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Gaming / Seth Killian is leaving Capcom
« on: June 19, 2012, 08:30:07 PM »

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think this was because of Ono's recent troubles.

Original / The Debate: MM10 OST vs MM10 Image
« on: May 22, 2010, 08:57:25 AM »
Hey hey boys n girls! Who remembers that debate of the MM9 soundtracks PB and I had some time long ago?

No one? For shame.

Well, now that the MM10 Image soundtrack is out, why not do the same comparison for MM10, huh? Maybe people will actually read this time...

The rules from before apply here, too. One of us will compare the 2 versions of a track, say which they prefer. Then the next person will voice their opinion on the track, and then continue onto the next song. It'll loop like that until we've gone through all songs that need comparing. With the tracklist for MM10 Image, this means not all songs from MM10 will be touched on here. No Endless Attack, no Challenge song, no shop themes. If you really want to know our opinions, maybe we'll share another time. But business first.

As you can tell from the MM9 debate, I'm not as musically versed as PB is. His opinions will most likely be much more educated than mine. But I'll try to express my opinions as best I can.

On a complete reversal from last time, I love the Image soundtrack to death. Every song is wonderful, worthy of competing with the chiptunes (with one slight exception). But like last time, I have to give each version of a song fair consideration.

Now the biggest change from the last debate: instead of just posting all the results in one giant wall of text, I think it would be better this time if we actually just post our responses here as we write them. It will be easier to read, and gives off a bit of suspense that you'll have to wait for our responses. We could either respond within minutes of each other, or there could be a wait of several days. It depends how much our lives and by that I mean PB's life cause I don't have one interfere. I can tell you right now I won't start debating tonight. It's a tad late for me to completely get my thoughts together.
Speaking of waiting, I'll once again let PB give his own little preface before we actually begin. If he wants to do the first track review, he may do so.

Entertainment / R.I.P. Lou Albano
« on: October 14, 2009, 07:01:42 PM »
Lou Albano, probably most well known as Mario on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has passed away. Unfortunate that we've lost yet another great entertainer of our time.

Everyone, take a minute or two and Do The Mario in remembrance.

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Gaming / Age Restrictions in the UK Have Not Been in Effect for 25 Years
« on: August 26, 2009, 12:59:31 AM »

For 25 years, the UK has been enforcing rules that were not in the books. So all the people that got convicted for buying things like movies and games while underage have been wrongfully convicted. Basically, it's anything goes in the UK right now. If you're a 12 year old British boy who wants to buy a copy of Backdoor Sluts 9, you can do it. If you want to buy a game that has been denied a ratings classification, you can do it.

Am I the only one that finds this hilarious?

Off The Wall / 100 Unkind Nicknames for Miley Cyrus
« on: May 06, 2009, 02:19:57 AM »

this is really funny. even funnier if you read it aloud without pausing. i'm having trouble thinking of others to add to the list. i mean, he took all the Walrus ones.

Off The Wall / The Pirate Bay: And the Verdict Is...
« on: April 17, 2009, 06:32:06 PM »

should other torrent sites start worrying, or will The Pirate Bay get their appeal?

Gaming / Personal Gaming Lexicons
« on: April 15, 2009, 10:30:17 PM »
you know how gamers have their own sets of terms for things within games, right? stuff like "grinding", "spamming", "fireball motion", "bunny hop", "Ghetto jump", or "ISG (infinite sword glitch)".

well, do you and/or your friends have any of your own special terms you use in games?

i'll give you a ton of examples, spoilertagged below. these are all things me and my friends use while playing Smash Bros. Brawl.

(click to show/hide)

that list may not be complete, believe it or not. i don't know if anyone has a list as extensive as that. but i'm just more curious if anyone does this sort of thing as well.

X / What Would Make X3 a Truly Great Game
« on: March 27, 2009, 01:01:45 AM »
We all know Mega Man X3, right? The game that finally let you play as Zero, albeit briefly. One of the harder to come by Mega Man games on the SNES.

