us, make a note how the SNES GBA color reference the differences.

Left - SNES Colors
Right - GBA Colors.

Some of the colors get a difference of 48. While the green shade (and some other shades) gets a difference of 32.

The lowest shade increase/decrease amount should be about 16. Because 48 - 32 = 16.

The highest color shade for each R G B is 248. Where the white shade stays at RGB 248 for both screens.

This indicates the highest shade for each R G B and so forth. If we truly are representing Starbound as a "Hypothetical GBA Mega Man game". Then sticking to those limits would be the key.

Another quick look on Wikipedia shows that the GBA could have this type of colour support: 15-bit RGB (16-bit color space using 5 bits depth per channel), capable of displaying 512 simultaneous colors in "character mode" and 32,768 (215) simultaneous colors in "bitmap mode".

But then you also raise an interesting point about the theme of the game, being space orientated and so forth. Using Deep Dark Purple in some places may be intruiging instead of ordinary black. We need to remember that Mega Man will be visiting many exotic and alien worlds, with different vistas and weather patterns and so forth. I think we should just experiment and see what looks cool. The pallete of the game is something important to me and I'll probably take every stage through a thorough approval process before anything is ever finalised.

One last thing friends. I have a plea to make.

Don't forget this thread. ;) I value all your input and help guys. I know that "Rockman World: VS Killers/Megaman: The Hunter Numbers" is getting alot of cool activity right now:
But may I respectfully remind the cool artists that have been contributing fine art for that game, that this project needs help in the art department too! By all means, keep up the cool work there, its awesome! But, I'd dearly love your help too! Remember, without Mega Man World, there won't be a VS Killers aka Hunter Numbers game!

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