When I was first getting into Mega Man, I thought this game was the best thing since sliced bread. But now that I've grown up, grown wiser, and grown out of the Zero fanboy stage, I realize now that this game is absolute trash compared to the two before it. And it didn't have to be. If Capcom played their cards right with this game, it could've been fabulous, sexcellent, e.p.i.c, or any other positive adjective commonly thrown around here. And I'm going to tell you how this could be possible.


First off is something I mentioned right at the beginning: Playable Zero. I realize that in X3 this was just conceived as a bonus feature, something optional you never had to use. And honestly, why would you? A full powered X makes Zero obsolete. You can only use Zero for 1/3 of a stage. He can't fight bosses. If he dies, you can't use him again in that playthrough. Really, Zero's only worth in the game is getting killed by the bug miniboss in Doppler 2 so X can get the Z Saber and [twin slasher] bosses. His sprite is also really big compared to X. They're supposed to be about the same size.

Increase Zero's usefulness. Treat Zero as a special weapon of sorts. When you call him, he will be the active character for a specific amount of time. Or rather, until his weapon energy meter runs out. And this could be anywhere, even boss fights. There's no reason why you should lose him forever if he dies, either.

Zero should also have his own playable extra mode, like secondary protagonists in Castlevania games. No story, no X. Also, Zero could be differentiated from X. You know, like X4 and on did. Less importance on the Z Buster, and more focus on the Z Saber. Assign the buster to a button, and the saber to another. Give him the three step combo and all that jazz. Special weapons from bosses, too. Rising slash, sword plant, spinny move, Giga Attack, etc.

I would say use the now de facto tag team system for X and Zero, but that's probably best saved for another game. Maverick Hunter X3, perhaps. Capcom, I hope you're taking notes.


Next is the Armor Upgrades. They're terrible. The up Air Dash is really clunky. The overlapping buster upgrade sucks eggs. The body armor doesn't help too much. And the helmet is only useful the first few times playing the game. Something needs to be done with them. Especially the buster.

The placement of them is also terrible. You need the Buster for two of the other capsules. You're supposed to need the Air Dash for the Buster, too, but it is possible to get the Buster with only Tornado Fang and tricky wall jumps. Placement for heart tanks and sub tanks is also bad. Again, you need the buster for most of it. The tasks to get these things could be modified a little. And the capsules maybe swapped around MHX style.

Also, the pink capsules are just as useless, if not moreso. Why would you only want to settle for one of the four additional upgrades when you can have all four at once?


One of the game's problems is there's such a thing as too much. Equipment wise, they tried to give a load of weaponry for X to use. Too bad they're extremely situational. Either increase their usefulness, or get rid of them. The boss weapons are some of the worst in the series. Especially the charged versions of them. They could all be improved upon. The different Ride Armors was a nice idea with terrible implementation. Just sticking with wild Armors to find would be just dandy.

There's too much going on in the plot, too. Rather, if feels like there's too much because the story has a lot of info that isn't fleshed out completely. Bit and Byte, for one, feel tacked on. Either their role in the story needs to be improved so fighting them makes more sense, or they need to be dropped. Vile is also a bit too much for the game. It's nice to see him come back, and his role is much better than Bit and Byte's, but still they could have done better with him. Having all three of them is a bit of a killer, though.


Now for some nitpicks:
- Why did the music quality take such a dive from X2 to X3? It sounds so fuzzy most of the time. And some of the melodies themselves are crap too. They're either too short (Doppler's theme), or just sound like a trainwreck (Blizzard Buffalo, the epilogue).
- The smallfry enemies in this game are cheaper than they need to be. They have really high defense, too. A charge shot does nothing to them.
- The spriting sucks too. As mentioned before, Zero looks a foot taller than X based on the sprites. Sigma's head is really tiny. It's smaller than the upgraded buster, which is needlessly big. Most bosses are extremely lacking in animations, too. Hell, most of them enter the fight just by dropping in from the top of the screen. Boss designs suck too. Neon Tiger looks 5% tiger and 95% Slash Man with icky colors. And don't get me started on Volt Catfish.
- Why didn't they continue with the Street Fighter moves? I mean, the Z Saber Wave is nice. I'm just surprised they didn't continue with the trend. Did they not think Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku would translate well to X? Did they not even consider using a different character's move, like Sonic Boom or Tiger Knee? They must've at some point afterwards; the Nova Strike ain't too different from Psycho Crusher.


X3 feels like a rushed game. Capcom had a lot of ideas. They never fully fleshed them out, but went ahead and crammed them into the game anyway. That also took away from finer points of the game. If Capcom were to include the refinements I listed above, I feel X3 may very well have been the best X game on the system, and a definite contender for best X game period. If a Maverick Hunter X3 were to ever roll around with these changes, all the better.

Gaming / Guilty Gear Thread
« on: March 19, 2009, 02:18:20 AM »
i notice now that we don't have an actual Guilty Gear thread. not that we're going to be needing one. just bear with me for a second.

i came across this picture while surfing Gelbooru. an awesome picture. but the other day, it got me thinking. what if the Guilty Gear cast were put into a high school setting?

i think it could work really well. just about every character could fit some high school sitcom archetype. of the ones pictured:

- Ky would be the goody-two-shoes pretty boy.
- Jam would be his "girlfriend", which actually means stalker.
- Millia would be the big sister type who all the younger female students admire and/or have yuri crushes on.
- Johnny would be the ladies man, hitting on every girl he sees. a lot like Johnny Bravo, really.
- May would be Johnny's little sister constantly trying to keep him in check.
- Potemkin would be the star football/rugby/[insert manly sport here] player.
- Anji would be the poser who thinks he's badass enough to walk around without a shirt on.
- Baiken would be the tsundere tough girl who's not afraid to wave her sword around.
- Chipp would be the slacker, using his ninja skills to ditch class.
- Faust would be the school nurse. and be terrible at it.
- Dizzy would be class rep. she'd probably have some moe points as well.
- and Kliff would be the founder of the school and/or principal.

those not listed:
- Zato would be the bully, and Venom would be his lackey. of course, Venom is gay for Zato, but Zato is oblivious to it.
- Axl would be the class clown.
- Sol would be the PE teacher who loves to shout and cuss.
- Testament would be the creepy science teacher.
- Slayer would be the language teacher with a strong passion for his work. especially poetry.
- I-no would be the music teacher with the huge libido.
- Robo-Ky would be the math teacher with a bunch of robotic tourettes-like ticks.
- A.B.A. would be the resident freak.
- Zappa would be the sickly kid who sees ghosts.
- Bridget would be the trap, of course.

and finally, because it would be genius, Justice would be Dizzy's kind, caring, and ditzy mother. she'd always be wearing a frilly pink apron over her battle suit. i can't be the only one that finds that sounding hilarious.

Rockman Series / Co-op Mega Man
« on: February 24, 2009, 08:46:58 PM »
as noted in this Resident Evil 5 interview, and Protodude's site, Capcom wants to use a lot more cooperative gameplay in future titles.

years ago, when i thought Mega Man 9 would never come, my friends and i started thinking of ideas for our own MM9. one of the big things we thought up was a sort of tag team gameplay with Mega and Proto Man. i believe if one person was playing, the two could be swapped out X8 style. but if there were two players, both Mega and Proto would be on screen at the same time, with P1 as Mega and P2 as Proto, or vice versa.

this interview may very well hint that our idea can become a reality. but it may not necessarily be in Classic Mega Man. the same could work for X. or if Capcom takes my suggestion of using RE4/5's engine for Legends 3, co-op would fit in naturally.


Off The Wall / Fast Food
« on: January 26, 2009, 12:01:58 AM »
this is an old topic from before the crash. while i mull over where i'm going to go to eat tonight, i thought i'd revive this.

to some, my eating habits don't seem healthy. i eat my fair share of fast food. at the very least once a week. this is facilitated by my location. i live right off a major street, so i got just about everything at my disposal. in fact, i live two and a half blocks away from a McDonalds. it's a miracle i'm not overweight. in fact, i'm probably underweight.

to the point, how frequently do you eat at fast food places? McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, etc. getting coffee or ice cream or whatever from those places doesn't count.

Gaming / Another Code/Trace Memory R... the story continues...
« on: January 06, 2009, 07:07:47 AM »
this is a nice surprise. Trace Memory on DS was a pretty damn good point n click game. so it's nice to see a sequel on the Wii.

Gametrailers has a few clips.
not much is going on in them, but you can tell that gameplay is the same as before, and that some time has passed. Ashley looks a little bit older.

a lack of voice acting is irritating. Nintendo is very lazy when it comes to VAing. but the fact that the character are actually mouthing out words only hurts more. i pray that this is just demo material, and that the final product will be voiced.

Off The Wall / The Fashion Police
« on: December 15, 2008, 04:47:36 AM »
is there anything you see people wearing that irk you? that make you say to yourself "Why would anyone ever wear that?" or "That's just ridiculous."

i'll give a few examples:

- i hate it when i see guys wearing black nail polish. i didn't realize being a social deviant meant adopting a girly custom. it doesn't make them devilish or badass, it's a form of metrosexuality. that goes for you too, Ozzy. this isn't so bad a faux paix. at least they don't do the same to their toenails. i hope.

- i don't understand why some girls wear pants under skirts. why not just one or the other? leggings i can understand, though i still hate the look. but jeans? Pick a side, people. We're at war.

- Crocs are disgusting. so what they're comfortable? they're not fashionable at all. would you wear shoes made of fecal matter if they were comfortable? not to mention Crocs get caught in escalators and rip off toes.

Original / The Debate: MM9 OST vs MM9 AST
« on: December 07, 2008, 07:18:53 PM »
Anyone remember PB's comparison of Mega Man X's soundtrack to Maverick Hunter X's? You probably do.

Anyone remember my comparison of Castlevania Rondo of Blood's soundtrack to Dracula X Chronicles'? You probably don't, actually.

Well anyway, this is a similar project. This is a comparison between the chiptunes present in Mega Man 9, and the Arranged Sound Tracks CD. But compared to those other comparisons, this one has a twist. Both PB and myself have compared the two lists, offering our own takes on them. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't.

This is done in the style of a debate. A point-counterpoint, if you will. One of us gives our opinion on a track, then the other person posts a rebuttal. He then reviews the next track, and it loops until there's no more songs to review.

PB can add his own introduction after this, but for now, let me speak for myself. If we lived in an any more biased world, I would say the OST beats the pants off the AST hands down. But I actually tried to be open enough to put things like that to the side. Be fair, you know? But still, in general the AST isn't my cup of tea. It's different from what Inti's done with its other arrange/remix CDs; it has a different purpose overall. I guess I don't like the changes for the most part.

I could have just done this by myself, but honestly, PB just such a better job at this than me. He's more musically adept, I guess is what I'm getting at? But I thought having two different viewpoints would be an interesting read. So there you go.

I'll let PB add his own preface now. And after that, we're on to the juicy stuff.

Fan Creations / Satoryu's One Man (and Woman for the time being) Show
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:48:07 AM »
i hope the backups for this thread survived...

i'll be posting some of my older stuff here when i get the time. some new stuff too, if you're lucky.

Posted on: November 08, 2008, 07:11:55
for now, i'll link back to my first effort at Youtube Poop.  
Sonic Boot.

contrary to what the video description says, this is not my only YTP. i have another one planned out. i just have to piece it together in a new program because Windows Movie Maker is a piece of poop. i'll be working on it this week, hopefully.

Posted on: November 10, 2008, 18:44:10
I'll repost my first real fanfiction here, for those that haven't read it yet. and for those that have, i've touched up a few grammatical errors and inconsistencies.

Mega Man X: The Mist Enigma

i'll probably repost some other things this week, just to keep the thread alive.

Anime & Manga / Your Top 10 Favorite Anime
« on: November 18, 2008, 05:08:23 AM »
self explanitory. i'll start it off.

10 - FLCL
Daicon V
- A lot was jammed into just 6 episodes. But after seeing it a few times, it just leaves me wanting more. Still, though, what it does have is fantastic. Gainax zaniness, The Pillows, and Haruko. I can't complain too much.

9 - Princess Resurrection
Because I'm merciful.
I guess this show falls under the horror genre, even though only a few moments were actually scary. There's a lot of creatures around you'd normally see around Halloween and Castlevania. And it seems like they all want to kill Hime, a princess who can revive the dead. Action in this show is pretty entertaining, considering Hime usually uses a different weapon each episode, ranging from a flail to a chainsaw. All the main characters are great. It has its funny moments and one or two eye candy shots. Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't more of the harem genre here.

8 - Maburaho
It's in his genes
- I know that this show does little to seperate itself from other harems. But maybe that's why I like it; it's simple. It was also my first harem anime. It's downright hilarious, and throws in quite a bit of fanservice. The anime actually has a real perk over the manga; whereas Kazuki has amnesia in the manga, Kazuki is just not told of his heritage in the anime. An infinitely better setup. But the ending is still mindfuck.

7 - Outlaw Star
Every boy has the right to dream...
- Outlaw Star is another simple show. It doesn't have much that really stands out compared to other shows. But still, what it does do is done well. Good storytelling, good action, a good amount of humor, and great characters. Melfina was my first anime crush.

6 - Death Note
I'll take a potato chip. AND EAT IT!
- Never has there been more of an original concept than Death Note. And luckily its execution didn't suffer much at all. Sure, L is infinitely better than Mello and Near combined, and Light fell apart at the end, but there's still so much going for this show. Still, that's no excuse to try making your own Death Notes at home. Stupid kids.

5 - Black Lagoon
You made a mess, For Christ sakes this rotten world
[tornado fang] Noir. [tornado fang] Madlax. This is how Girls with Guns is supposed to be. Revy ain't no daffodil who can prance around and shoot a gun. No, she's a [tornado fang]ing badass who kills with little discretion and spits hot fire, while also throwing in some style here and there. Every character who gets in a fight is batshit crazy. And once you get to Hansel and Gretel, you don't get any crazier. Season 3 feels so far away.

4 - Cowboy Bebop
I love a woman that can kick my ass
- What could I possibly say about Cowboy Bebop that hasn't already been said? It's just got so much going for it. The jazz influence is one of the real attractive points to me, and the characters are another. Just remember, if CB didn't exist, Man Faye wouldn't exist. And the world would be all the bleaker.

3 - GaoGaiGar
Pizza de wa nai!
- GaoGaiGar is the epitome of energy. So much shouting, so much excitement, it's enough to get you pumped. When Guy shouts "GaoGaiGar", you'll want to shout with him. This show has an incredible amount of action to show. While the human characters are great, I really like how the robots themselves have personalities and are just as much characters as the humans. The next series is way overdue.

2 - Pani Poni Dash
- This is my kind of zany humor. Things are random, but there's just enough to make a little bit of sense out of things and not pass this off as a jokefest. PPD is downright funny; it never lets up for a second. It's also really fun trying to catch all the easter eggs in every episode. It's hard, too, considering the chalkboards are cluttered with things at any given moment. Surprisingly, no one in the cast comes off as annoying, which can only be a plus.

1 - Godannar
Even the robots have boobs
- On the surface, Godannar seems little more than a giant robot anime submerged in tits. Once you get past those (and there are a lot of them. Big ones, too), you got one of the best tales I've ever seen. The action ain't too different from other super robot shows, but that is all it needs. The characters are all really likable, even Lou. But the best part of this show is its heart. Sure the visuals are peppered with metal and milk duds, but this is really a showcase of how powerful love can be. Which is apparently powerful enough to obliterate planet threatening lifeforms. Who knew?

ZX / What Do You Want to See in a ZX3?
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:45:47 AM »
- in a prologue sequence, have the player control a dieing Prometheus and Pandora at the same time. the player directly controls Prometheus' movements, while Pandora floats behind him. their motive is to finish their job; destroy the remaining Mega Men. but after an introductory boss fight, their life spans expire.

- no more fire-ice-lightning circle. have the weakness circle return to Mega Man roots. one weapon works on one specific boss.

Gaming / Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:24:01 AM »
i played the demo today. and i'm not all that impressed with what i played. the controls felt really wonky. but maybe that's just the default vehicles i was using.

i still have a little bit of hope that something good can come out of this. i still plan to get the game Tuesday, as it is a budget price point for 360, and i want my free BK1.

Gaming / Mirror's Edge
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:16:18 AM »
i just played the demo for this today. it's really fun. the First Person Runner gameplay is very satisfying. i also like how this game shows a more colorful take on the future. not a brown in sight, just vibrant whites, reds, and blues.

Anime & Manga / What Anime are you Currently Watching?
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:06:08 AM »
just reviving the thread a little.

my anime queue has been extremely light as of late. i've only been checking out La Blue Girl just to see what all the hubub was about.

i think i want to find a good rewatch. something like G Gundam or GaoGaiGar.

Gaming / Your Favorite Games of All Time
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:54:42 AM »
i'm doing a Top 10, but you don't have to. just keep the lists at a readable amount.

10: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
It took this long to get past the Door of Time?
OoT is showing it's age. But still, as the pioneer for all 3D Zeldas after it, it deserves recognition. And it's the only Zelda to make my Top 10. I could play it again, I just don't see myself doing so. After thinking about it long and hard, Twilight Princess just doesn't cut it for Top 10. Something's missing. It's Top 20 material, though, and a contender for 11.

9: Super Metroid
[shadow runner] stole my Metroid!
Originally, I tried to limit games from the same series to one in my lists, like how ScrewAttack does it. Not anymore, because Super Metroid is just as deserving to be in my Top 10 as what's to come later. The game just has so much polish, it's very nonlinear, and it's what brought me into Metroid fandom. It also set the bar for future 2D Metroids. Leaving it out of my first Top 10 was a mistake, and I apologize.

8: Super Mario Galaxy
I feel that Galaxy has surpassed its predecessor (Mario 64, not it's immediate predecessor). The levels are immense and very well done, although some of the later ones have a bit of an Inverted Castle thing going on. Most of the new powers are pretty fun. It manages to reclaim most of the nonlinearity that was lost in Sunshine. There was a nice degree of challenge. But the real clincher? Playable Luigi.

7: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
I'm a Belmont. That's my job
It's hard to deny that Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night are some of the best Castlevanias out there. So if you put them together on the same UMD, how can you go wrong? While it does take forever to load the original Rondo and SotN, they still play well. More so the latter. I'll admit the new SotN Maria sucks, but Alucard and Richter still play as they should. The remade Rondo plays exceptionally well, and the few changes made to it didn't detract from the original charm. By themselves, other games may have beaten SotN and RoB, but DXC wins because it's a 2 for 1 package.

6: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Jammed packed with Ninty goodness
Brawl beats the pants off of Melee. The level of fanservice has risen exponentially, and so has the shear amount of content crammed into the game. It has one of the biggest and best soundtracks ever to grace a videogame, almost everything is 2 players, and it's like 2 games in one, considering how extensive Subspace Emissary is. Snake and Sonic are really nice treats too. Though Meta Knight is [tornado fang]ing broken.

5: No More Heroes
Mister Sir Henry Mother [tornado fang]er
No More Heores is easily the best 3rd party game on the Wii, and to me, even beats out Ninty's own. Combat can be repetetive, but it still remains fun, and it has a level of complexity to it. The oddjobs are kinda limited, but that con is outdone by bosses. They're all fun to fight and feel like life or death situations. The writing and characters are top notch. And it's just so stylish. I'm so glad a sequel's being made. Silvia's a [tornado fang]ing liar.

4: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Throw the switch and DRAIN the liquid!
I've played the crap out of this game, and would gladly pick it up again anytime. I feel this game got 3D Sonic right, though I will admit I probably would've liked it even more if Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman were the only playable characters as originally planned. This game has cursed Tails. And even so, I'll gladly play any and every stage.

3: Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X
Spoiler: Zero dies
There are quite a few Mega Man games I love, but this is the only one that makes the Top 10 for me. There are many honorable mentions, but they just don't quite make the cut. MMX is Mega Man done right. Very few flaws, an acceptable amount of difficulty, and something you can play and beat any time. Maverick Hunter X added on more story and playable Vile. Not needed, but very nice. I count this as one game because MHX is a remake.

2: Metroid Zero Mission
Charge Beam is useless
I've probably played and beat MZM more than anyone else alive or dead. It's that good to me. Why I prefer it over Super boils down to its faster pace and user-friendliness. Any changes made to the NES Metroid were for the better. For example, the Zero Suit Samus sequence was a very nice diversion. Overall, it's an incredibly polished game with next to no faults. It really makes me wish for more 2D Metroids.

1: Sonic 3 and Knuckles
Stupid Carnival Night barrel
This one ain't going nowhere's, yo. This is what Sonic is all about. Super forms, branching paths, multiple characters (and not an insane amount, mind you), beautiful music, great scenery, connected acts, minibosses, Doomsday Zone, Blast Processing, the list goes on and on. Many things in that list are small nuances, but other games don't have some of them, and S3K has all of them. While the above 9 are likely to change over time, S3K will be my Number One even after I die. Nothing can hope to beat it. Hell, nothing even comes close. The gap between 2 and 1 is immense.

Original / Thoughts on MM9 DLC
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:37:59 AM »
i've finally been able to check out all the DLC. i'm not really impressed with any of it.

at first, i didn't really like Proto Man mode. i didn't think it was different enough from the main game, and the charge shot was useless. the latter is still true. but i could see myself playing that mode a little more.

i find Endless Attack to be very boring. the fact that the same room sets repeat after a while just kills it for me. though the music is bitchin.

Special Stage i find lame. it's a rehash of the other stages in the game, including every miniboss and the Wily 2 Shark (which i admit is pretty nice). Stage 5' didn't really do it for me in Chi no Rondo, and the same applies here. though i do respect Capcom for not going with the obvious choice of Bass as the boss.

Hero Mode was the worst of the modes. it didn't feel all that different at all, less than Proto Man mode. i was able to beat it in one sitting, half an hour, maybe three deaths altogether.

Superhero Mode is a step up. well, more like a whole flight of steps up. the jump from Hero to Superhero difficulty is huge. Superhero took me a few days to complete. personally, i don't like this type of mode, cause the amount of enemies present is just too much for Mega Man imo. it works for Contra, but not here. but i know some people like brutally difficult games, so for them, i'd have to reccommend they skip over Hero and go right to Superhero. use that extra dollar somewhere else, like on a 20 minute phone call.

i know people disagree with me on pretty much everything. and that's what this thread is for. post your opinions.

Gaming / Castlevania
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:25:20 AM »
all Castlevania related whatnot goes here.

for most of the day today, i've been grinding AP in Order of Ecclesia. and by grinding, i mean having Up held down for hours while White Fomors cast Vol Luminatio on me repeatedly.

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